Insider Threats in 2023: 30 Eye-Opening Statistics

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: October 28, 2023
Read time: 20 minutes

Gain insights into the world of insider threats and discover the latest statistics, trends, risks, and strategies for safeguarding data.

As insider threats are becoming common, leading to increased data breaches, every business needs to know the danger and be prepared to deal with it. Dive into the latest statistics, discover industry-specific trends, and learn cost-effective strategies to protect your organization from insider threats. Don’t miss out on essential insights for mitigating the risks.

No organization is immune to insider threats regardless of its security infrastructure. According to global cybercrime statistics, if you have valuable information and work with other parties to keep your business afloat, you could fall victim to insider threats anytime.

Over the recent years, we have witnessed a steady increase in cyber incidents. Often, most companies overlook the impact that insider threats could have on their profitability. With cybercriminals and other ill-driven individuals developing new ways to further their agendas, there has been a rise in insider threats globally.

This article will delve deeper into insider threat statistics and prove that these incidents can emanate from suppliers, employees, contractors, and other trusted individuals.

The top 10 insider threats statistics – Quick list

  1. Over the past two years, insider attacks have spiked by a whopping 47%.
  2. Negligence accounts for over two-thirds of insider threat incidents.
  3. Over 55% of companies rank privileged users at the top of their insider threat risk list.
  4. A staggering 74% of organizations report an increase in insider attacks.
  5. Approximately 74% of organizations express significant vulnerability to frequent hacker attacks.
  6. Around 82% of organizations find assessing the actual damage of an insider attack to be challenging.
  7. Insider threats impact more than 34% of businesses globally annually.
  8. 70% of organizations express concerns about inevitable data breaches.
  9. Fraud, personal gains, and sabotage drive insider threats.
  10. Trusted business partners contribute to 15% to 25% of insider incidents.