How Much Does a VPN Cost in 2023?

Ruheni Mathenge Last updated: May 1, 2023 Read time: 8 minutes Disclosure

How much do VPNs cost, and are they worth the price? Compare the top VPN prices on extended subscriptions and monthly options. Also, see the lowest average costs.

There is a common misconception that a VPN is an expensive tool. However, this is not entirely true, as several affordable options will come in handy in many situations. Most VPN providers offer discounts if you sign up for more extended periods, but VPNs, on average, cost under $10 when you sign up monthly.

A VPN is becoming an essential security tool, but how much does it cost? This will depend on the provider and the length of the subscription package. Almost all premium services offer multiple plans with long-term packages having massive discounts.

Moreover, they come with some form of a free trial or money-back guarantee that allows you to test the service risk-free before subscribing. But keep in mind that high cost doesn’t always equate to better quality. 

Other factors that can affect the price of a VPN include: 

  • Number of servers available 
  • Ability to unblock Netflix and other streaming services 
  • Torrenting capability 
  • Data usage limits 
  • Number of simultaneous connections 

Price comparison of the top 25 VPNs 

Looking at the lowest prices of our top 25 VPNs, the average monthly cost is $4.09. However, the average price increases to $8.88 when we consider the monthly plans. 

The table below shows the prices of the top 25 VPNs we have tested. 

VPN service Cheapest monthly cost Duration of the plan Upfront payment
ExpressVPN  $6.67  12 months  $80.04
NordVPN  $3.99 2 years  $95.76
Private Internet Access (PIA) $2.19  2 years  $52.56 
SurfShark  $2.49  2 years  $59.76 
AtlasVPN  $1.99 3 years  $71.64 
IPVanish  $3.99 12 months  $47.88
PrivateVPN  $2 3 years  $72
CyberGhost  $2.29 3 years  $82.44
Windscribe  $4.08 12 months  $48.96
ProtonVPN  €4.99 ($5.35) 2 years  €119.76 (128.38)
VPNArea  $3.21 1 year   $77.04
Astrill  $12.50 1 year  $150
FastestVPN  $1.11 3 year  $39.96
PureVPN $1.99 2 years $47.76  $3.84 2 years  $92.16  $3.75 2 years $90
Mozilla VPN  $4.99 1 year  $59.88
Hotspot Shield  $7.99 1 year  $95.88
Strong VPN  $3.66 1 year  $43.92
Mullvad  €5 ($5.36) 1 year  €60 $(64.32)
HMA VPN  $2.99 3 years $107.64
Tunnelbear  $3.33 3 years  $119.88
Ivacy  $1.19  5 years  $71.4
VyprVPN  $8.33 1 year $99.96
VPN secure  $2.99 3 years  $107.64

As you can see from the table above, VPN services are priced differently. Also, the list doesn’t include free VPNs because they aren’t reliable. So, you will have to pay a fee to get the best protection for your security, privacy, and freedom online. 

As mentioned earlier, the long-term plans have the best deals, although you will have to pay upfront. Since there are many VPN providers on the market, do your research to get the best service for your needs. Start by checking our unbiased reviews for the top VPNs in the market. Also, you can look at the best cheap VPNs that offer an outstanding balance between price and quality. 

Comparison of the cheapest monthly plans

Most VPNs offer a monthly plan if you don’t want to commit to a long-term subscription. The table below compares the cheapest month-to-month packages.

VPN service Monthly price Money-back guarantee
ProtonVPN $7.49 30 days
Cactus VPN $6.99 30 days
Mullvad €5 ($5.36) 30 days
IVPN $6 30 days
AzireVPN $3.24 7 days
PrivadoVPN $7.99 30 days
PrivateVPN $9.99 30 days $9.95 30 days
VPNArea $9.90 14 days
Windscribe $9.00 3 days
AirVPN $8.33 30 days $9 7 days
TorGuard $9.99 7 days $9.95 30 days
VPN Unlimited $9.99 7 days
ZoogVPN   $9.99 7 days

Factors affecting VPN cost

Below are some of the factors that influence VPN pricing. 

The number of simultaneous connections 

Most VPNs allow you to connect several devices, no matter the subscription package you’ve chosen. However, some services like the TorGuard base their prices on the number of devices you want to use. Below are its plans:

  • Anonymous VPN: 8 devices
  • Anonymous VPN Pro: 12 devices 
  • Anonymous VPN premium: 30 devices 

Length of the subscription plan