15 Ways to Make Android More Secure in 2023

Ali Qamar  - Cybersecurity Analyst
Last updated: October 15, 2023
Read time: 13 minutes

Stop worrying about your Android device's security. This guide features 15 easy (and effective) ways to keep your Android safe from attackers online and make it more secure as a whole.

Today, a majority of world’s population prefers Android smartphones for online activities. Your Android phone stores all the sensitive information including pictures, social media account details, emails, and much more. Unfortunately, as per experts’ analysis, Android phones lack built-in security features, making them a potential target for snoopers, hackers, spies, and third-parties. Consequently, protecting your Android phone is crucial. This guide elaborates the best ways to secure Android smartphones from cyber-attacks.

As more than 60% of people use mobile devices for shopping and getting information online today, smartphones now define digital identity and businesses’ presence. And as per the Statista data, over 70% of mobile users globally use Android.

That makes it vital to secure Android devices.

The modern world’s change of relying more on smartphones adds value to our lives and boasts serious concerns related to security and hacking. You lose more than just your contacts while losing your smartphone.

Smartphones store a vast amount of your sensitive information, don’t let that slip out of your mind.

Most people use smartphones to access social media accounts, business emails, website admin sections, and essential documents. Other items now managed via smartphones include business and marketing strategy documents, synced files, photos, and many other things.