How to Stop Video Buffering: Detailed 2023 Guide

Ademilade Shodipe Dosunmu  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: November 17, 2023
Read time: 15 minutes

Are you tired of buffering interruptions while streaming? Here's how to stop video buffering on your device.

Having a buffer-free experience is no longer difficult. Now, you can stream your favorite movie or show on your mobile device or smart TV without any interruption. You may be wondering how this is possible! With the help of our detailed guide, you will find out the different causes of buffering and how to prevent it while streaming Netflix or other platforms on your device.

As a dedicated content consumer or movie enthusiast, getting interrupted while watching a movie is surely the last thing you’ll want to experience. But just in case you’ve been disturbed by video buffering, you need not worry anymore. We understand the frustration you go through. However, thanks to technology, there are now different ways in which video buffering can be stopped. Through these methods, having a buffer-free experience is possible.

To this end, we will explain video buffering and list its causes. We will also list ways to stop video buffering while streaming on your smart TV or laptop.

What is video buffering?

Video buffering is when your streaming platform loads chunks of data into buffers for you to stream. This process is important if you want seamless streaming of videos and online media content without interruptions.

But then, people complain about buffering all because of the temporary pause in the video they are streaming. These interruptions can happen for many reasons, like slow internet speed or the device you’re using for streaming. Also, the efficiency of your app server in transmitting data to multiple users simultaneously can impact buffering. That’s why free streaming sites, even the best ones available today, buffer videos more than paid competitors.