How to Delete Your Instagram Account (or Deactivate) in 2024

Abeerah Hashim  - Security Expert
Last updated: January 1, 2024
Read time: 14 minutes

This article explains how to delete or deactivate an Instagram account for users concerned with the privacy issues associated with Instagram.


Although using Instagram is a fun-filled activity for many social media users, its acquisition by Facebook some years ago turned out to be a repelling factor for privacy freaks. Besides, some Instagram users simply want to quit using the app in favor of a better alternative or just to take a break from this online window to their personal lives. All such reasons make users wonder how to deactivate their Instagram accounts. That’s what we’ll explain in this detailed guide.

As you probably know already, Facebook is Instagram’s parent company. As such, it is no surprise that privacy scandals are part of the conversation.

Let’s remember late 2018. Back then, the “Download Your Data” feature in Instagram had a security flaw that leaked a user’s password in plain text – which is a hacker’s ultimate prize, except that no hack was needed here.

This flaw is particularly ironic considering that the feature should supposedly have improved security and kept a user’s privacy and data safer. Moreover, it came into being after the Cambridge Analytica scandal as an attempt to calm users down. Talk about failure.

Once the problem became public knowledge, Instagram moved quickly to assure the world that only a few users were subject to any risk and that the company had already solved the issue anyway. So Instagram corrected this problem, let’s say. Does it mean it’s a safe service for you to use in terms of protecting your privacy? The answer is no. Instagram is a privacy threat to every user for a variety of reasons.

Let’s take one example. Instagram constantly tracks your physical location unless you turn that feature off by hand. No, it doesn’t do this, so your pictures get labeled automatically. However, your location informs the app about the type of advertising it should show you so that they are relevant to where you spend more of your time.

Also, your activity within the Instagram app (likes, comments, shares, interaction with stories, and more) is available to other users. And that’s just a start.