83+ Password Statistics You Must Know in 2024

Raji Oluwaniyi  - Tech Expert
Last updated: January 1, 2024
Read time: 11 minutes

Explore top password statistics covering data breaches, industry password security, business password security, and weak password practices.

Discover fascinating facts encouraging you to take password management and security seriously. From using the same password for multiple accounts to using a variation for each account, explore habits that make your accounts and devices vulnerable to the activities of hackers. Prepare for a thrilling password statistics revelation as you read this article.

Unique passwords often reduce vulnerability to data breaches and unauthorized access. However, it’s common practice for people to use the same password for multiple accounts – because they don’t want to forget their passwords and lose access to their profiles.

Passwords are very crucial in ensuring the sanctity and safety of online accounts. Third parties can hardly gain access to your account if they don’t know your password – unless it’s insecure and easy to crack. Hence, it’s vital to use strong passwords that comply with PCI DSS, SOC 2, and other relevant frameworks.

On a side note, including a few numbers in your password is not a healthy practice as it does not translate to a solid and secure password.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of 85 best password statistics emphasizing the importance of having a secure password. Dive in to discover weak password behavior and password trends and practices.

Top 10 password statistics – Quick list