Is the Gas App Safe to Use in 2024? An In-depth Review

Abeerah Hashim  - Security Expert
Last updated: December 31, 2023
Read time: 10 minutes

Get an in-depth look at the app that is all the rave among Gen Z and is built around genuine compliments and a good time.

With the overwhelming negativity in the online space and so many young teens getting in on the social media rave, it is a breath of fresh air that platforms like Gas exist to create a balance. Launched in 2017, Gas was designed to help teens feel better about themselves in a world where everything tells them otherwise. It allows users to complement one another, ensuring every user gets at least one per day to boost morale. The app gained a large following, of course, as its core target audience of high schoolers continues to grow and benefit from its excellent niche service.

If you are a millennial or GenX reading this, you may or may have yet to hear the word “Gas” used differently than what you are used to. However, GenZ has set a trend that is not going anywhere soon.

To “gas” someone is used to make someone feel good about themselves. So, a way to say “flatter.” Unsurprisingly, there exists a Gas app designed to boost self-esteem, but is that all there is to it? Continue reading to find out.

What is the Gas app?

The Gas app is a social media phenomenon that has, in no short time, become very popular with high schoolers. As of the start of this year, Gas was ranked among the top free social media platforms on the Apple App Store. The founder of the “TBH” app, Nikita Bier, is credited among the founders of the Gas app. TBH (now-defunct) was a social platform similar to the Gas app.

The Gas app lets users select their school and grade from its selection. This selection is a list pre-populated based on the user location, with which it will then curate a contact list for them. The users are then given polls that involve choosing who has the best photos, who is most empathetic, who passes the vibe check, who is always flirting, and who they would like to hold hands with during a horror movie from four selected contacts.