Total Adblock Review 2024: An Excellent Ad Blocker

Raji Oluwaniyi  - Tech Expert
Last updated: December 31, 2023
Facts checked by Abeerah Hashim

Blocks ads without affecting web surfing. Easy-to-use ad blocker.

Every internet user needs an ad blocker for an uninterrupted, hassle-free internet experience. Ad blockers ensure a sacred browsing experience, blocking intrusive ads, malicious pop-ups, banners, and other forms of adware. While several ad blockers exist today, offering satisfactory performances, Total Adblock is among the best, demonstrating advanced functionality during our review.

Total Adblock is a product of the notable company that also developed TotalAV – a top antivirus software guaranteeing high-grade protection from adware and other malware threats or attacks. You can download the Total Adblock app on your mobile device or use the browser extension on your PC.

We tested Total Adblock to review how well it can block ads and trackers. We also evaluated its features, price-to-value ratio, and app differences compared with other top ad blockers. Dive into this review to see if Total Adblock matches your expectations.

Total Adblock pros and cons

Examine the pros and cons of Total Adblock below:

  • Has an app for mobile devices
  • Provides a pop-up blocker
  • Amazing ad-blocking test results
  • Implements screen blocking
  • Has a whitelist feature
  • Allows free trial for first-time users
  • Has different personalized filters
  • No customer support
  • Free version doesn’t support ad and tracker blocking on popular websites

Total Adblock capabilities

Total Adblock is a leading ad blocker in the market today. It implements advanced script-blocking functionality that prevents suspicious adware from accessing your browsing data. Also, Total Adblock prevents websites from writing non-essential cookies before getting consent from users.

Total Adblock clears unwanted video ads, banners, pop-ups, and unauthorized trackers like any top ad blocker. Popular categories of ads that Total Adblock can block include:

  • In-video ads: You’ll often see video ads when accessing streaming platforms or websites like YouTube or Twitch. These ads can be frustrating, as they interrupt your video experience. Total Adblock effectively handled video ads, ensuring a seamless streaming experience.
  • Analytic tools: Although these do not fall under the category of ads, they are trackers that can also impact your browsing experience. They monitor the websites you visit frequently, what you click on, the content, and the ads you interact with. Total Adblock can block virtually any analytic tools, as it blocked Hotjar and Google Analytics during our test.
  • Error monitoring: This category often benefits website developers. It gives developers feedback that helps them note key performance indicators (KPIs) and areas for improvement. It records how long it takes websites to load and the content preventing them from loading. Our test showed Total Adblock couldn’t prevent Sentry from recording our activity. However, other software like Bugsnag couldn’t escape.
  • Contextual advertising: This is a very popular advertisement category. You’ll often see several ads on different parts of your screen without an ad blocker. Sometimes, these ads reappear even after you close them. However, Total Adblock ensures these ads don’t hinder your browsing experience. It blocks ads from Yandex Direct and Google Adsense.
  • Banner advertising: Total Adblock blocked other ads like static images, gif images, page push ads, banners, and pop-ups.

Is Total Adblock safe?

Yes, Total Adblock is entirely safe. First, Total Adblock is a product of a leading software company, Group Limited. Also, this ad blocker utilizes the same security principles as other top ad blockers in the market.

Having established this, you can ensure a quality browsing experience free of pop-ups, ads, and malware. Total Adblock also safeguards your data from targeted advertising, surveillance, and collection.


You can use Total Adblock on various web browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, and Brave. However, you must first download the tool from the Chrome Web Store before setting it up on Vivaldi and Opera.

Besides, Total Adblock also offers browser extensions compatible with Firefox and Safari. However, some users recently have had bad experiences with these versions, according to customer reviews.

It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices. Once you download the app on your mobile device, you can enjoy premium ad-blocking services while using the internet.

Total Adblock cost and payment options

Total Adblock offers only two subscription plans. You can either pay for the premium plan or pick the free plan.

FeaturesTotal Adblock freeTotal Adblock premium
Protection against suspicious and malicious websitesYesYes
Blocks unwanted adsYesYes
Personalize acceptable ads and bannersYesYes
Clears unauthorized trackersYesYes
Manage trusted websitesYesYes
Provides antivirus protectionNoYes
Disables browser notificationNoYes
Blocks unlimited adsNoYes
Price plan$0.00 for seven days$2.42 monthly

The downside to the free subscription plan is that it is limited. It allows users to enjoy the ad-blocking services for only seven days and doesn’t block the top 15,000 websites on

In contrast, the premium plan is unlimited and pocket-friendly. Paying $2.42 monthly to block adware on your device and enjoy a seamless browsing experience is undoubtedly a steal!

If you’re a first-time user, you can pay the starting fee of $29 yearly. Once the subscription elapses, it increases to $119 yearly. Total Adblock also provides a 14-day money-back guarantee for the premium subscription plan. Alternatively, you can get the ad blocker as an additional feature when you pay for the TotalAV antivirus suite, which costs about $49.00 yearly. This plan has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Note that once you subscribe to a plan, it renews automatically. Hence, you must manually disable it in your account if you pause or stop using the service.

How to use Total Adblock

Adding the Total Adblock extension to your web browser is very straightforward. Anybody can set it up. Here’s a step-by-step guide showing how to complete the Total Adblock setup on your device.

  1. Open your extension store and search for Total Adblock.
  2. Tap Add extension” to add it to your browser.
  3. Proceed to set it up on your browser.
  4. Read through the settings to enable all the features you need.
  5. Enjoy premium ad-blocking services. 

You can also download the app on your mobile phone. Find the app on the Play Store for Android phones and the App Store for iOS.

Interface and ease of use

App versionCompatible with iOS and Android devices, user-friendly, easy to navigate, and offers premium ad-blocking services.
Browser versionCompatible with Opera, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and other popular web browsers, easy to navigate, and user-friendly.

Total Adblock is compatible with virtually all the popular web browsers today. It also has a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The browser extension offers the same functionality across all compatible web browsers.

No web browser has exclusive ad-blocking features. In contrast, there’s a bit of disparity in the options available on the mobile apps. Internet users with Android devices enjoy additional features unavailable in the Total Adblock app for iOS users.

Browser Total Adblock extension

Browser extensions

Total Adblock browser extension versions are easy to use, such that first-time users and tech-savvy individuals can navigate the configuration steps easily. It has a simple and direct interface with customization options.

Total Adblock browser extension is notable for blocking video ads, trackers, banners, and pop-up ads. Our test showed how well it blocks YouTube ads, both before-video and in-video ads.

Mobile Total Adblock app

Total Adblock has a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Check the Apple App Store for the iOS Total Adblock app. Our test revealed that Total Adblock works perfectly on iPhone and iPad devices.

It has a brilliant interface and is easy to use, allowing users various settings and customization options via the separate “Account” tab.

The iOS version of the Total Adblock app offers various features, including:

  • Video ad blocking and more on YouTube
  • Whitelisting features
  • Advanced filters like Ad blocking, security, and annoyances filters. Examples of security filters include malicious URL blocklist and Spam404 filter. 

On the other hand, the compatibility of the Android version depends on your operating system version. A version works for Android 1-7 and a separate version for Android 8. Regardless of this disparity, Total Adblock remains one of the best ad-blocking software for Android devices.

Like the iOS version, the Android version has a brilliant user interface with a simplistic design and easy-to-navigate home screen. You can get all the information you need on the home screen.

However, the Android app has additional features you may not get on the iOS version or browser extension. Some of the additional features on the iOS app include:

  • Rules update over Wi-Fi only
  • Easily accessible customer support from the “Settings” tab.
  • Content blocking

Total Adblock features

Although Total Adblock’s features may look relatively small compared to other ad blockers, you can be sure of premium protection from adware. It can allow you to customize the blocking filter to allow specific ads or pop-ups you want. For example, you may want to get ads on promotional sales or one-time offers.

Pop-up blocker

Acceptable Pop-Ups

The dedicated “Pop-up Blocker” blocks all ads, banners, and notifications from web browsers. Nonetheless, it isn’t a strict functionality, and you can whitelist specific sites and their ads to show pop-ups to you. For this, simply add the site’s URL to the allowlist for “Acceptable Pop-Ups.”

Acceptable Ads

This feature is similar to the “Acceptable Pop-Ups” feature. The “Acceptable Ads” setting allows you to select websites that you want to keep seeing their ads on your screen.

You can enable this feature for your preferred websites by entering the respective URLs into the space given under the “Acceptable Ads” setting. Once you provide these links, Total Adblock will remove these websites from the script-based ad block.



Available on mobile (iOS and Android) devices only, this feature allows users to exempt different types of content, such as,

  • Annoying elements like third-party widgets and cookie notices
  • Mobile ads
  • Online trackers that collect users’ browsing data and history
  • Social media widgets

Total Adblock test results

We tested it with different third-party testing tools within our reach to provide a comprehensive review of Total Adblock. This ad blocker emerged as an effective and useful ad-blocking tool during our tests.

Total Adblock can block several video ads, banners, and pop-up ads even on its free version. It can also block YouTube ads, Facebook ads, and trackers from gaining access to your web browser. 

We conducted our in-house tests using the Total Adblock Chrome extension. Here’s a brief review of how Total Adblock fared with our independent testing tools:

  • Adblock Tester: Out of the overall score of 100, this site gave Total Adblock a 97 rating. While it could block all possible ads, it encountered problems blocking error trackers.
ad blocker tester
  • Can You Block It?: This website, with various ads and banner categories, examined how well Total Adblock could manage and block the adware. The test revealed that Total Adblock had the technology to block all possible pop-ups, ads, and banners.
  • Cover Your Tracks: The primary focus of this website is to determine how well Total Adblock can block trackers. It shows how well the ad block can safeguard from fingerprinting, block tracking ads, and remove invisible trackers. At the end of the test, it revealed that Total Adblock could block all possible tracking ads and invisible trackers.

Customer support

While there’s no dedicated customer support for Total Adblock subscribers, there’s a platform through which you can help if you run into any trouble. You can access TotalAV’s help center once you open the Support tab in the browser extension. Once on the help center platform, you can choose which product you need help with — the password manager, antivirus, ad blocker, or VPN.

You’ll find a FAQ page on the help center with answers to the most frequently asked questions. However, if you don’t find your issue on the page or the answer doesn’t address it, you can select “No” to move to the live chat feature.

Here’s how it went when we tested the Total Adblock customer support for this review. We explained our issue in the chat box and had to wait for about 2-3 minutes to get a response from the customer support representative. The first response seemed to have come from a bot that couldn’t help with the issue. However, we got another representative who helped us resolve the issue.

Our Total Adblock experience

Total Adblock is an easy-to-use and functional ad-blocking app that blocks pop-ups and ads without interfering with your browsing experience. As we’ve established earlier, anybody can set up Total Adblock. There are step-by-step prompts that explain how to install the extension on your web browser and begin blocking adware.

Once you install the extension, Total Adblock starts running. You can view the websites that Total Adblock is blocking by clicking on the extension on your web browser.

When you begin the setup, Total Adblock provides the steps to complete the process. Usually, you should be done within five minutes. You can set how you want the software to manage your search history. Ideally, you should set it to clear junk files and images, download history, and browsing history for improved browsing experience and faster page loading.

During our test, we only cleared the download history, and then we moved to the next stage, where we had several options from which we selected adverts to block. Although Total Adblock has a whitelist of permissible ads so users can view ads they find useful, it still blocks unnecessary pop-up adverts that are suspicious and potentially harmful.

After selecting ads to block, the software notifies you that Total Adblock is active. If you’re using the app version for mobile phones, you can start blocking ads, banners, and trackers once you scan the QR code Total Adblock provides.

While testing Total Adblock for this review, we quickly installed the browser extension and encountered no technical issues like glitches or ad pop-ups. Within minutes, the add-on was up and running without requiring us to tweak any settings.

However, if you want a customized or personalized ad-blocking service, you can edit your preferences and whitelist in the settings menu.

Total AdBlock reliability and security

Total Adblock allows you to finally get rid of those annoying and repetitive ads that appear on your screen while using the internet. It blocks tracking third-party tracking and cookies. This restricts advertisers from accessing your browsing activities. Total Adblock add-on also encrypts your data, guaranteeing privacy online. 

Beyond the regular functionalities of an ad-blocker, Total Adblock restricts access to suspicious and malicious websites. It also allows subscribers to activate the incognito or private browsing mode.


You might encounter issues while using Total Adblock like any other ad blocker. But you can often troubleshoot these issues without contacting customer support. Some of these issues include:

  • Unsuccessful subscription: Several factors can cause you to experience this error. For example, insufficient funds, connection error, or your bank failed to process the payment. You can try again after a few minutes or the next day to resolve this issue. If this does not help, contact your bank. Alternatively, restart your device or disable the VPN connection before trying again.
  • Harmful to device notification: You should no longer experience this issue. Previously, only Samsung devices supported mobile apps downloaded from the Google Play Store, so you had to get the APK file outside the Play Store. Android smartphones often flag it as dangerous since you didn’t download the APK file from Google Play. Hence, the alert. However, the Play Store app version now supports all Android phones, so you don’t need to download any APK file from an external source.


Total Adblock is undoubtedly a quality ad blocker tool for an uninterrupted and secure browsing experience. Our review has shown how Total Adblock can block intrusive ads or banners from interrupting your internet surf and prevent websites from spamming you with video ads. In addition to restricting ads and trackers on a script level, it allows users to personalize the service. That’s why it’s one of the leading ad blockers in the market today.


Yes! Total Adblock is a legitimate software developed by the makers of the notable TotalAV, Group Limited.

Yes. The Total Adblock mobile app is available for download on the App Store. This means iOS users can download and use the app on their mobile phones. Apple doesn’t consider it to be harmful software.

Not necessarily. You can use Total Adblock’s free version to block ads and banners. However, the downside is that the free version is limited. We advise upgrading to a premium plan to enjoy optimum functionality.

You must cancel your subscription if you want to stop using Total Adblock. If you don’t cancel your subscription, it’ll keep renewing. To cancel your subscription, log in to your account, locate “

,” and select “

.” Alternatively, you can reach out to billing support by sending an

” or

to cancel your subscription.