How to watch Oxygen TV outside the US (anywhere worldwide) in 2021

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Discover how to unblock Oxygen TV outside the US to enjoy your favorite shows. Use the best VPN service to stream your favorite serials.

If you’re in the United States, you can watch oxygen live TV online for free. There’s content available without Pay TV, including highlights, show clips, and a few full episodes. You can stream Oxygen’s factual crime content on streaming services like Hulu, YouTube TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, and the Oxygen app.

However, if you’re outside the US, you cannot access any content on Oxygen TV due to geo-restrictions. If you want to watch Oxygen TV originals outside the US, you need a US VPN to unblock access. These restrictions are applied because of content licensing agreements, making the channel exclusively targeted at people in the United States.

Oxygen TV is an American TV channel from NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast. The channel airs true-crime programming and drama series.

Here, you’ll learn how to unblock and watch Oxygen TV overseas. If you live in Australia, Germany, Canada, or any other country, here is a comprehensive guide to help you enjoy oxygen TV shows anywhere outside the US.

How to stream Oxygen TV abroad quickly

If you want ideas on how to watch Oxygen TV live outside of the United States, here is a quick guide to help you get started:

  1. Select a quality VPN and download it. We recommend ExpressVPN as the best Oxygen TV VPN for its excellent security and incredible streaming speeds on offer.
  2. Open your VPN app and sign in. This ushers you into the interface, where you can find a list of servers.
  3. Pick a server in the United States and connect.
  4. Download the Oxygen app or log on to the Oxygen website, sign in and watch your favorite shows. Happy streaming!

The best VPN to unblock Oxygen TV online

If you want to stream the Oxygen channel in Canada or anywhere else abroad, you can use a premium VPN service. The three VPNs we recommend based on their features are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, SurfShark, which provide many US servers, offer excellent protection online, and ensure your privacy.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Best VPNs 600x300

Whether you want to download torrents, stream Netflix, stay anonymous online, or play video games, ExpressVPN helps you do all these things and more. It’s one of the best VPNs if you want to access the Oxygen channel in the UK or outside the US.

The service offers over 3000 servers in 94 countries, the US included. ExpressVPN is exceptional at unblocking region-blocked content, even bypassing China’s Great Firewall, and allowing quick file downloads. It boasts excellent performance, allowing for smooth HD streaming on platforms like Oxygen TV. 

ExpressVPN is run from the British Virgin Islands, a location that does not have data retention laws. This allows the service to maintain a no-logs policy that ensures they don’t track your online activity or store data about your internet usage.

Also, ExpressVPN employs uncrackable 256-bit AES encryption, SHA512 DHE-RSA keys, and perfect forward secrecy technology, which ensures that even if your encryption key is compromised, someone cannot use it to decrypt your sessions. Besides, ExpressVPN runs its own DNS servers, which allows you to set your own through the app settings.

The service offers 5 simultaneous connections, and there are additional features like a kill switch, which protects your data from leaking if the VPN is disconnected. Plus, the VPN allows users to split their traffic between its servers and regular internet pipes. 

You can use ExpressVPN on different devices, including those running Android, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Windows. It’s also available to configure on routers. 


  • Super-fast speeds across all servers
  • Unblocks streaming sites, including Oxygen TV and Netflix 
  • Zero logs policy 
  • Advanced military-grade security on servers and apps 
  • 24/7 live chat support 


  • Slightly costlier than rivals

2. SurfShark


SurfShark is another reliable service you can use to watch Oxygen TV overseas. Some users have rated this as the king of VPNs because it allows connections on unlimited devices. It’s ideal for streaming because of the super-fast speeds, which would enable HD streaming on platforms like Oxygen TV. SurfShark offers 3200+ servers in 65 countries, the US included.

On technical essentials, the service is strong as it runs AES-256-CGM military-grade encryption with IKEv2, WireGuard, Shadowsocks, and OpenVPN protocols, which help you bypass geo-restrictions, giving you the best way to stream Oxygen TV abroad. Also, SurfShark offers a kill switch, which does not come on automatically, but the app shows the switch option on the menu as soon as you connect to a server so that you can customize it.

There’s a camouflage mode, which masks your data to appear like normal HTTPS traffic through deep packet inspection (DPI), so the internet provider thinks you’re not using a VPN. And like any premium VPN, Surfshark boasts a strict no-logs policy and operates from the British Virgin Islands, a privacy-friendly location. This means your information, including browsing history and IP address, is not stored

For users overwhelmed by Surfshark features, the company offers responsive support available 24/7. Also, they describe every feature on the interface to allow easy navigation. You can use SurfShark on almost every platform, including Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, and iOS. The service even supports smart TVs like Apple TV, FireTV, and consoles like Xbox Series X and PS5. 


  • Strict no-logging policy 
  • Great customer support 
  • Fantastic connection speeds 
  • Unlimited connections 
  • Secure browsing 
  • Extra features such as AdBlocker, Whitelister, etc
  • Downloading torrents allowed 


  • Differences in speeds between servers noted 

3. NordVPN


If you’re still asking, “how can I watch the oxygen channel online abroad?” you need to install a VPN like NordVPN to unblock Oxygen TV online. NordVPN offers 5400+ servers in 59 countries, including the US. The VPN makes accessing geo-restricted content a walk in the park.

It’s easy to find a US server because they offer many, especially when you want to stream HD content on the free Oxygen channel. It’s also excellent for torrenting, and the servers come with an Onion over VPN feature, which offers the ultimate privacy and anonymity.

While streaming content on the free Oxygen TV app, you can expect stable and consistent speeds, ensuring no lag when watching your favorite shows. Because streaming services apply geo-restrictions, NordVPN allows a quick bypass of these restrictions.

During our tests, all its US servers allowed us to unblock Oxygen TV to watch abroad. Besides excellent speeds and smooth streaming, the NordVPN app offers smooth and satisfying usability with a wide range of added security features. For sign-up, the app offers a three-step process, which is extremely simple.

Streamers love the Specialty servers, which allow you to choose an IP address unique to you that you don’t share with any other person using the VPN. This creates more secure browsing and extra security. NordVPN also uses military-grade encryption, which protects internet connections to ensure your privacy. The company uses AES 256-bit encryption, recommended by NASA for securing top-secret information. Also, the company uses different protocols, including OpenVPN and the IKEv2/IPsec protocol.

If you’re worried about privacy while watching Oxygen TV outside the US, NordVPN offers a no-logs policy, which means your browsing activity is completely private.  The company does not store connection timestamps, traffic data, or IP addresses. They even go further and accept payments through cryptocurrencies, making it even harder to track users. When the VPN disconnects because of a network compromise, there’s a kill switch, which adds protection by blocking access to the web.

Using one NordVPN account, you can connect 6 devices, and you can use the app on devices running different operating systems, including Linux, iOS, Windows, and Android.


  • No logs policy
  • Strong military-grade security
  • Extremely fast
  • Huge global server network
  • Up to 6 simultaneous connections
  • Excellent support 24/7


  • Streaming servers not labeled

Why you need a VPN to watch Oxygen TV outside the US

Oxygen TV outside US

Media companies put in place restrictions to protect content on their platforms due to licensing restrictions. As a US-based company that targets the US market, Oxygen TV also uses restrictions to ensure people in countries outside the US cannot access content on their platform. This is applicable unless a streaming service outside the US gets licensing rights from Oxygen TV.

That explains why you cannot access Oxygen TV unless you’re in the United States. The service tracks the IP address of users and blocks access if they detect your location is somewhere outside the US. This means even if you’re a US citizen who just traveled abroad, the company blocks you from accessing the content you love. Of course, even if you’re a subscriber on Oxygen TV. In a situation like this, you can use a VPN to get a US IP outside the USA to unblock Oxygen TV online.

The VPN service assigns your device a new IP address, so when you access a streaming service, their IP filtering system is convinced you’re physically in an approved location. You can use this method to watch any restricted content, including websites banned in your country. Best of all, using a VPN to stream Oxygen TV abroad does not require you to be tech-savvy.

Can I use a free VPN for Oxygen TV streaming?

Avoid a free VPN because it does not protect you against malicious attacks. Most companies that offer free VPN keep records of your digital activities. They sell this data to third parties, compromising your privacy and security. Their encryptions don’t hide your activities or protect your identity because they log all your sensitive data in their servers.

Robust VPN solutions ensure total security and encryption. Using a free VPN, you expose yourself to potentially leaking your IP address and giving hackers an easy time tracking your activity. You could expose your device to malware, which can cause damage and compromise your privacy.

Besides, free VPNs include aggressive ads, making their service near unusable. The high volume of ads will slow down your connection, making it difficult to stream HD content on Oxygen TV. Most free VPNs cannot unblock streaming services like Netflix, Oxygen TV, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Must-watch Oxygen TV shows

There are many great shows you can stream online on Oxygen TV. The streaming network offers some of the most interesting murder mysteries and shows dedicated to solving crimes.

If you’re looking for some titles to binge-watch on Oxygen TV outside the US, here are some suggestions among the many shows on the platform you could watch.

  • Buried in the Backyard
  • Fix My Mom
  • It Takes a Killer
  • Killer Siblings
  • A Lie to Die For
  • Killision Course
  • Florida Man Murders
  • Framed By The Killer
  • Homicide for the Holidays
  • Deadly Cults
  • Three Days to Live
  • Up and Vanished
  • Snapped: Killer Couples

These are a few of the shows you can find on Oxygen TV. There are over 300 shows, current and past, which highlight crime and mysteries.  When you unblock Oxygen TV online, you can stream many of these shows.  

Which devices are compatible with Oxygen TV?

You can stream Oxygen TV abroad with a VPN on:

  • iOS devices
  • Android devices
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV

How to stream Oxygen TV shows on iOS devices

Streaming Oxygen TV shows on iOS devices is easy. It would be best if you switched your app region to the US before you download the Oxygen TV application.

On the App Store, search for the app and install it on your device. We recommend using a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN or SurfShark to change the country to the US if you’re abroad — once you install the app, login and enjoy your favorite shows.

How to stream Oxygen TV shows on Android outside the US

Open your VPN and connect to a US server. Install the Oxygen app from Google Play (make sure to change your Google Play country to the USA). Now, sign in to search through the oxygen network schedule for the shows you love. Enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

How to stream Oxygen TV shows on your Apple TV overseas

Setup a VPN on your router and connect to a US server. Change your app store’s region to the USA, then download the Oxygen TV application. The app will automatically show on your home screen. Open it and sign in to stream content.

How to stream Oxygen shows on Roku abroad

To watch Oxygen TV on Roku, you also need to set a VPN up on your router and connect to a US server. Then reset your Roku settings and create a US account. Open Oxygen TV and sign in. You’ll receive an activation code to your mobile number. Now, enter this code for Oxygen TV activation and start using the app to stream content.

How to stream Oxygen TV shows on Amazon Fire Stick outside the US

On the Amazon search bar, search and select your VPN provider and install the app. Log in to the VPN and connect to a US server. Search Oxygen TV app and install, then sign in. Once done, browse any show you would want and enjoy.

What else can a VPN do for me alongside seamless Oxygen TV unblocking?

Helping you unblock Oxygen TV outside the US is not all a VPN can do. Firewalls like China’s Great Firewall place censors on a lot of content, including the use of VPNs. There are premium VPNs that you can still use in places like China to access restricted content.

Besides, you need to hide your activity if you’re working in a sensitive area like investigative journalism or activism. A VPN also hides you from spying eyes and keeps your data private.


If you enjoy crime documentaries, Oxygen TV offers top-rated shows you can binge-watch. To successfully access it outside the USA, ensure you have connected to a reliable VPN before heading over to the Oxygen TV app or website. Our number one recommendation for Oxygen streaming is ExpressVPN. However, if you want a budget-friendly solution that gets the job done equally well, then SurfShark can come to the rescue.


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