How to Watch Rakuten Viki Outside the US in 2023

Samuel Walker  - Technology Policy Researcher
Last updated: November 6, 2023
Read time: 15 minutes

You can watch Rakuten Viki from outside the US. This article shares some tested and trusted ways to safely do so from anywhere in 2023.

Rakuten Viki grants users access to popular Korean and Chinese TV shows. While the platform seemingly boasts widespread availability, it doesn’t offer the same content diversity outside the US due to copyright and licensing issues. If you find yourself blocked from using this streaming service, we know the best remedy to ensure that you can partake in its benefits. Dive into this detailed article to find the best way to watch movies on Rakuten Viki outside the US in 2023.

Rakuten Viki is an American-based streaming service where users can get the best and latest Korean and Chinese series and movies, such as Strangers Again, The 3Bs You Shouldn’t Date, Chong Zi, K-Pop Generation, and Blinded Kiss. Unfortunately, however, as of December 2022, Rakuten Viki will no longer be fully accessible to users outside the USA.

However, it is not all bad news. If you wish to continue watching Rakuten Viki from outside the United States, you can use a reputable VPN service for a smooth and safe streaming experience.

Rakuten Viki and its services are currently geo-restricted. However, with our help, and of course, that of the trusted VPNs in this article, you can watch movies free online on your favorite streaming service for Asian drama and action.

We’ve tested several VPNs and selected only the best performers to feature on our list today. These five VPNs are the best to use to beat the geo-restrictions and watch Rakuten Viki for users outside the US. 

A quick guide to watching Rakuten Viki outside the USA using a VPN