How to Watch TVPlayer from Anywhere in the World

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Last updated: May 21, 2024
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Learn to know the effective ways to invade geo-restrictions and watch TVPlayer from anywhere in the world.


TVPlayer is a freemium US-based streaming service that is a favorite of many due to its extensive content list. However, due to regional broadcasting rights, TVPlayer is only available in the U.K., U.S., France, and Spain. Luckily, you can still access the site from outside these locations. Here is a step-by-step guide of accessing TVPlayer from anywhere:

  1. Choose and subscribe to a top-notch VPN service, such as NordVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app from the Play Store and install it on your mobile phone or PC.
  3. Sign in and select a VPN server in a country where TVPlayer is not blocked. For instance, the platform is available in the United Kingdom, so connect your VPN to one of the UK’s servers.
  4. Initiate the VPN connection and then launch the TVPlayer website or app.
  5. Click on ‘Free Tour’ in the TVPlayer app and select any channel you want to stream.

Read our complete guide to learn more about this entertainment service.

TVPlayer provides the highest quality free TV shows for viewers in France, Spain, the United States, and the United Kingdom. With over 100 channels, including ITV, BBC, Channel 4, and Channel 5, you can watch all kinds of television content to your heart’s content. However, the challenge is that if you try to stream on TVPlayer outside these regions, you’ll get a message similar to:

“Sorry. TVPlayer is currently only available in the United Kingdom.” 

This article explains how to evade a TVPlayer ban. We have also listed our top VPNs that deliver excellent results. Ensure you follow through till the end!

Best VPNs to access TVPlayer from anywhere – Quick list

Choosing the right VPN for accessing TVPlayer from anywhere worldwide is the first step in bypassing TVPlayer geo-blocking. Check out our brief review of our top three VPNs that’ll serve you well.

  1. NordVPN: It has earned its name in the VPN market because of its blazing speed. Alongside providing you a new IP address to access TVPlayer, be rest assured that you’ll enjoy premium security.
  2. ExpressVPN: This VPN is super fast and highly secure compared with other VPNs. It works perfectly with TVPlayer to help you bypass geo-blocking restrictions.
  3. ExtremeVPN: It is one of the fastest VPN services to stream TVPlayer securely anywhere you are in the world. Your online presence is kept private with features like AES-256 encryption, a reliable kill switch, and a strict no-logs policy.

Best TVPlayer VPNs today – Detailed list

Here’s our detailed review of the best VPNs for streaming TVPlayer from anywhere worldwide.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN for Streaming

An excellent streaming VPN that seamlessly evades geo-restrictions and helps you watch TVPlayer from anywhere in the world.

servers Over 5,500 secure VPN servers available in more than 60 countries worldwide
Ad Blocker feature Owns reliable threat protection (malware, tracking, and ad blocker)
encryption Implies industry standard, most secure encryption: AES-256
Kill switch An effective and easy-to-use kill switch feature
Split tunneling feature Split tunneling feature with high functionality
MultiHop mode Offers multi-hop VPN for double encryption
tor compatible Provides seamless Onion over VPN functionality
Zero-logs policy Ensures that no logging is done
simultaneous connections Users can connect up to ten devices simultaneously with each account
money-back guarantee A 30-day full-refund guarantee with no questions asked
  • Top-class and unbreakable encryption
  • Doesn’t allow third parties to interrupt
  • Has streaming optimized servers
  • Desktop app needs a bit improvement

The first thing you’ll love about NordVPN is its robust functionality that cuts across speed, security, and versatility. This VPN has a large network of over 5,500 servers across 59 countries. As such, you’ll have no issue finding the IP addresses of particular cities in either the U.K., the U.S., France, or Spain.

Speaking of security, it has a kill switch feature that immediately stops internet traffic if your VPN connection happens to drop. Also, its strict zero-logs policy means no third party can monitor your browsing data. To prevent your ISP from flagging your address as suspicious, this VPN has Onion over VPN servers to protect your identity when using the dark web.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN new features block logo 120 by 120 now

It’s a top option to get around geoblocking and access restricted content. The service ensures your streaming experience is private and secure, allowing you to access content from anywhere.

servers A network of over 3,000 effective VPN server scattered in around 85+ countries
Trusted servers nord Has RAM-only servers
encryption Employs a rigid encryption standard; AES-256
Zero-logs policy Does not store users’ data
Split tunneling feature Offers a dedicated split tunneling feature to route specific traffic
network lock feature Has a reliable Network Lock (kill switch) feature to prevent data leakage
tor compatible Offers Onion over VPN servers
P2P optimized servers Allows Peer-to-Peer (P2P) sharing or torrenting
simultaneous connections Supports 8 devices to be connected concurrently
money-back guarantee Comes with a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Severs are scattered globally
  • Provides swift connection
  • Has obfuscated servers
  • You need to install in manually on some streaming players

Undoubtedly, ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs because of its impressive unblocking ability. Although it doesn’t have the largest network of servers, the global reach of its 3,000 servers across 160 different locations in 94 countries shows that quality weighs over quantity. This VPN service provider has proven to be beyond competent because of its physical servers in most countries. Also, its coverage caters to distant places like Turkey, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

The VPN service has a unique feature called Smart Location, which allows you to connect automatically to the fastest server in a chosen location. As such, you can expect a swift connection when streaming on TVPlayer. Furthermore, this VPN has obfuscated servers, which helps to ensure that your VPN network traffic appears normal to firewalls and network monitoring tools.

3. ExtremeVPN

ExtremeVPN VPN block logo

A dependable VPN service that provides access to blocked content and allows users to bypass censorship and watch their favorite content from anywhere.

servers Offers over 6,500 servers present across 78 countries worldwide
encryption Utilizes the up-to-date security protocols, including AES-256 encryption
P2P optimized servers Enables distributed file sharing through P2P connections
Zero-logs policy Doesn’t collect users’ data
Kill switch Includes a unique kill switch feature to block data leakage
Split tunneling feature Offers flexible data routing through split tunneling feature
tor compatible Boasts Tor over VPN servers for stealth protection
simultaneous connections Offers 10 simultaneous devices to be connection at one subscription
protection Provides protection against IP/DNS leaks
money-back guarantee Has a refund policy of 30 days
  • Blocks third parties to invade
  • Super-fast loading speed
  • Boasts pocket-friendly pricing plans
  • Only has three plans

This VPN entered the global VPN market in 2023 and has managed to match up to the standards of other VPNs that were launched decades before it. ExtremeVPN provides the best of privacy, security, and anonymity. It has functionalities like a reliable killswitch, RAM-based servers, and a strict no-logs policy. As such, you can confidently stream TVPlayer without any concerns about exposure.

This VPN powers over 6,500 servers across 88+ locations in 78+ countries. These widespread servers ensure that almost no location is left out from bypassing a TVPlayer geo-block. Additionally, you can be sure your TV shows will load quickly because this VPN is specifically equipped to allow sites to load their videos quickly without buffering.

Methodology: How we found the best VPNs for watching TVPlayer online

There’s more to look out for in a VPN than its ability to help you unblock TVPlayer. If you’re curious about the extra criteria we looked out for to select our best VPNs for watching TVPlayer online, then check out our methodology below.

  • Number of servers: As we have established, TVPlayer is not available everywhere in the world. You can only access it in the U.K., the U.S., Spain, and France. Thus, we prioritized VPNs with a large server network in these regions.
  • Speed: All the VPNs that made it into our list were tested to have fast speed. So, as you stream TVPlayer, you are sure of a fast and unthrottled connection without buffering. In fact, you can watch shows in up to 1080p HD and 4K without any form of lagging.
  • Security: A good VPN protects your connection as you access TVPlayer on your device. As a result, we looked out for VPN providers with features like a kill switch, high-end encryption, and Double VPN servers to provide the robust security you need.
  • Privacy: You’re using a VPN in the first place because you don’t want anybody monitoring your activities online. As such, it’s counterproductive when a VPN fails to keep your digital footprints hidden. We researched the privacy policies of our top VPNs and discovered that they all have a strict no-log policy to protect your privacy.
  • User-friendly: It’s already enough work that TVPlayer has restrictions you’re trying to bypass. The least a VPN provider can do is make the whole process easier by ensuring its app or site is simple to use. Thus, as expected, our recommended VPNs have beginner-friendly apps. They also have email support and 24/7 live chat so you can find a solution to any challenges you might face.
  • Value for money: We understand the potential reluctance to pay for a VPN service. But you can be sure that the value of our best VPNs for TVPlayer is worth their costs. You can start cheaper and risk-free by leveraging perks like a 30-day money-back guarantee and discount coupons.

Can I use a free VPN to access TVPlayer from anywhere in the world?

We strongly advise against using free VPNs because they are largely unreliable for bypassing geo-blocked content. Aside from the fact that your personal information can be monitored and sold to third parties, the heavy load on their server network causes a lot of lagging. More often than not, you can only stream your favorite shows on TVPlayer in low resolution while experiencing a lot of buffering.

Additionally, because of their poor security, privacy, and lack of proper encryption, you’ll be exposing your device to hackers and other malicious actors. One other thing to keep in mind is that free VPNs aren’t always really free. Many times, they earn money through advertising. This means you should be ready to face numerous ads when using the website or app. However, this article has compiled a list of the top free VPNs that will do the trick.

Which countries have access to TVPlayer?

The countries with access to TVPlayer include the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and Spain. Previously, the streaming site was only available in the U.K., but it has expanded its reach to include three other countries. You can now access it officially in Spain, the US, and France.

You can’t use TVPlayer in other regions because of regional broadcasting rights and licensing agreements. This streaming site, like many other platforms today, even some of the free movie ones available, keeps visitors from geo-restricted regions out by monitoring the IP address of the device trying to access it.

How to watch TVPlayer from anywhere for free

Watch TVPLayer Online

TVPlayer has numerous channels you can access for free. However, you should know that they are only accessible to residents of the U.K. Thankfully, just like other geo-restricted perks, there’s a way around it.

First, we want to believe that if you’ve gotten this far, you’ve already downloaded and installed a VPN service of your choice. With your VPN up and running, here’s how to watch it for free, irrespective of country.

  1. Open your VPN app and select a UK server.
  2. Go to the TVPlayer site on your device.
  3. Select the Free Tour option at the top-right corner of the streaming site’s interface.
  4. You’ll be led to a page that contains the list of free channels available on TVPlayer. Feel free to pick any show of your choice.

How to watch TVPlayer’s premium channels (free trial)

While TVPlayer has dozens of channels you can stream for free, you’ll need a premium TVPlayer subscription to watch the full library of its shows. Nonetheless, you can leverage the 30-day free access to premium channels if you do not want to pay. Here’s how it works:

  1. Log in to your VPN app and select a server in a country where TVPlayer is not banned.
  2. Go to the TVPlayer website and select the big red sign-up Now option at the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Choose a monthly or yearly subscription plan Based on your preference. The subscription cost would vary based on the length and your chosen country. For example, TVPlayer UK costs £6.99 monthly and £69.99 yearly.
  4. Follow through the remaining part of the subscription process to start watching all TVPlayer channels for free for up to a month.
  5. To avoid any charge when using the 30-day free trial option of TVPlayer, ensure you cancel your subscription within 30 days before the first charge happens.

Channels available on TVPlayer

As of the time of this writing, TVPlayer is available in four versions: TVPlayer U.K., TVPlayer France, TVPlayer U.S., and TVPlayer Spain. The content that will be available to you depends on the country you’re streaming from. Here’s a detailed list of the channels you’ll find in the available countries.

Channels available in the UK

TVPlayer UK: Free access

  • BBC One
  • BBC Two
  • BBC Four
  • Be
  • Really
  • CBeebies
  • Cheddar
  • CBBC
  • DMAX
  • Five
  • CITV
  • Quest
  • Quest Red
  • NHK World
  • FNTV
  • Law & Crime
  • Food Network
  • HGTV
  • France 24
  • Newsy
  • TV5Monde

TVPlayer UK: Premium account

  • Sky History and Sky History 2
  • Lifetime
  • Discovery
  • Investigation Discovery
  • Unbeaten
  • History
  • TLC
  • Crime & Investigation
  • Discovery Home & Health
  • The Travel Channel

Channels available in the US

Alchimie was the video service responsible for the launch of TVPlayer US in March 2021, but it never published a full list of the available channels. However, when we used a US IP address to access TVPlayer, the following content was available:

  • Aussie Movies
  • Nautical Mile
  • Humanity Documentaries
  • Explorers
  • Good Old Movies
  • Moods
  • Historic
  • Icons
  • Vegan Frog
  • In the Wild
  • Motorland
  • DocCom TV
  • Moove
  • Food Feast
  • Pets
  • Screambox
  • Great Escape TV
  • Species
  • Krime
  • Inside Outside

Channels available in France

When we connected to TVPlayer through a server in France, we were able to view a large library of channels, including:

  • Poisson fecond
  • Cheval Mania
  • Histoire de feu
  • Humanity
  • Mieux Manger Demain
  • Mister Geopolitics
  • Movies Channel
  • Neoness
  • Accueil
  • Planet 404
  • Grand Air TV
  • Exquis TV
  • Historic
  • Army Stories
  • Telezap
  • Nighty
  • Outbuster
  • Pet revolution
  • Raids
  • Chaines Live
  • Scene de crime
  • Garcon TV
  • Entree interdite
  • Interieurs TV
  • Astronogeek
  • Carbon
  • Diplomatie
  • Kult
  • Kaleidoscop
  • La Chaine Green

Channels available in Spain

You can watch the following channels on TVPlayer Spain:

  • Canal Del Crimen
  • Inicio
  • Preguntas Incomodas
  • Mindfulness
  • Flix Snip – Mini-pelis
  • Moods
  • Big Name
  • AFLAM Plus
  • Animalium
  • El Mapa de Sebas
  • El Tablao
  • El Patio
  • Vaughan
  • Wikiseba
  • Historia y Vida
  • Estadios
  • 7Arte
  • Objetivo Bienestar
  • Pasion Telenovelas
  • Revista Viajar
  • Espacio Misterio TV

How to troubleshoot issues with watching TVPlayer from abroad

After connecting to TVPlayer using a VPN, it is still possible to remain blocked from the site. Suppose you’re wondering why, well, the reason is not far-fetched. Platforms like TVPlayer use cookies to store details of your online activities, including pages you once visited.

So, if you’ve previously tried to visit TVPlayer without using a VPN and you were blocked, you might remain restricted even after reconnecting using a VPN. Nonetheless, you have nothing to worry about if you face this issue. Try out one or more of the following quick fixes to get back to watching TVPlayer.

  1. Reopen the TVPlayer website in a new window using the incognito mode: This method works because a private browsing tab does not store cookies from your past online sessions.
  2. Clear your cache: This step removes stored data like login credentials from your browser.
  3. Reconnect to the streaming site using a different VPN server: If TVPlayer detects an unusual activity from the server you’re currently connecting with, you can change to another one to access the site. 


Yes, there are TVPlayer apps for different devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Check out your usual app store, whether Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Amazon Appstore to download the TVPlayer app.

With a U.K. IP address, you can access 28 free channels without a TVPlayer subscription. These channels include CBBC, Law & Crime, BBC One, Two, and Four. When you get a premium subscription, you can stream 10 additional channels. 

TVPlayer’s subscription cost depends on your geographical location. Check out the prices below:

1. TVPlayer U.K.: £6.99/month or £69.99/year.

2. TVPlayer U.S.: $9.99/month or $99.99/year.

3. TVPlayer Spain and France: €7.99/month or €79.99/year.

TVPlayer only works in countries that are licensed to show its content. These countries include Spain, France, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, TVPlayer can still work outside these regions if you use a reliable VPN like NordVPN to connect to U.S., U.K., Spain, or France servers.

Yes, it is, although partially. If you stay in the U.K. or connect to a U.K. IP address, you can get access to the free tier version, which allows you to view up to 25 mainstream channels. However, you’ll need a premium TVPlayer subscription to stream the full library.

If you want to feel what you stand to enjoy with a premium subscription while saving some money, you can try the 30-day free trial. You’ll not be charged if you cancel the payment before the 30 days elapse.

Yes, TVPlayer has a plethora of channels, including BBC One, BBC Two, Channel 4, Channel 5, Quest, Quest Red, CBeebies, CBBC & BBC News, ITV, ITV2, ITV3, IT4, and much more for free.

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