Are Netflix Cookies Safe – An Extensive 2024 Guide

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Read the article to discover if Netflix cookies are safe to use and how can you use them to access premium Netflix content.


Have you heard you can stream movies on Netflix without paying a cent? Yes, you can! Netflix cookies can give you access to Netflix’s premium content for free. However, are there hidden risks, and is it a safe route? Read this article to discover all about streaming content using Netflix cookies.

Are you looking to get a Netflix premium account without paying the subscription fee? Then you’ve come to the right place. The only legal way to enjoy the benefits of a Netflix premium account without paying a cent is by using cookies. Continue reading this article to discover the best and most reliable Netflix Cookies and whether they are safe to use.

Note: These cookies are updated regularly, sometimes even hourly. Not to worry, we’ve provided the best premium Netflix cookies and all the details. Once you try these cookies, you can stream and download movies and TV series on Netflix even though you don’t have a premium account.

What are Netflix cookies?

Just like every other website you visit, Netflix cookies save your account data. This includes your login details and your preferred content. When Netflix saves this information, their subscribers don’t have to enter the required information repeatedly to sign in on a different device.

Websites generally adopt the same cookie procedure to save vital information to access users’ accounts. For example, login information and emails. However, these cookies expire after a period. Sometimes, they expire immediately after you log out of your account.

Login to any Netflix account using working Netflix cookies

You can access any premium content on the Netflix streaming site if the cookie is live and active. We’ve saved you the stress of finding working cookies — we’ve gathered a couple of them in this article.

How to use working Netflix cookies in your browser

Note that it doesn’t stop at gathering working cookies. You must also know how to apply them. Read this step-by-step guide to understand how to apply Netflix cookies.

Before applying to Netflix, install your device’s Google Chrome browser. You can download it here if you don’t have it. Then, download the EditThisCookie extension and set it up on the Chrome browser.

EditThisCookie is a top cookie manager that allows you to search, edit, delete, add, protect, and block cookies. It is arguably the best cookie manager for Google Chrome. The extension can help you enter the active Netflix cookies wherever needed.

Examine the guide below to learn how to apply to work Netflix cookies using EditThisCookie.

  1. Download and configure the EditThisCookie extension on your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Open the links provided below to find active Netflix cookies.
  3. Copy the cookies and open the Netflix website in a new tab.
  4. Tap the EditThisCookie extension at the top right corner of your screen once the website loads.
  5. Paste the cookies you copied to your clipboard on the EditThisCookie empty field. 
  6. Update the Netflix home screen, automatically logging you into a premium Netflix account.

Working Netflix cookies

You can paste a list of reliable and tested active Netflix cookies into the cookie editor box to access a premium Netflix account. Typically, these cookies have updated values for

  • | nfvdid
  • | CLSharedContext
  • | NetflixID
  • | MemClid
  • | SecureNetflixID

You can find live and working cookies by Googling ‘working Netflix cookies.’

Note that Netflix may block some of these cookies after a period. Hence, you may have to comment to get the latest cookies when using Netflix.

Instructions for today’s Netflix cookies usage

After getting active Netflix cookies and pasting in the cookie editor extension, preferably the EditThisCookie extension, you’ll have to do other things to ensure the cookies work how you expect.

No language change

Ensure you don’t change the language on the premium Netflix account when you gain access through live cookies. When you do this, Netflix might detect a suspicious connection and ban you.

No logout

As mentioned earlier, cookies typically expire once you log out of an account. Hence, you shouldn’t log out when you gain access to a premium Netflix account using Netflix cookies. You may lose the cookies if you log out of the account.

Don’t try to register new accounts

Never register or open a new Netflix account using live Netflix cookies. When you do this, Netflix can deactivate the cookies and block your device from accessing a premium account using cookies.

Don’t change account settings

Finally, avoid changing the settings on the paid account. Changing Netflix account settings may require additional information, which may cause the saved cookies to expire.

How to use Netflix cookies to enjoy Netflix for free on PC

Now that we’ve provided you with the best and most reliable Netflix cookies to access a premium account, you need to know how to use them. Follow the steps below to discover how to access a premium Netflix account on a PC for free using cookies.

1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your PC

While you can use other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Opera, Google Chrome is arguably the best when it comes to using browser extensions. Download Google Chrome and launch the app to begin the process.

Once the app starts running, the next thing to do is install the EditThisCookie extension on the browser. Go to the Google Chrome Web Store and search for the cookie editor. Install it in your browser once you find it.

3. Open Netflix and paste active cookies

This is the most crucial step in this process. Open the Netflix home page and tap the EditThisCookie icon at the top right corner of your screen. Then tap the import button in the drop-down menu.

4. Import the working cookies

Proceed by pasting the copied live cookies to the cookie editor. Locate the empty field, import the live cookies, and tap the tick button at the bottom of the field.

5. Sign into the premium Netflix account without a username and password

Finally, you can access the premium Netflix account once you paste the cookies. Open the Netflix website on a new tab and sign in to the premium account without a username or password.

Use Netflix cookies on mobile

This process is not restricted to a PC or laptop. You can also use these working cookies to access a premium Netflix account for free on your mobile phone. Follow the steps below to learn how to use Netflix cookies on your mobile phone.

1. Download the Yandex browser on your phone

Go to the Google Play Store on your mobile phone to download the Yandex browser to begin the process. We’re using the Yandex browser because it works well with an extension and is easy to navigate.

Once you complete the download process, launch the app and download the cookie editor. Copy this link and paste it into the search field to install EditThisCookie. Tap the “Add to Chrome” button once the link loads. Select “Accept” when you see a pop-up confirming if you want to proceed with the installation.

3. Download or copy working Netflix cookies

The next step is to download or copy Netflix cookies. Check the links we’ve provided above to get reliable working cookies. Then copy or download anyone.

4. Open Netflix and import working cookies

Once you’ve copied the cookies, open the Netflix website on the Yandex browser. Then click on the menu icon to open the menu bar, where you’ll find different options. Locate Extensions and tap EditThisCookies to launch the extension on the Yandex browser.

5. Log into the premium Netflix account without a username and password

Select the import icon and paste the copied cookies into the empty box. Then, click on the tick icon to save the changes. Once done, reload the Netflix website to access premium Netflix content for free.

Does Netflix track cookies?

Netflix can use cookies and web beacons to gather details about you, including your movie interests, especially if you use the website. It also utilizes device identifiers to gather these details when you use a smartphone, tablet, or streaming device.

Is Netflix tracking users?

Netflix has advanced technologies that help it detect when multiple devices share a premium account, especially when a person outside your household also uses it. These technologies monitor and collect users’ data. It records your login details, location, device IDs, and what you watch regularly.

How to secure your Netflix cookies

Netflix has millions of subscribers worldwide, offering premium services in over 190 countries. With this broad usage, there’s a high chance that many Netflix subscribers have been victims of cookie theft. However, you may want extra caution to prevent account abuse or takeovers.

Check your email for new logins

Netflix will notify you when a new device logs into your Netflix account. Check your email and look out for a message from Netflix. Ensure that you read the content of the message to ascertain that a third party is trying to access your premium account.

Confirm the device and location to be sure it’s not someone you know. Our research revealed that Netflix would notify you when someone gains access to your premium account, even with stolen cookies.

Examine your recent device streaming history

You can also review your account’s streaming history in Netflix account settings. Head to the settings menu and select “Recent device streaming activity.” You can monitor your account usage from this section, as it provides information on the most recent activity and connection.

From there, you can easily identify an unusual connection. When you notice IP addresses from countries or regions you’ve never visited on your account, that’s your cue to suspect an unauthorized connection. However, you must note that when you connect to Netflix with a proxy or VPN, you may notice a strange IP address.

Log out of all devices regularly

You can also prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing your Netflix account by regularly logging out of all devices. Although it may be a slight inconvenience, doing so regularly can help you regulate the devices connected to your account.

Netflix has an option that allows you to log out of all connected devices at once. You reduce the chances of getting your cookie abused or stolen when you limit the number of devices with persistent logins to your Netflix account.

Use a strong password for your Netflix account

Ensure that you set a strong password for your Netflix account. Although this won’t safeguard your account from cookie abuse or theft, using a strong password is advisable to prevent unauthorized third parties from easily accessing your premium account.

Endeavor to add special characters so your password is hard to crack. Listen to Netflix’s warnings when they tell you your password is “not secure” or “too common.”

You can use a password generator to create a strong password and use a secure password manager to save it. Using a password manager is important so you don’t get locked out of your account.

Instead of resetting your password all the time, you can get your password from the password manager and gain access to your account within a few seconds.

Run a virus scan on all devices and use a real-time antivirus program

If you don’t have an active antivirus program on your device, it’s important to download one and run a full scan. It’s important to do this even when there are no signs of malware infiltration. Aside from detecting passive malware, the program can also boost your device’s performance and alert you of potential malware attacks.

However, you might be unable to scan your smart TV or other TV-connected devices for virus or malware infiltration. Thankfully, the chances of having a virus on these devices are low compared to PCs and smartphones.

We recommend using a reliable and top antivirus software program to conduct a full scan and clear every malware on your device. Most of the best antivirus software programs offer advanced features that warn users of potential malware attacks. There’s more — they deliver optimum functionalities without impacting your device’s performance or speed.

To prevent man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacks, secure your home Wi-Fi with a strong password and monitor the connections to identify any freeloader. Also, consider reducing your activities while connected to public Wi-Fi.

For example, reduce opening password-protected accounts or websites. You can also connect to a VPN every time you want to use public Wi-Fi. VPNs encrypt data traffic, preventing third-party surveillance.

Upgrade your older devices

You probably know that older devices are more susceptible to security and malware attacks. Many experts in the cybersecurity field have confirmed this as true. Hence, upgrading your old devices is advisable to reduce susceptibility.

Most top TV-connected streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Apple TV release software updates regularly to fix bugs, improve security, and enhance a better streaming experience. Smart TVs, on the other hand, rarely get software updates, and older models are often left out even when they get them. Ensure that you install the updates when they’re available.

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The fact that you cannot afford Netflix’s subscription fees doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy a premium streaming experience. This guide has provided an alternative to subscribing to a premium account. Now, you can stream movies and TV shows on Netflix with your mobile phone or PC using Netflix cookies— for free! If that’s not enough, you can check the free streaming sites listed in this article.

However, if you can afford the subscription fees, there’s no reason to go through this process. Thankfully, you have three plans with Netflix and can also get a discount. Select an affordable plan and pay for a seamless entertainment experience.


Sometimes, they are, but other times, Netflix cookies may not be safe. Make sure you inspect the codes and values to find the website name and the purpose of use. Don’t just import any cookies into your browser.

Yes! That’s one of the benefits of using Netflix cookies. Multiple devices can enjoy premium streaming without any disturbance. However, you must avoid making any changes to the account once you log in. Changing the settings can destroy the cookies.

No, you can’t. Netflix cookies expire after a period or if you don’t apply them correctly.

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