The 19 Best Game Streaming Sites and Platforms in 2024

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: May 26, 2024
Read time: 19 minutes

In this article, we have curated a list of the top 19 game streaming sites for gaming enthusiasts and streamers.


In today’s world, everyone is a gamer in one way or another. You’re most likely a mobile gamer if you don’t game on a console or PC. This popularity has made gaming a multi-billion dollar industry, with some people focusing all their resources on starting careers in game playing (look up pro gamers). We shortlisted 19 top platforms for streaming games online. Twitch and YouTube Gaming are our top recommendations. Read this complete article to discover more options and stream your favorite game or gamer online.

The massive interest in gaming has given rise to gaming platforms of many kinds. Initially, these platforms let gamers show their skill and passion for a particular game but now contain active communities where amateur and professional gamers meet. With over 3.26 billion gamers worldwide spending countless hours on gaming, you can be sure that developers are working on more gaming platforms with expanded features and functionalities.

This article lists and explains the 19 best game streaming sites and platforms on the internet today and their features.

Quick overview of the top 10 best game streaming websites

Short on time? Here’s a quick look at the top 10 of our 19 best apps and websites for video game live streaming:

  1. Twitch: Gamers’ number one choice for live streaming. It has the world’s most popular gamers and contains various live-streaming features.
  2. YouTube Gaming: The world’s most popular video-sharing and uploading platform. It boasts a near-endless supply of gaming live streams and videos.
  3. Facebook Gaming: The world’s most popular social media application. It provides gamers with massive potential to reach a very large and diverse audience.
  4. Discord: A widely acclaimed voice, video, and text messaging application. It has various gaming communities called “Servers” for discussing every aspect of a game.
  5. AfreecaTV: A rapidly growing game streaming platform from South Korea. It has a vibrant gaming community and serves diverse content, including esports.
  6. DLive: A unique game-streaming platform with torrenting and cryptocurrency elements. It offers rewards to creators based on blockchain.
  7. Bigo Live: Trusted live streaming website and app, hosting a variety of content categories. It supports numerous languages and allows audience engagement.
  8. X (Twitter): Widely regarded as the internet town square. Due to its power to influence opinions, the developers have incorporated live streaming into X.
  9. TikTok Live: The number one social media app for Gen Zs. TikTok enables game streamers and other creators to engage with their audience in live broadcasts and showcase their skills.
  10. Steam: It is the ultimate destination for all things gaming for every Windows user. On the Steam platform, you can purchase and play games and engage with your audience.

What is a game streaming platform?

Before explaining game streaming platforms, you must understand what game streaming is. This is important because it differs from sites offering streaming of movies or shows, where you mostly register with top-rated streaming platforms and watch the videos in their library.

Gamers are the ones who stream games while they’re playing them. They may be showing a video game’s walkthrough or trying to complete it in record time as a speedrunning exercise. In any case, they broadcast the game to an audience from their computer systems. A game streaming platform provides the live broadcast of whatever the gamer is playing. One core feature of streaming platforms is that they allow the sharing of cameras and screens.

Game streaming platforms are as popular as gaming and continue evolving to meet the industry’s needs. You’ll find amateur and professional gamers using them with heavily built gaming systems, showcasing their skills, or entertaining their audience.

Gamers can also monetize gaming platforms and use them to make a livelihood. These platforms will continue to thrive as the gaming industry booms, generating billions of dollars.

Game streaming platforms are popular for the same reasons as video games. These include:

Game learning and education

For enthusiasts and amateurs, game streaming platforms are excellent ways to learn how to play any kind of game. Modern-day video games are open-world, so you progress by completing missions rather than rising through levels. Generally, the more missions you complete, the more difficult the game gets. This means the easiest mission will be the first, and the hardest will be the last.

Newbies typically breeze through the easy missions without difficulty but struggle with the harder ones. However, with game streaming platforms, they can also learn how to complete the harder missions. Some pro gamers stream an uncut walkthrough of video games, giving tips and explaining complex controls. Amateurs then watch these videos and use them to beat the levels they’re struggling with.

Audience engagement

It’s common for gamers to have a large following of fans and supporters they want to interact with. Game streaming platforms make this possible. When gamers stream their video games, they typically do it live on a platform that allows the audience to leave comments.

Since they’re also sharing their screens and cameras, they can see the comments, donations, and subscriptions without taking their eyes off the screen. This fosters a sense of community and boosts connections between both parties.

Collaboration and social interaction

Streaming platforms sometimes allow players in different locations to share a single screen with their audience. Due to this, famous pro gamers can collaborate on a single game without needing to be in the same location. Game streaming platforms also allow game lovers to gather and discuss game or non-game-related topics. This boosts friendships and relationships, enabling people to find out about themselves things they didn’t know before.

Entertainment and fun

Before any other thing, video games primarily exist to provide fun and entertainment to players. How entertaining a game is typically depends on your skill as a player. People who aren’t very skilled in a particular game can turn to streaming platforms where skilled players complete the game. This also ensures they can join in the fun, and is also true for people who can’t afford that actual game.

Endorsements and cash benefits

Some gamers see streaming as an avenue to promote themselves and the game to attract endorsement opportunities from game developers. This way, they can earn some cash, build better PCs, and play even more demanding games.

Multi-platform accessibility

Game streaming platforms are also popular because they’re accessible on multiple platforms. Whether you’re using a mobile phone or a computer, you can watch your favorite gamers’ live streams on YouTube or Facebook. For gamers, however, the only option is to use a platform on which the game can be played, such as gaming consoles or PCs.

19 best game streaming sites for 2024 – Detailed list

Here’s a detailed overview of the best streaming platforms for gaming 2024:

1. Twitch

Our Rating


Scheduled time for streams

You need a minimum of 50 followers to run ads and monetize your streams

Visit Twitch

Key features

  • Streamer profiles for the best audience engagement.
  • Ability to turn chat live chat on or off.
  • Twitch extensions (plugins) like Prime Gaming to further enhance the streaming experience.
  • Viewership rewards.

For good reasons, Twitch is the world’s most popular game streaming platform. Controlling 76% of the live streaming market by number of hours watched, numerous gamers have made it their primary game streaming platform.

Twitch currently has over 7.2 million active streamers, and the developers are committed to catering to the needs of that diverse user base. You can use the app on virtually all devices, including PCs, gaming consoles, and mobile devices.

After Amazon acquired the service in 2014, they also came up with Prime Gaming. Your Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription allows you to have channel subscriber benefits, such as chat privileges and more.

Note that you may face certain issues when using the platform, whether you’re a Twitch streamer or just like watching video game content live. In particular, while traveling abroad, you may be unable to access some of your favorite streams. Nevertheless, a VPN can solve this problem.

  • Get an average of 1.8 million viewers for any stream, providing massive potential
  • Fully customize your audience’s interaction with your streams, including adding emotes or custom bot commands
  • Effective and straightforward subscription model for long-term earnings
  • Due to the large user base, getting noticed might be difficult
  • Any content you share on Twitch is exclusive to Twitch for the first 24 hours
  • Twitch takes 50% commission off any money you make as a streamer

2. YouTube Gaming

Youtube Gaming
Our Rating


Viewers can rewind a live stream to catch up on missed moments

Provides no special incentives or rewards to viewers

Visit YouTube Gaming

Key features

  • It incorporates seamlessly with YouTube’s ecosystem, ensuring you get gaming recommendations.
  • Large audience base.
  • High video quality for streaming.
  • Audience engagement features like comments and likes and live-chat functionalities.

YouTube Gaming is a section of YouTube dedicated to gaming and gaming-related content, particularly esports. Google first announced it in 2015 and released it in August 2016.

Google hoped to leverage YouTube’s already existing large user base to make YouTube Gaming one of the world’s leading platforms for game streaming. However, the service didn’t pull in the intended crowd and ultimately had to be incorporated into the main YouTube website.

Currently, the gaming section of YouTube has over 490 thousand unique channels for live streaming. If you view gaming content regularly on YouTube, the algorithm will begin to recommend it, and soon, you’ll start seeing video games on your homepage. YouTube gaming provides many of the same features found in Twitch. It’s also accessible across PCs, mobile devices, and gaming consoles, ensuring a cross-platform experience for streamers and viewers.

  • Combines the entire experience of YouTube and Google’s other services with YouTube gaming
  • Takes cheaper commissions compared to competitors like Twitch
  • Massive user base, enabling your live streams to travel far and wide
  • Stiff competition due to YouTube’s extensive number of users
  • Monetization requires having 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months

3. Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming
Our Rating


It’s easy for viewers to just scroll past your stream and move to other video content

You have to compete with thousands of other live streamers

Visit Faceook Gaming

Key features

  • Facebook Gaming is an extension of the overall Facebook app rather than a separate service.
  • Any Facebook user can see live streamers by scrolling through the gaming section in “Videos.”
  • Ability to connect with other games through live stream.
  • Integration with Facebook groups to bolster community building and engagement.
  • Engage with your audience by responding to their reactions.

Facebook Gaming, or Facebook Gameroom, is another exciting game-streaming platform from the popular social media site–Facebook. From its launch, it was never a separate app from Facebook. Instead, it’s a dedicated section on the app that allows users to play, stream, and watch video games.

Facebook Gaming enables creators across multiple genres to stream games. Viewers can easily access these games by going to “Videos” on their Facebook and scrolling through the categories until they come across “Gaming.” Gaming also contains all of Facebook’s in-built games. Go through the available games list, select one, and instantly play it.

  • Get the perks of in-stream ads playing
  • Leverage Facebook’s almost 3 billion number of users to boost your audience
  • You can monetize your live streams and generate revenue through fan support
  • You can also generate revenue from adverts and game developers, depending on your level of popularity
  • Mandatory requirements for monetization can sometimes be challenging to reach, such as the number of views and post engagements

4. Discord

Our Rating


Opportunity to make money with server subscriptions

Requires extra payment to increase streaming video quality.

Visit Discord

Key features

  • You can create game streaming channels on your server and share them with anyone.
  • Gaming channels promote a stronger sense of community as fans can discuss with live streamers in voice and text channels.
  • In-game detection system to ensure the quality of game output.
  • Display customization options mean you can adjust your video output to your system’s capability, ensuring minimal delay.

Discord is the most unconventional of all the live-streaming platforms on this list. Its interface isn’t like the other platforms with dedicated live-streaming sections. To watch a live stream, you must first find a channel under a server where someone is live streaming, click on their name, and watch the stream by tapping the “Watch Stream” button.

To start a live stream, you must own a server or have admin capabilities. In your server, you can create a channel for the stream and tap “Go Live” whenever you’re ready. You can then share the link to the channel with anyone you wish to join your livestream.

Discord has a built-in game detection system confirming whether what you’re trying to share is a game. If this system detects your game, you can go live. If it doesn’t, you can still add the game manually from settings.

  • Complete control over live streams with settings, customization options, and changes to how your audience engages with streams
  • Nitro subscriptions enable streamers to make even more money beyond the regular server subscriptions, donations, and sponsorships
  • Allows you to watch multiple streams at the same time
  • A limited number of viewers, with only 50 allowed for any individual streaming session
  • Discord also has fewer revenue channels for streamers to make money compared to popular streaming services like Twitch and YouTube Gaming

5. AfreecaTV

Our Rating


Follow popular gamers and live-streamers from South East Asia

Most of the platform’s content is in Korean, creating a language barrier

Visit AfreecaTV

Key features

  • Simple and easy-to-understand user interface.
  • Real-time capabilities, enabling instant interaction with viewers.
  • A diverse range of content and live streamers to choose from.

Don’t let the name of this rapidly growing game streaming platform mislead you; AfreecaTV has no relationship with Africa. Afreeca is an acronym for A(ny) Free (TV broad) ca(sting), and it’s a streaming platform based in Asia, specifically in North Korea.

Known for its vibrant community and diverse content offerings, AfreecaTV offers a platform for streamers to share their skills and passion. They can engage with supporters and viewers on this platform or build a dedicated fanbase.

AfreecaTV is quickly becoming a hub for video games and related content and is now a sponsor of Esports League of Legends. The platform offers an average of 100,000 streaming broadcasts daily, which draws a combined viewership of over 360,000. After reaching 6.86 million users in 2016, it displaced all competitors to become Asia’s most popular game streaming platform.

  • Earn real money for just doing what you’re passionate about
  • Get exclusive access to Esports content like League of Legends
  • Despite an upward trend in growth, its user base is still far smaller than platforms like Twitch and YouTube
  • Due to the relatively smaller number of users, attaining global recognition is difficult on AfreecaTV

6. DLive

Our Rating


Viewers can also earn revenue from the platform when they receive lemons

You’ll likely not find most of your popular live streamers on this platform

Visit DLive

Key features

  • A blockchain-based streaming platform ensuring transparency and decentralization and providing a fairer environment for live streamers.
  • Simple interface and easy registration and login process.
  • Viewers can receive lemons, an in-platform currency on the platform that you can earn or purchase and spend on unique emotes and stickers in the chat.

DLive is an American live-streaming platform that launched in 2017. In 2019, BitTorrent acquired the platform and added various torrenting and cryptocurrency elements to it. The site’s website, for example, looks like a typical torrenting website, with a search bar at the center and site categories at the top left corner.

Its blockchain technology is the greatest distinguishing factor between DLive and other streaming platforms. DLive uses this to moderate the content creators’ releases and reward them. Using various reward systems, the company lures people to its platform, whether as creators or viewers.

  • Transparent and decentralized game streaming platforms ensure the fair treatment of content creators
  • Creators can take as high as 80% of the revenue that they generate on the platform
  • Opportunity to earn more using the platform’s cryptocurrency reward system
  • Different ways for streamers and viewers to connect, fostering a sense of community
  • It is a fledgling streaming platform with a very small user base compared to giants like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook
  • Due to the platform’s small size, new streamers also find it difficult to become global sensations on this platform

7. Bigo Live

Our Rating


You can participate in in-app events and competitions to win rewards and virtual currency

Multiple rules that you have to abide by

Visit Bigo Live

Key features

  • Hosts in-app events and competitions offering mouth-watering rewards.
  • User-friendly interface to find streamers and connect with a live audience easily.
  • Supports streaming from multiple platforms, including PC and mobile.
  • Social interaction features enable viewers to follow, comment on, or like a stream.

Bigo Live is a one-of-a-kind live-streaming platform. While most websites and apps try to incorporate game streaming into existing social media, Bigo Live focuses majorly on gaming. This has made the platform popular and attracted gamers across all genres.

To register on Bigo, you must be at least 18. Once you get into the app, you can join a vibrant community of gamers and gaming enthusiasts and start showing your skills if you want. Bigo is currently available in 18 different languages and has more than 400 million users.

  • With over 400 million users, Bigo provides a platform where you can be a globally recognized streamer
  • You can monetize your video game talent through virtual gifts and brand partnerships
  • Provides minimal gaming-specific features compared to other top platforms
  • You’ll find numerous games on the platform without any streamers

8. X (Twitter)

Our Rating


Invite up to three guests simultaneously to your streams

No tab for live streaming, which sometimes hinders discoverability

Visit X (Twitter)

Key features

  • Easy to set up and share live streams.
  • Reach your already existing followers and more.
  • Discoverability is from the “Explore” section of the app and through trending topics and hashtags.
  • Revenue sharing and account subscriptions provide monetization options.

While this may come as a surprise to many, X (formerly Twitter) supports live streaming. First introduced in 2016, during Dorsey’s tenure as CEO, Musk has significantly expanded the feature.

Since 2023, when Musk used the platform to stream Diablo IV’s Nightmare Dungeon, more creators have seen its potential and moved to the app. The introduction of profit sharing and account subscribers has also made monetization on Twitter easier. These developments have caused the number of Twitter users to skyrocket since Elon acquired it. The platform’s content offerings have also varied significantly since then.

  • You can become a globally-recognized gamer or live streamer by leveraging X’s large user base
  • Earn profits with revenue sharing and withdraw it easily to your local account
  • Send streaming invites directly to viewers in their DMs
  • Reaching the required views and getting the required engagements for revenue can sometimes be difficult
  • Requires additional, usually complex settings and configurations for gaming-optimized streaming

9. TikTok live

Tiktok Live
Our Rating


Leverage TikTok’s massive number of users to drive your popularity

Monetization primarily relies on virtual gifts, which can affect the consistency of revenue

Visit TikTok Live

Key features

  • Picture-in-picture mode ensures you can explore the app while watching live streams.
  • Picture-in-picture mode also ensures that you don’t lose your viewers.
  • Interact with your audience in real-time via likes, comments, and virtual gifts.
  • Collaborate with other live streamers and get your streams to reach an ever wider audience.

TikTok is a popular app worldwide for sharing short videos and following internet trends. As the platform continues to grow, the developers are finding more ways to increase users’ time on the app.

TikTok Live completely changes how TikTok operates. Rather than the usual short videos, which the platform is now beloved for, Live allows you to stream content for as long as you want to an audience. Gaming is one of the most popular live content on TikTok, having its own dedicated tab.

The gaming community is thriving due to the contributions of different gamers worldwide. To address this growth, TikTok has a guide on its website that gives essential details on getting started with gaming.

  • TikTok’s “Top live” category can help your content get even more of an audience
  • Detailed guide on TikTok’s website to ensure you get the best out of your live streams
  • Most TikTok users are on the platform for short videos and trends, which can affect your discoverability
  • There are eligibility requirements for monetization, which can take a while to meet

10. Steam

Our Rating


An entire library of video games to choose from and stream

Your computer needs to meet certain requirements before you can run Steam Broadcasts

Visit Steam

Key features

  • Watch live streams of virtually every genre and type of game, including blockbusters and indie games.
  • Use Steam Community features to connect with friends, join groups, and participate in discussions to build a community of individuals with similar tastes in gaming.
  • Set how much of your screen you want users to see.

Steam is primarily a video game distribution service for Windows PCs. Steam Broadcasting is the platform’s live-streaming feature that lets you watch other gamers play various games. Thanks to Steam’s vast library of video game content, there are virtually endless video game streams to watch. You can also set up Broadcasting so others can watch you play.

  • Live-stream and broadcast settings that go beyond what’s normally obtainable on most streaming platforms
  • An active and vibrant community of gamers to connect and share live-stream sessions or discover new games
  • Monetize streams through Twitch integration by accepting donations from users, leveraging in-stream ads, and offering subscription-based content
  • The open nature of the platform often leads to inconsistencies in game quality and performance

11. Nonolive

Our Rating


A relatively large user base that provides a platform for global popularity

Smaller number of users compared to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.

Visit Nonolive

Key features

  • Cross-platform accessibility with optimized apps for iOS and Android devices.
  • A “Live” tab to see and follow streamers who are currently going live.
  • Social interaction and engagement features like following a user, liking a post, and leaving comments on live streams.

Nonolive is a relatively popular streaming platform that lets you stream and watch high-quality games. On this platform, you’ll find streams of games of different genres and gamers from different places around the world.

The app continues to attract the attention of amateur and professional gamers alike. It also provides social interaction and audience engagement features, like liking and commenting on videos and following users.

  • Requires no registration or log in to watch videos
  • A live tab available to everyone helps boost your audience’s reach
  • Simple user interface and optimized mobile apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Unclear whether this platform allows you to monetize your streams

12. Wowza

Our Rating


Advanced infrastructure to significantly increase the quality of your stream

Initial setup can be complex and can require technical expertise

Visit Wowza

Key features

  • A detailed, step-by-step process for effective and top-quality live-stream.
  • Integration with other live-streaming and screencasting software programs, including OBS Studio and THEOplayer.
  • Multi-platform stream support lets streamers connect with their audience on PC and mobile devices.
  • Real-time analytics to track stream performance and measure viewer engagement.

Wowza is advanced software with multiple features that provide high-quality video streaming services to anyone. Unlike other entries in this list, Wowza isn’t a social media application and doesn’t operate like one. It’s a software program with robust architecture and helpful features for setting up a live stream and sharing it with any large audience.

  • Connect your streams with popular social media platforms like Twitch and YouTube
  • Wowza’s analytics provides insights that can help you get better stream outcomes
  • Record streams and keep them for video playbacks or share them on other platforms
  • As it’s not a social media platform, Wowza depends on other social media platforms to help you build an audience for your stream
  • Amateur and smaller-scale streamers may be unable to afford the pricing

13. Vimeo

Our Rating


Unlimited bandwidth enables you to stream for as long as you want

Limited functionality compared to actual live-streaming platforms

Visit Vimeo

Key features

  • Ad-free HD streaming in 1080p provides the best streaming experience for everyone.
  • Customization options to create unique player identities and branding.
  • Simulcasting to social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch to ensure you reach an even wider audience.

Vimeo is a popular video-hosting platform that lets users upload high-quality videos watchable across multiple devices. The platform caters to various industries, from movies and music to gaming. It offers multiple features that streamers can leverage to level up their streaming game significantly.

The service also provides video-on-demand services, home to many movies and series. This can be very helpful if you stream for a long time and think you deserve some hours for a break.

  • Top-notch features and functionalities provide fantastic live-streaming output
  • Live simulcasts with existing social media and live-streaming platforms help facilitate audience engagement
  • Detailed analysis for performance tracking and improvements
  • Requires you to make payment to unlock certain features

14. Kakao TV

Our Rating


Start a broadcast in one click

Content is mainly in Korean, creating a language barrier

Visit Kakao TV

Kakao TV is a South Korean streaming television and video player service launched in 2015. Kakao’s interface consists of different categories of videos from various channels and users. It also has a “Popular live” tab where you can watch live broadcasts from any user or cable TV on the platform.

  • Your video can be seen by anyone who uses the app
  • A smaller size of users compared to well-established platforms limits your reach

15. JioCinema

Our Rating


Stream videos in high quality

The pricing might be unaffordable to amateur and early-stage streamers

Visit JioCinema

Key features

  • Available on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, and PC.
  • Simple and optimized interface to quickly start a live stream or watch one.

JioCinema doubles as a live-streaming platform and a video-on-demand service. The platform lets users view streams from various users and watch local and international content. Partly owned by Paramount, JioCinema is a rapidly growing live-streaming platform, especially in the Indian subcontinent.

  • Multi-platform availability lets you connect with your audience across all major devices
  • Popular majorly in India and may need a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions

16. Riverside

Our Rating


Producer role enables someone to work behind the scenes without getting captured in the live stream or recording

Limited functionalities compared to most other streaming platforms

Visit Riverside

Key features

  • Up to 4k video quality and 48kHz audio recording of live streams.
  • Local recordings granting immunity from faulty internet connections.
  • Live call-ins to increase audience engagement.
  • Text-based editor for content repurposing and branding.

Riverside is a new app that allows you to have high-quality video and audio recordings for live-streaming, webinars, and live meeting needs. It provides a range of useful features for connecting with a large, live audience. It is an excellent alternative to platforms like Twitch, with a limited number of live-streaming participants at any time.

  • Share your live streams directly with popular social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch
  • Up to 1,000 audience members can join your livestream on the Riverside app
  • Record live streams for video playback, content re-editing, and branding, and to share on more social media platforms
  • Rookie gamers may be unable to afford the pricing of the higher-tiered plans

17. Owncast

Our Rating


Chat functionalities to provide full audience engagement

It might require technical expertise for initial installation

Visit Owncast

Key features

  • Self-hosted and independent live-streaming platform enabling gamers to create their desired content and community.
  • Open-source software lets you collaborate with developers worldwide and contribute to the platform’s development.

Owncast is an open-source, self-hosted live-streaming platform that provides numerous features for quality video streaming and audience engagement. It offers a decentralized approach to streaming, empowering gamers to determine the infrastructure of their streams and how the audience interacts with them.

Its open-source nature also means anyone can contribute to the platform’s source code and determine its direction. Whether by adding a new feature or expanding on the currently existing ones, Owncast is entirely a platform for users by users.

  • Support SSL on a public Owncast server, which enhances streaming privacy and security
  • Complete customization options to set up live streams that reflect individual’s needs
  • Limited discoverability due to lack of proper social media architecture

18. Uscreen

Our Rating


A free trial to test-run the app and decide whether you really want it

The platform lacks proper infrastructure for traffic generation to streams

Visit Uscreen

Key features

  • Netflix-style display to help members binge-watch their old streams or quickly find new ones.
  • Multi-platform accessibility brings your streams to every user regardless of their device.
  • An active community enables users to interact with videos and streams and share their content.

Uscreen is an all-in-one video membership platform that empowers creators and gamers to profit from their video content. Its membership-based status makes Uscreen an exclusive platform, making it different from other entries in this list. With Uscreen, you decide how you want to earn money. You can employ a pay-per-view or subscription model.

  • Advanced features and setup to deliver the best live-streaming experience
  • Flexible pricing means that creators can choose the plan that works best for them
  • Simulcast your live stream on other major and popular applications like Facebook and Twitch
  • Setup can be complicated for first-time users due to the technical expertise required

19. Mobcrush

Our Rating


Video archive to access your recent streams and download the best moments

A limited number of supported games

Visit Mobcrush

Key features

  • A mobile-centric platform allows gamers to stream directly from their mobile devices to a live audience.
  • Supports popular and streaming-worthy mobile games like PUBG, Call of Duty, and Final Fantasy.
  • Stream directly from your mobile device to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Mixer.
  • Connect to your desktop and improve streaming quality with OBS, Elgato, or XSplit.

Mobcrush is a streaming platform that started with live mobile gaming streams only. Over time, the app now serves PC gamers also, through integration with live-streaming platforms like OBS, XSplit, Elgato, and more.

Mobcrush has various features to make streaming enjoyable for both the streamer and the audience. The platform’s owners have also partnered with various development companies to deliver tailored gaming and live-streaming experiences to users. Some of their partners are globally acclaimed game development companies like PUBG Corporation, Square Enix, Activision, SEGA, and Konami.

  • A rare gaming platform dedicated majorly to mobile gaming
  • Analytics and insights to track your social growth and engagement with each stream
  • Money-making opportunity with sponsored streams and new user referrals
  • Smaller number of users compared to mainstream live-streaming platforms

Interesting game streaming statistics that you need to know

How well do you know the video game industry? Here are some interesting statistics that might interest you:

  1. The games live streaming market is growing rapidly. Experts expect it to reach $11.69 billion by 2023.
  2. In Q1 of 2022, Twitch accounted for 76% of hours watched between live streaming platforms.
  3. 490 thousand unique channels were dedicated to live-streaming video games on YouTube in 2022.
  4. PewDiePie owns the world’s most subscribed YouTube channel, with over 111 million subscribers.
  5. The average earning of a game streamer generally depends on their audience’s size. A streamer with about 5 to 10 average number of viewers can earn about $50 to $200. A gamer with a 50,000+ average number of viewers can earn up to $100,000 to $200,000.
  6. The number of live streamers is growing rapidly, and experts predict that by 2027, there will be more than 1.6 billion users.

How can you make money on game streaming platforms?

Game streaming platforms provide money-making opportunities if you perfectly understand your craft and can prove it. Some ways to monetize these platforms are:

Channel subscriptions

Some streaming platforms enable creators to charge subscribers a certain amount for exclusive benefits on their channels or accounts. This can be rare emotes, exclusive content, and perks.

Revenue sharing

Platforms like Twitter currently utilize this model to great success. The idea behind it is that creators who drive traffic to the platform are entitled to a portion of its revenue. Qualifying for revenue sharing often requires having a premium account on that platform and meeting certain audience engagement criteria.

Ad revenue

YouTube is popular for using this model. If you meet the required monetization criteria, the platform can display ads on your content for users to see. You make income for every ad shared on your video.

Merchandise sales

As a popular video game live-streamer and content creator, you can create merchandise of clothes and other wearables and sell them to your audience and supporters. Typically, you’ll create a website for this and add its link to the game streaming platform.

Brand collaborations and sponsorships

You can also partner with popular game-related brands and video game developers to create content or go live. The brand may offer you some cash to review their game or show a walkthrough.

Affiliate links can come from video game companies or businesses outside the gaming industry. You’ll receive a custom code that discounts products and services to whoever applies it. You get a commission whenever anyone uses that code to complete a purchase on the website.


If you’ve developed a large following of loyal supporters, you can also seek donations from them.

How did we decide the best platform to live-stream video games?

You must consider many factors to ensure success when choosing a suitable gaming platform. Some of these factors are:

Popularity and audience reach

As a gamer, it’s important to consider the popularity of the platform you wish to use to live-stream your games. Popularity determines audience reach, helping you to estimate an expected number of views for your live streams. Using a platform with more users means your video can have more views. This is why platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook have a higher average number of views per video than any other streaming platform.

Popularity can also influence monetization and sponsorships. Most times, factors like your skill with the game and the quality of your livestream also come into play.

Video-streaming features and customization

Competition in the gaming industry is fierce, with YouTube alone having more than 490,000 unique gaming channels. To stand out, you must give your audience unique live-streaming experiences. You need gaming platforms that provide features that let you engage with your audience using chat functionality and channel customization options.

Video streaming quality

A higher video quality often translates to a better streaming experience for your audience. Gaming consoles and PCs now support display quality up to 4k for most games. You need a gaming platform capable of showing videos of that quality or close to it to ensure your audience doesn’t miss any details.

Integration with gaming devices and social media platforms

This falls under the broad category of multi-platform accessibility. Games are flexible and often on various devices and operating systems. A standard gaming platform should also be able to connect with all these devices without any elaborate setup or configurations. These platforms should also be accessible across multiple devices to ensure anyone can connect to and watch streams.


Check the platform’s monetization methods to see what monetization opportunities are available. Common monetization opportunities include subscriptions, audience donations, sponsorship opportunities, and revenue sharing. Other monetization opportunities include the sale of merchandise and the creation of gaming-related courses. Confirm the amount the platform takes as commission, and be sure these all match your needs and strategies.

Platform guidelines and policies

Finally, choose a platform with excellent terms of service, guidelines, and policies. This can help avoid issues in the future.


There is no best streaming platform; each provides different features and has separate pros and cons. You’ll have to find one that fits your gaming objectives and caters to your individual needs.

Most game streaming platforms are free to register on and join since they work like social media platforms. However, they may charge certain fees to unlock extra features or access specific benefits and functionalities.

You can stream any game you want, though some have better streaming value than others. Some popular streaming-worthy games include Minecraft, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Grand Theft Auto V.

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