11 Best Cpasbien Alternatives in 2024 + Safety Tips

Aliu Isa  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: February 1, 2024
Read time: 19 minutes

With these quality alternatives to Cpasbien, you never have to miss out on your favorite French movies and shows, no matter wherever you are.

Since Cpasbien garnered a massive userbase from France, its ban in the region infuriated many. Luckily, some great Cpasbien alternatives are now available online, providing similar great torrent media as Cpasbien. But because torrenting remains a tricky job, ensure you secure your traffic with a robust VPN and avoid downloading copyrighted material to stay safe from possible legal issues.

Not too long ago, people in France and everywhere would have tons of great torrenting sites to download the best movies, music, games, TV shows, and lots more. Unfortunately, this is hardly the case today as there is strict surveillance from ISPs and the government, who keep blocking these websites.

Despite Cpasbien being France’s most loved torrenting site, it’s still among the ones that got blocked. But there is always a way around everything; other quality torrenting sites like Cpasbien still exist.

These sites are what we will be focusing on in this article. We have created a list of the top eleven alternatives. These torrenting websites will ensure you don’t miss out on your favorite movies and shows, broaden your horizon, and discover new content you might like.

A quick overview of top Cpasbien alternatives

  1. Torrent9: It is an excellent torrenting site suitable for French-speaking users. Torrent9 offers many movies, games, TV shows, and more. The site, which attracts millions of visitors monthly, is endorsed by some of its competitors, including SmarTorrent.
  2. T411: This torrenting platform has a robust forum community that gives valuable advice. It offers several types of content, including music, movies, games, eBooks, apps, and many more.
  3. YggTorrent: Although it does require registration before access, the process is free, easy, and fast. It has an extensive portfolio of files, including audio files, apps, eBooks, movies, music, and games.
  4. Kickass Torrents: It is one of the earlier pioneers of torrenting. Although the site is inaccessible in several countries, users can access several mirror sites and alternatives.
  5. ZeTorrents: It has a simple and easy-to-use design, and you can see what is trending at the bottom of its homepage.
  6. RuTracker: You will find lots of Russian movies here, along with music, games, eBooks, apps, and lots more. The site has an outdated design, but this does not impact the quality of content available.
  7. GK Torrent: This one is mainly for the French audience. It offers films, consoles, PC games, and lots more. We found its advanced search functionality a lifesaver, making it easy to search for torrents based on the latest additions or recommendations.
  8. TorrentGalaxy: Like other torrent websites, it thrives on offering only the best content in the P2P domain. Also, the admin reviews the torrent files before uploading them to ensure they are top-quality.
  9. EliteTorrent: One of the biggest and most famous private trackers, available only by invitation. Since it’s an invite-only platform, the chances are you will only get quality videos, including Blu-ray and HD print.
  10. TorrentFunk: It has provided movie lovers with the best of everything they need for years. The website gives you everything: TV shows, software, games, movies, etc.
  11. RARBG: Although the website is old in business, it has remained as good as new without getting blocked. The site is ideal for downloading eBooks, music, films, and more.