The most hacked passwords in the world (an extensive report)

Douglas Mabiria  - Expert Tech Reporter
Last updated: November 19, 2023
Read time: 15 minutes

We analyzed more than 20 million passwords and looked at the data from authentic surveys to compile this extensive list of the most hacked passwords.

From a database of over 20 million passwords, PrivacySavvy discovered numerous passwords repeating multiple times, showing how unrelated users unknowingly use the same, simple, and easy-to-crack passwords for their accounts, making it easy for hackers to target users worldwide.

Sometimes, it takes lots of money, time, coding skill, and technological infrastructure to hack an account or get a password. But, seldom, a good guess does the magic.

Today, millions of people fall prey to hacking by exposing their passwords, and others just create passwords that are too easy to guess. That’s why we decided to compile an exhaustive list of the most hacked passwords in the world so that you can watch out.

This post not only features the data from authentic organizations’ surveys, but our team of cybersecurity experts also analyzed over 20 million passwords that we collected from various worldwide databases. We organized the results in different lists (to make it better understandable for our readers), such as country-specific, on names, sports, musicians, and students.

Before you start, please note this post is not supposed to sensitize you about how to hack other people’s passwords. Instead, it’s about encouraging you to only use stronger and unique passwords.

Note: While on top of the organizations’ surveys’ data, we gathered data from leaks found on marketplaces, dark web sites, and hacking forums, but we only analyzed the data itself. Meaning no personally identifiable information such as banking details or usernames were compromised while preparing this report.