How to Watch Crunchyroll on FireStick in 2023

Aliu Isa Last updated: May 26, 2023 Read time: 12 minutes Disclosure

Watch unlimited manga and everything you like on Crunchyroll safely via VPN. This article explains how to install Crunchyroll on Amazon FireStick.

Crunchyroll is no small streaming service with over 30,000 episodes of anime series and manga dramas. Yet, watching it on your favorite streaming device like Amazon Fire TV Stick is often difficult due to the platform’s grey reputation. Nonetheless, this article explains how to install and watch the streaming platform on your FireStick and also use VPNs to ensure complete privacy.

It is almost impossible to name the world’s top three anime streaming sites and not include Crunchyroll. The reason is not far-fetched: Crunchyroll streams thousands of hours and over 30,000 episodes of the most popular and latest anime series. It also boasts an extensive collection of manga dramas. This streaming service is a dream for anime lovers.

Besides, Crunchyroll has apps for various platforms, including iOS, Android, PlayStation, Windows Phone, Xbox, and Amazon FireStick. If you own a FireStick and can’t find a way to install and watch Crunchyroll on your device, you’ve come to the perfect place for help. Read on to learn all about accessing Crunchyroll on FireStick.

Quick Guide to Install Crunchyroll on FireStick

You don’t need to jailbreak your FireStick to install Crunchyroll on it. You simply find Crunchyroll in the Amazon Appstore. However, many users have reported Crunchyroll Amazon FireStick crashing. Maybe a Crunchyroll FireStick update will eliminate this problem in the future. But right now, we recommend the more reliable Amazon Silk Browser.

Here are the steps to use Crunchyroll on FireStick via the Amazon Silk Browser.

  1. Find Amazon Silk Browser – Go to “Find.” Then, tap “Search” from your FireStick home screen. Fill in “Silk” and tap “Silk Browser.” The FireStick will redirect you to the search results, where you can choose the Amazon Silk tile. It is labeled “Internet.”
  2. Download the Silk Browser app if not installed – Select “Download” or “Get” if the Amazon Silk app is not already installed on your FireStick.
  3. Open Silk Browser – After installing the app, it will show “Open.” Tap the icon. A launch screen may pop up, or you may be redirected to the Bing homepage. Either way, tap the URL bar at the top of your screen.
  4. Search Crunchyroll – Type “Crunchyroll” in the bar and select “Go” after you’ve finished typing. Move the cursor toward the Crunchyroll website link using your remote’s navigational buttons. Tap the link to enter the site. Scroll to the bottom of your screen and tap “View Full Site.”
  5. Sign in to your Crunchyroll account – Then, enter your Crunchyroll account details and log in on your FireStick. Now, you can start streaming!

If you still want the Crunchyroll app on your FireStick, search for it on the Amazon Appstore and click “Get” on the description page when you find it. Then, wait for the app to finish downloading and click “Open” to launch it.

Why should I use a VPN on FireStick?

If you have not noticed, your internet service provider (ISP) knows all your online activity and may help the government monitor you. This can be a problem for you when you intentionally/unintentionally access copyrighted content.

Of course, there is a low risk of you getting into trouble for streaming copyrighted material on FireStick. However, using a virtual private network (VPN) gives you a full guarantee that you are safe. A VPN uses built-in security features to conceal your IP address from your ISP and government, rendering them powerless to track your online activity.

Getting a reliable VPN to mask your IP address will also stop your ISP from blocking access to content you are eager to consume on your FireStick.

Another reason to use a VPN on FireStick is to unblock geo-restricted content. Part of Crunchyroll’s terms and conditions read, “Video content availability may vary by country.” That means some videos may not be available in your country. Without a VPN service, there is no way to bypass such geographically-based restrictions.

Therefore, we recommend protecting and expanding your streaming access on FireStick with a VPN.

Many top VPNs can serve well for unblocking and streaming Crunchyroll. Notably, ExpressVPN has proven to be at the top of the line, offering the most secure protection and fastest streaming experience.

What does Crunchyroll offer?

As mentioned before, Crunchyroll is among the popular online streaming sites. Thanks to its extensive library of popular and new content, it is a streaming destination for anime and Manga drama lovers. Crunchyroll offers its subscribers more than 30,000 episodes of various genres of anime.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary anime series or a classic, Crunchyroll has it. It features popular shows such as One Piece, Attack on Titan, Naruto: Shippuden, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Kuroko’s Basketball, and Hero Academia.

Even streaming networks like Netflix and Hulu cannot battle Crunchyroll regarding anime content. The platform’s focus on anime content makes it not distracted by other genres; Netflix and other mainstream networks lack such concentration. Little wonder Crunchyroll is a top choice among anime lovers.

Furthermore, Crunchyroll provides subscribers with the unique feature of streaming anime series just one hour after they air in Japan. Not only does this feature deliver the freshest content, but it also gives fans outside Japan a chance to see the latest releases as soon as possible.

However, there is a catch if you prefer dubs to subs. Crunchyroll does not dub most of its shows in English; you can only play them in Japanese. But you can count on English subtitles to help out. If that’s not good enough for you, this streaming site may not be your ideal option.