The 23 Best Hesgoal Alternatives to Stream Sports in 2024

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Last updated: June 2, 2024
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We tested dozens and handpicked the most impressive alternatives to Hesgoal worth choosing to watch your favorite sports live online.


Sports fans facing withdrawal after Hesgoal’s takedown, dry your tears! We come bearing joyful news of phenomenal Hesgoal replacement sites to restore live match access immediately. NBC Sports, ESPN+, and Fox Sports are our top picks for Hesgoal alternatives. Read this article till the end to explore more platforms like Hesgoal to stream you favorite sports online.

Hesgoal was a top sports streaming website with almost all live sports, from boxing to F1 races, football, and more. However, due to DMCA complaints, the official site was shut down, which caused many mirror websites to rise. Accessing illegal or mirror sites can get you in trouble, so it is recommended that you opt for legal and authorized options.


We tested many sports streaming websites and found the 23 best alternatives to Hesgoal. These alternatives allow you to watch your favorite sports without compromising your privacy and security or committing copyright infringement.

Quick overview of the top 10 alternatives to Hesgoal


Here’s a quick list of the 10 best Hesgoal replacements to stream your favorite sports event in high quality.

  1. NBC Sports: An amazing streaming platform that brings the stadium’s energy to wherever you’re streaming. You’ll never miss any action when you stream on NBC Sports.
  2. Peacock: An all-encompassing streaming service that facilitates tactical breakdowns of games and interactive analysis while watching live sports events.
  3. ESPN+: Brilliant streaming service that ensures viewers don’t miss any sports event details. ESPN+ offers an on-demand replay and highlight feature that allows viewers to rewatch an epic performance.
  4. Fubo TV: A great streaming service that provides a roster of sporting events and allows viewers to save matches for future entertainment.
  5. Showtime: Offers a seamless streaming experience, ensuring viewers experience the typical camaraderie of watching sports events.
  6. Fox Sports: A perfect alternative that provides expert commentary and live analysis while viewers watch sports events from their homes.
  7. BT Sports: Its amazing features, high-quality display, and user-friendly interface position it as one of the best alternatives for streaming sports events, especially soccer.
  8. NBA League Pass: Offers comprehensive experience for professional basketball games. NBA League Pass allows seamless streaming on multiple devices.
  9. Eurosport: Promotes social interaction through the comment section and live chat feature while offering an immersive sports streaming experience.
  10. CBS Sports: Perfect alternative for streaming soccer matches, with its user-friendly interface and all-encompassing coverage.

Best platforms like Hesgoal for streaming sports – Detailed list

Hesgoal alternatives

Below’s a comprehensive list of the top 23 alternatives to Hesgoal for streaming sports, including their outstanding features.

1. NBC Sports

Our Rating

Free and Premium ($29.99 per month)

An optimized design for mobile devices


Visit NBC Sports
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
7.6 millionYes5Only in the US

Key features

  • Covers the notable English Premier League with live league games, exclusive interviews, and post-match analysis. With this experience, you’re sure not to miss out on the recent development, drama, fun, thrill, and excitement that come with the popular soccer league.
  • Compatible with several platforms, ensuring viewers don’t miss any game or action. Hence, you can stream and enjoy your favorite sports event from your mobile phone, TV, or computer.

NBC Sports is an endless streaming resource, allowing viewers to enjoy their favorite sporting event live and hitch-free. The service thrills sports enthusiasts with high-resolution coverage and pundit commentary.

It creates a stadium-model experience that many sports fans desire from their homes. NBC brings the game to the four corners of your room, putting you at the center of the action and ensuring you don’t miss any detail.

2. Peacock

Peacock TV
Our Rating

Free and Premium ($5.99 per month)

A user-friendly interface

Lots of ads

Visit Peacock
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
3.9 millionYes7Only in the US

Key features

  • Grants unrestricted access to soccer games, including exclusive highlights, expert analysis, and interviews.
  • Ensures that casual viewers and staunch soccer supporters gain the desired level of exposure to the game. You can decide to watch just the live games or go further by immersing yourself in analysis and critics’ discussions.
  • Incorporates interactive analysis, enabling viewers to share opinions and ideas concerning teams’ performance. You can examine match statistics, formation strategies, and expert breakdowns to understand how the sport works.

Soccer enthusiasts worldwide enjoy streaming on Peacock TV. The sports streaming service allows fans to experience the amazing game first-hand without going to the stadium.

Unfortunately, the platform is only available in the United States. Therefore, it is recommended to use a reliable VPN service to access Peacock outside the US. That spreads its beautiful feathers (amazing streaming service) to all the corners of the world. You begin streaming right from kick-off and experience every action until full-time. You can also decide to watch post-match interviews and analyses.

3. ESPN+

Our Rating

$10.99 per month

Simple to use interface

No free version

Visit ESPN+
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
1.3 millionYes8Only in the US

Key features

  • ESPN+ offers a comprehensive sports event roster, ensuring visitors and viewers find their preferred game whenever they open the website. You can find virtually every soccer game from any league globally on ESPN+, whether it’s the English Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, or La Liga.
  • You can request highlights or replays from any game to relive the thrill and nostalgic experience. This is also beneficial if you miss a game. You can demand a replay to catch up on the brilliant performances and goals. ESPN+ also provides post-match analysis so you can understand the game tactically and from the standpoint of sports experts.

ESPN+ is as popular as Hesgoal in the sports events streaming industry. It has built a reputation for providing a strong lineup of sports events for live streaming. You can select your preferred sports or team to enjoy the game as it is being played. It’s also one of the best boxing streaming sites, as you can access boxing news, results, commentary, and audio and video highlights.

With it, you relish the stadium experience, from the disappointment from a miss to the thunderous shouts after a goal from your home. As long as your internet connection is strong, you’re sure not to miss any detail.

4. Fubo TV

Fubo TV
Our Rating

$74.99 per month

4K streams available

Only stream in the US

Visit Fubo TV
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
1.6 millionYes4US, Canada, and Spain

Key features

  • Fubo TV is notable for the rich options it provides to viewers. Whether it’s the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, La Liga, or English Premier League, Fubo TV has got you covered. With the broad channel list in place, the chances of missing any sports action are very slim.
  • Another distinctive feature is the cloud DVR that Fubo TV provides. This feature allows you to record and save selected soccer games so you can watch them later.

Fubo TV movies’ sports streaming is up a notch, providing viewers with a dynamic sports streaming experience. You’ll definitely enjoy the streaming services on Fubo TV if you’re a soccer fanatic.

From the amazing streaming quality to the extensive array of matches, it leads you to an amazing streaming experience. All you need to do is load the website right before the referee blows the whistle so that you don’t miss any action.

5. Showtime

Our Rating

Free and premium ($10.99 per month)

30-day free trial

Limited availability

Visit Showtime
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
3.8 millionYes3Only in the US

Key features

  • Showtime enhances uninterrupted live streaming of soccer and other sports events. Hence, viewers can enjoy their favorite sports events without any hassle. It utilizes advanced technology to provide high-quality streams, ensuring that viewers clearly enjoy every action, celebration, and disappointment.
  • Showtime prioritizes social interaction, promoting the typical camaraderie that comes with sports, especially soccer. Viewers can share their opinions, thoughts, and comments with other sports enthusiasts. It also creates a platform for the usual banter and cheers with most sports events.

Showtime utilizes advanced technology to provide sports enthusiasts with the best streaming experience. The platform ranks as one of the best alternatives because you can stream sports events for free.

The service offers a 30-day free trial to its users. It fosters social interaction and camaraderie while airing sports events in high resolution.

6. Fox Sports

Fox Sports
Our Rating


Free to use app

Does not provide all streaming channels

Visit Fox Sports
Number of monthly visitsVPN monthlyAd annoyanceAvailable in
21.4 millionYes4Globally available

Key features

  • Fox Sports allows fans to watch their favorite sports events live without going to the stadium or court. From local leagues to international competitions, it ensures that you don’t miss any action. It has several channels, so you can pick your preferred game when multiple games run simultaneously.
  • Beyond airing live sports events, Fox Sports provides pundits’ commentary and post-match analysis to improve your understanding of the game. If you’re a newbie, you’ll understand the game, tactics, and strategies after watching the expert analysis and insights on Fox Sports.

Fox Sports is one of the best alternatives for streaming sports events like soccer because of its seamless and high-quality viewing experience. Many soccer fans enjoy using Fox Sports because the service prioritizes extensive video coverage and is committed to providing crystal-clear video quality.

You’ll surely experience the passion and excitement of watching sports events while streaming on Fox Sports from your home.

7. BT Sports

BT Sport
Our Rating

$29.99 per month

Various sports and entertainment programs

Limited accessibility

Visit BT Sports
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
1.1 millionYes4Only in the UK

Key features

  • Like every other alternative, BT Sports has a long, all-encompassing list of soccer games. Whether you want to watch major competitions, international friendlies, or local games, BT Sports is committed to providing extensive coverage.
  • BT Sports also utilizes advanced protocols to ensure viewers enjoy seamless live streaming. A stable internet connection is all you need to experience consistent, crystal-clear video quality and uninterrupted streaming. With this in place, you will never miss an epic moment on the court, field, or pitch.

BT Sports offers sports fans a user-friendly platform to stream and enjoy their favorite games and sports events. The platform allows viewers to embark on an immersive live-streaming experience conveniently. The bad news is that the platform is only accessible within the United Kingdom, so using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to bypass the restriction is preferable.

It is easy to navigate, so you don’t need to be tech-savvy to enjoy the service. You can watch sports games for free or subscribe to a premium account. The perk of the premium account is that you can download content from the website.

8. NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass
Our Rating

Premium ($14.99 per month)

High-quality streams

Too much ads

Visit NBA League Pass
Number of monthly visitsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
455KYes3US and Canada

Key features

  • NBA League Pass ensures that basketball fans watch every moment of their favorite teams’ performance. You can watch live and on-demand games on NBA League Pass. The platform ensures you don’t miss out when you forget about a match, as you can catch up on missed matches. You can also get highlights and match replays by demanding them on the website.
  • NBA League Pass is compatible with several platforms and devices. Hence, you’re not restricted to a particular device. You can access the service and catch up on basketball actions on your smartphone, computer, or smart TV.

Unlike other alternatives focusing on soccer, NBA League Pass provides viewers with extensive coverage of professional basketball. It allows you to immerse yourself in the basketball sphere, enjoying the thrill and excitement that fills the court from your living room. Tune in to NBA League Pass to relish the amazing runs, three-pointers, and dunks.

9. Eurosport

Our Rating

$9.99 per month

Ultra-fast streaming

Does not work with VPNs

Visit Eurosport
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
8.8 millionYes6Globally available

Key features

  • If you enjoy reading about sports events and statistics, then you’ll definitely love Eurosport. If you cannot watch a game for some reason, Eurosport provides score updates so you’re still aware of what’s happening.
  • Beyond providing minute-by-minute score updates, Eurosport fosters social interaction by introducing features that allow communication while streaming sports events. The comment section and live chat feature enhance socialization and build a community of sports fans and the camaraderie that comes with a typical sports community, including banters and discussions.

Eurosport is another worthy Hesgoal live stream alternative that allows soccer fans to enjoy their favorite sport without leaving their homes or paying for a ticket. It has a user-friendly interface and provides real-time notifications on sports events. These notifications include match scores, statistics, and game fixtures. Eurosport technically brings the stadium or court to your home, ensuring you don’t miss out on the game’s epic moments, goals, and excitement.

10. CBS Sports

CBS Sports
Our Rating

Free and Premium ($9.99 per month)

Multiple simultaneous streams

No option to download streams

Visit CBS Sports
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
34.7 millionYes5Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, The Philippines, South Korea

Key features

  • CBS Sports ensures that viewers watch their selected sports event in high video quality without interruption. It also provides a video playback feature, ensuring viewers enjoy crisp visuals when watching playbacks or live games.
  • Finally, CBS Sports provides different streaming options. Hence, viewers can customize their visual experience from the Preferences Settings page. You can select the full-screen option or the compact view alongside the match analysis.

CBS Sports is a notable streaming website for watching sports events, especially soccer games. Its dynamic approach to the sports streaming service, user-friendly interface, and high-quality video quality explains why it’s on the list of the top-notch Hesgoal replacements.

It creates a virtual stadium experience in your living room, keeping you on the edge of your seat while you enjoy the excitement and thrill of your favorite game. CBS Sports ensures you don’t miss out on amazing screamers, brilliant equalizers, last-minute clutch goals, and other epic performances in the match.

11. DAZN

Our Rating

$19.99 per month

Allows you to change the timezone

Requires registration for better experience

Visit DAZN
Number of monthly visitsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
15.7 millionYes4Globally available

Key features

  • DAZN provides access to live matches, enabling sports fans to key into games in the thick of the action. You can also request to stream concluded matches. With access to concluded games, DAZN ensures you can relive epic games or catch up on the highlights of missed games.
  • DAZN also provides multiple screen viewing options, taking the typical television network up a notch. Rather than restricting you to watching sports games on your television, DAZN allows viewers to select a preferred viewing option. You can stream on your mobile device, computer, or TV without issue.

DAZN is another top sports streaming service that brings the thrill and excitement of sports events, especially soccer, to your living room. Many sports enthusiasts worldwide enjoy using DAZN because it has a user-friendly interface and wide coverage of various games on the website.

The amazing video quality and chants from fans in the stadium create a stadium-like experience while streaming from your home. Like Hesgoal, DAZN ensures viewers don’t miss any details in the selected sports event.

12. Sky Sports

Sky Sports
Our Rating

$18.95 per month

High speed stream

Requires an account

Visit Sky Sports
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
42.8 millionYes5UK and Ireland, Italy, Germany

Key features

  • Sky Sports is committed to ensuring soccer fans can access an extensive list of local and international games. It broadcasts numerous soccer games, even matches running simultaneously, and allows fans to select their preferred game. Sports fans worldwide who connect to Sky Sports can watch how their favorite team plays the beautiful game of soccer.
  • In addition to extensive coverage of soccer matches, Sky Sports improves the streaming experience by broadcasting expert commentary and analysis. Viewers hear from notable pundits and retired soccer players and see the game from an informed perspective. They share tactical breakdowns and insights, showing viewers aspects of the game they may not have discovered. This information reveals the strategies and intricacies of soccer and can help you appreciate brilliant gameplay.

Sky Sports is another notable name in the sports streaming industry, especially in the United Kingdom. It is a top sports streaming platform that delivers quality coverage of soccer games. The match analysis and coverage that Sky Sports provides to soccer fans is second to none. It perfectly portrays the passion, thrill, team spirit, excitement, and drama that follow sports events in crystal clear video quality.

13. Pluto TV

Our Rating


Totally free streaming services

Not an actual streaming site

Visit Pluto TV
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
2.3 millionYes7Globally available

Key features

  • Pluto TV has a list of channels dedicated to sports broadcast and streaming. Viewers can select from a wide range of channels to watch a match from a domestic league or international tournament. The channels allow viewers to select and watch their preferred game.
  • Pluto TV prioritizes viewers’ interests and preferences. The interface allows you to create profiles to access your viewed matches and preferred leagues. You can also enforce parental control access to restrict content viewing for children.

Pluto TV is worthy of mention on the list of the best Hesgoal streaming alternatives. The service immerses sports fans in a first-hand match-day experience, bringing the stadium’s thrill and excitement to their screens. It has an easy-to-navigate interface and quality video coverage, ensuring visitors and first-time users can easily tune into a game. Pluto TV broadcasts every moment of sports events, from audacious tackles to celebrations after goals.  

14. YouTube TV

Youtube TV
Our Rating

$73 per month

Easy to navigate homepage

Implements content geo-restrictions

Visit Youtube TV
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
4.6 millionYes6Globally available, but with content restrictions

Key features

  • YouTube TV provides unlimited cloud DVR, enabling viewers to record and store epic moments from sports events. This way, sports fans don’t miss out on their favorite sports events because they’re engaged in other activities. It introduces flexibility to the streaming service industry so viewers can watch the game conveniently. 
  • YouTube TV also supports concurrent streams of multiple sports matches. Typically, match days feature multiple sports events running simultaneously, restricting viewers’ options on single-channeled platforms. With YouTube TV, you have multiple channels, so family members who love different clubs can watch their teams as they play separate games simultaneously.

YouTube TV is one of the best alternatives for streaming sports events. Utilizing an innovative platform, it delivers quality video quality and seamless sports broadcasts to viewers worldwide. Its brilliant interface, design, and advanced features that enhance seamless streaming all contribute to why it is one of the best alternatives. These features encourage viewers to tap into the action-packed experience in the stadium from their respective houses. YouTube TV guarantees premium video quality while broadcasting sports events.

15. Tubi TV

Our Rating


Responsive design

Doesn’t feature smooth streaming experience

Visit Tubi TV
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
7.8 millionYes5Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador Guatemala, India, Mexico, Panama, United States

Key features

  • Provides broad coverage for soccer events from different leagues and competitions worldwide.
  • Promises to satisfy soccer fans globally, broadcasting major leagues and local competitions.
  • Has a broad mix of channels and on-demand content. You can also create profiles and stream news and entertainment content.
Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another excellent platform for streaming sports events. The platform takes the streaming service to the next level, offering sports enthusiasts a broad selection of sports matches. With a user-friendly interface, it takes streaming experience to another level.

16. Sling TV

Sling TV
Our Rating

$40 per month

Offers extensive video coverage

Commentators spoil the streaming experience

Visit Sling TV
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
3.1 millionYes4Only in the US

Key features

  • Has a list of over 50 channels that broadcast sports events and other TV content. Popular channels include ESPN, HGTV, and TNT.
  • Allows users to set up about three profiles to enjoy quality content.
  • You can also request sports events or TV content and watch them on-demand. The cloud DVR feature allows you to record up to 50 hours of storage to store selected streaming content.

Sling TV is another notable alternative that provides viewers with a comprehensive and convenient way to stream their favorite sports events. It has a user-friendly interface and offers extensive video coverage to ensure that short enthusiasts enjoy all the actions on the pitch or court. You must subscribe to a premium account for unrestricted access to sports events and TV content.

17. Hulu+ Live

Our Rating

$75.99 per month

HD Streaming

You need to create an account for better experience

Visit Hulu+ Live
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
12.5 millionYes5United States, Puerto Rico, and Japan

Key features

  • Hulu+ Live particularly ensures that soccer fans and enthusiasts don’t miss out on the beautiful game, providing quality and reliable coverage of sports events from different leagues and competitions. It does not leave out any game, from major tournaments to local friendlies.
  • Hulu+ Live supports customizing profiles and accounts on the platform, enabling viewers to personalize their streaming experience. The platform can offer personalized suggestions after evaluating your favorite leagues, clubs, and other preferences. The customization makes it easy to access highlights and sports events that may interest you.
Hulu official website

Hulu+ Live is an amazing streaming platform for soccer and other sports events. Its user-friendly platform leads sports enthusiasts to an engaging and captivating streaming experience. It has a vast library of channels with diverse matches and sports event selections. Hulu+ Live ensures viewers don’t miss out on thrilling moments, immersing them in the match. It clearly transmits the stadium experience, from fans’ cheers and applause to beautiful wins, to your living room.

18. Laola1

Laola TV
Our Rating

Free and Premium ($6.60 per month)

Polish language is available

Unavailable in certain regions

Visit Laola1
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable on
460KYes5Spain, Germany

Key features

  • Laola1 allows viewers to stream sports events as they happen in real time or watch the highlights later. This feature introduces flexibility to the streaming service, encouraging sports fans to watch games whenever is convenient for them.
  • Laola1 is not restricted to broadcasting only soccer matches. It is a broad streaming service that covers other sporting events, like tennis, volleyball, and football.

Laola1 is a leading sports streaming platform offering a streaming service similar to Hesgoal Live. It utilizes advanced technologies to provide viewers with top-notch and reliable streaming services. The features that contribute to the immersive experience that Laola1 offers include the user-friendly interface and broad coverage.

Sports enthusiasts are sure not to miss any match, international or local. From the battle of tactics to amazing gameplay, Laola1 ensures that viewers enjoy a stadium-like experience.

19. FITE

Fite TV
Our Rating

Free and Premium ($4.99 month)

Simple and easy-to-use design


Visit FITE
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
320KYes4Globally available

Key features

  • FITE is committed to broadcasting sports events in high video quality. The high resolution and detailed playbacks are part of the reason it’s a perfect alternative. Streaming on FITE is as clear and precise as watching from the front row in the stadium.
  • You can also get TV content on FITE on demand. From documentaries to match highlights and replays, FITE provides various entertainment content. It also supports profile customization and parental control features.
FITE TV by Triller

FITE, formerly known as FITE.TV is the perfect platform for fans and enthusiasts to stream their favorite sports events and teams. It is a global streaming service with reliable video coverage and a user-friendly interface, ensuring viewers immerse themselves in an engaging sports experience.

Like other platforms, FITE ensures viewers get the stadium experience from the corner of their rooms. Streaming on FITE gives you a front-row-like experience, airing every tackle and goal in crystal clear quality. 

20. Watch ESPN

Our Rating

$10.99 per month

Minimal ads

Limited option in free version

Visit Watch ESPN
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
132 millionYes5Globally available

Key features

  • Watch ESPN extensively covers sports events, especially soccer games, from different leagues and tournaments worldwide. From tournaments like the UEFA Champions League to top domestic leagues like the English Premier League or Spanish La Liga, Watch ESPN ensures that fans don’t miss a single match throughout the season.
  • Like other top alternatives, Watch ESPN goes beyond offering quality streaming services. Aside from streaming, you can demand content like exclusive interviews, expert analysis, and match highlights.

Another streaming platform to consider is Watch ESPN because of its dynamic approach to the sports streaming industry. Its user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface encourages sports enthusiasts from different levels and walks of life to enjoy their favorite game.

It also has comprehensive coverage of sports events. Hence, you’re sure not to miss any sports action, from intense major tournaments to amateur leagues.

21. Optus Sports

Optus Sport
Our Rating

Free and Premium ($24.99 month)


Banned in some regions

Visit Optus Sports
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
521KYes3Only in the Australia

Key features

  • Optus Sports is compatible with multiple platforms and devices. Once you create an account on the service, you can stream any match on your computer, mobile phone, or smart TV. With this feature, you can catch up on live matches on your mobile phone while on the go or stream on your smart TV and share the moment with your friends. 
  • Optus Sports also offers other services beyond streaming. However, they all contribute to a holistic sports experience. These services include highlights, exclusive interviews, expert analysis, and Optus Sports Daily.

Optus Sports is one of the safest and most reliable spot for streaming sports events, especially soccer. The streaming platform is notable for broadcasting the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Spanish La Liga, and other mainstream tournaments.

The platform has a user-friendly interface, so first-time users can easily navigate the website and begin streaming their preferred game. After a 30-day trial period, you must subscribe to a premium account to continue the immersive streaming experience.

22. beIN Sports

beIN Sports
Our Rating

$14.99 per month

The interface is ad-free

Slow streaming

Visit beIN Sports
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAccessible
118KYes4France, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines

Key features

  • beIn Sports allows users to customize profiles and accounts to personalize their streaming experience. After evaluating your favorite club, leagues, and other preferences, the website also offers personalized suggestions. The customization makes it easy to access highlights and sports events that may interest you.
  • The website is easy to navigate and has a user-friendly interface. Hence, first-time users can easily load the website and begin sports streaming.

Another alternative worthy of mention is beIN Sports, which offers a legal, safe, and reliable sports streaming service. It is a notable streaming platform with an extensive array of sports events, which it airs legally. Notable soccer franchises you’ll have unrestricted access to on beIN Sports include the English Premier League, Bundesliga, Europa League, UEFA Champions League, Serie A, La Liga, and many more. You can also pick a subscription package that aligns with your budget and convenience for continued streaming.

23. Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV
Our Rating


Well organized website

Annoying ads

Visit Live Soccer TV
Number of monthly visitorsVPN compatibilityAd annoyanceAvailable in
2.6 millionYes4Globally available

Key features

  • Live Soccer TV has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices and is committed to improving the sports experience. Upon download, the app sends sports news and real-time match updates to ensure subscribers don’t miss out on any action.
  • The website and mobile apps are easy to use and have a user-friendly interface. Hence, first-time users can easily navigate the process and begin sports streaming.

Finally, Live Soccer TV ends the list as one of the best alternatives for streaming sports events. You can watch live soccer, rugby, cricket, and NFL matches on Live Soccer TV worldwide. It has an easy-to-navigate interface with separated sections so first-time users can easily identify their preferred match. You can scroll through the homepage to catch up on sports news, game scores, and live matches. You can also download the Live Soccer TV app for real-time updates and sports notifications on your Android or iOS device.


Yes, the streaming services in this article broadcast sports events legally and do not violate copyright laws. 

Many sites that broadcast sports events for free are malicious and can cause trouble for you. However, the streaming platforms listed in this article are safe and secure. Hence, you don’t have to worry about breaking the law.

Yes. Hesgoal is not restricted to any sports. You can stream rugby, soccer, basketball, football, cricket, and many more on Hesgoal.

Yes, it’s absolutely normal to experience up to 40 seconds of delays while streaming sports events compared to the seamless experience on a television network. Sometimes, poor internet connection contributes to recurrent lags.

Most streaming platforms are compatible with multiple devices and operating systems. If you want to stream sports events on any of the platforms listed in the article, you can use a smart TV, computer, mobile phone, tablet, and other devices.

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