Perfect Privacy VPN Review: Is It Worth It?

Ali Qamar  - Cybersecurity Analyst
Last updated: November 8, 2023
Read time: 28 minutes
Facts checked by Ali Qamar

In this unbiased review, we will look at this Switzerland-based VPN service from all angles and conduct security alongside other tests.

Perfect Privacy is a Swiss company that puts it out of the international surveillance alliances (out of the reach of the most common spying agencies). It has a strict no-data logging policy, and it splits tunneling through several servers simultaneously.

It has a kill switch, most servers allow torrenting, and your info stream splits into four different servers.

The average internet user lacks the expertise to judge correctly how good a VPN is. It’s all about striking a balance. You want your VPN to protect all your internet traffic (including web traffic, of course), so that’s genuinely bulletproof. At the same time, it’s not supposed to disrupt your experience by slowing down your traffic too much. After all, we’re not dial-up users anymore, and as strong as nostalgia can be for some things, this is a thing where we don’t feel the need to go back. So, how is a “normal” user supposed to choose a VPN? Hopefully, by reading this, as well as some other of our reviews.

We will have a look at Perfect Privacy, a Switzerland-based VPN service. First, we will give you the pros, the cons, information about the corporation itself, and the VPN’s most crucial selling points; we will have a closer look at its encryption abilities and other internet protocols. The Perfect Privacy will have to walk the walk in our tests and figure out if it leaks any data or slows down internet traffic in any meaningful way.

Once we’ve done all that, we will summarize the service’s subscription options, customer support, and, last but not least, the mobile app in the smartphone era. There’s plenty for us to do and for you to discover, so let’s get going.