13 best privacy-friendly Gmail alternatives to use in 2023

Thuranira John Kobia Last updated: January 9, 2023 Read time: 16 minutes Disclosure

Not happy with Google's email service due to privacy concerns or any other reason? No problem. These Gmail alternatives will not disappoint you.

While Gmail is a popular and handy email service, it isn’t secure enough to protect users’ emails from hacking, spying, and interception. Thus, switching to alternative email services that offer secured (rather encrypted) communication is essential. Services like ProtonMail, Tutanota, and Zoho are some great Gmail alternatives.

Today, Gmail is a go-to email service for millions of users globally. Many people prefer Google’s email service because it accompanies a user-friendly interface, among other attractive features. However, concerns for user privacy with Google have continued to increase over the years. With Gmail being a product of Google, many users have begun opting for the best Gmail alternatives.

Such shift from Gmail mainly increased after Google seemingly compromised user privacy, primarily with its automatic synchronization across different services. But, that’s where the users often get stuck: which service should they use in place of Gmail that respects their privacy?

Therefore, this guide highlights the best alternative emailing platforms to consider against Gmail.

Top 5 Gmail alternatives – Quick list

If you’re anxious to switch from Gmail to a secure alternative, here are the top 5 picks for you. Yet, feel free to read along to know about more options.

  1. ProtonMail: End-to-end encrypted email service that works on zero-knowledge model. Allows creating a free account with 500MB storage.
  2. Tutanota: A transparent end-to-end encrypted email service providing free services with no ads and 1 GB storage.
  3. Zoho Mail: Excellent end-to-end encrypted Gmail alternative for business users.
  4. GMX: A trusted alternative to Gmail offering free calendar, virus can, and other security features.
  5. Outlook: A user-friendly free-to-use service for personal and business users.

Leading reasons to consider using Gmail alternatives

Let’s face it, Gmail offers the best email service to its users besides focusing on user-friendliness and integration. But it has disappointed people as regards privacy.

Most users can attest that Gmail has put their privacy at risk not once or twice but several times.

For instance, Wall Street Journal published an article in 2018 highlighting hundreds of third-party app developers accessing, scanning, and sharing data from users’ inboxes. It surfaced online when Google announced that it would cease scanning user emails for targeted ads. In turn, these third-party apps started sending automated travel itinerary suggestions, price comparisons, and more to Gmail users.

Because of this event, most people realized how vulnerable free Gmail accounts are to compromise. Thus, considering secure Gmail alternatives is crucial to avoid falling victim in similar cases.

Other key reasons to consider leading Gmail alternatives are;

  • Gmail offers a limited storage space of only 10 GB.
  • The email service lacks end-to-end encryption on emails.
  • It is US-based.
  • Gmail fails to provide confidential sign-up and payment alternatives.

Nonetheless, privacy and user data safety has remained the most persuasive motives to avoid Gmail as an emailing service.

Besides, anonymity is another primary concern when it comes to the usage of various Google products.

Best privacy-focused alternatives to Gmail

Given that malicious exposure to sensitive information can harm users, it is essential to consider using the best Gmail alternatives for securing your emails.

Luckily, several options exist today for people who wish to take their privacy into their own hands.

But when choosing a trusted Gmail alternative, ensure that it offers;

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Customizable domains for business use
  • Open-source code
  • Anonymous payment options
  • Privacy-friendly terms and conditions
  • No ads
  • Personal data-free sign up