KProxy Review: Does It Offer Enough to Rival a VPN?

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Last updated: November 12, 2023
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After testing the free proxy service "," we list its pros and cons in this review to help you decide better about using it.


KProxy is a useful proxy service offering anonymous web browsing with a user-friendly interface and cross-platform support. It is a free proxy service providing incredible features that make it stand high among its competitors. These features include unblocking websites, data encryption, masking proxy-generated traffic into regular traffic, browser add-ons, transforming your device into a proxy server, and much more. In addition, the premium plans are ad-free and available at a lower price. In this guide, we have provided an honest KProxy review, covering all the pros and cons you should know before using the service.

Despite the abundance of VPNs, the thing that keeps web proxies growing is their portability. KProxy is an anonymous web proxy service that attracts users for its ease of use, accessibility, and cross-platform support. Plus, it comes with no costs, so you can use this service to hide your IP without investing a penny.

But how good is it? Will it genuinely protect you online? Is the service quality commensurate to its promises? This detailed KProxy review aims to answer it all.

A quick look at what KProxy is all about

  1. KProxy is a free proxy service that delivers what it promises to free and paid users.
  2. It offers some additional layers of security for its paid users. That makes it compete with some average VPNs (but not with the best VPN services).
  3. If all you need from your proxy provider is to perform the essential services correctly, it could be your option. But it’s not the best in the market, even the free one.
  4. Unlike most premium VPN services, KProxy collects identifiable information like your IP address, network information, timestamps, and other usage data. Moreover, it claims to keep this information for up to two years.

Key features

  • Speed – It is one of the fastest proxy services and even competes with some top VPNs.
  • Security – While security is excellent, it cannot match the safest VPNs on the market. Its design doesn’t allow heavy security deployment, but it gets the job done.
  • Leak protection – KProxy doesn’t have any visible leaks.
  • Kill switch – Unlike fully-fledged VPNs, KProxy has no kill switch feature. Instead, you can start/stop the proxy or remove the extension. Also, you can uninstall the KProxy browser.
  • Browser add-on – KProxy offers extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Kiwi, and Edge browsers.
  • Premium users can take advantage of the Pro version
  • There is a 30-day official money-back guarantee
  • Overall performance is ok
  • The Pro version is ad-free
  • Pro subscribers can choose to pay for the number of days they need to use KProxy. The service specifies no monthly/yearly payment plans
  • Limited free version
  • Restricts several use cases
  • Relatively slow speeds
  • The company does store some user logs
  • Despite claims, it isn’t better than a VPN

KProxy overview

Before dissecting KProxy, be clear that proxies are not VPNs. A proxy can mask your IP address, but it does nothing more. If you want your data to be encrypted so that nobody can tell what you’re doing, you need a VPN. More specifically, you need a commercial VPN because the privacy policies in free VPNs are either non-existent or counterproductive for users.

So, KProxy is, as the name suggests, an anonymous web proxy service. It’s lucrative for many, mainly because it’s free.

Another cool thing about this platform is that you can take full advantage of it without installing anything at all. No cleaning up the system’s registry afterward or micromanaging the software’s traces follows.

As for the offers, KProxy claims to deliver two things to you. First, it can secure your data as you travel through the internet. Second, its anonymity services will provide an excellent online proxy service that will give you access even to sites your school’s or company admins have blocked.

So far, so good. But KProxy’s official line claims (rather boldly) that it protects users and their data while they surf the web and change their IP addresses.

In other words, if you are using it, nobody should know from where you are connecting.

That’s where it needs thorough consideration before you start using it. Such claims do not theoretically fit this service since it’s merely a proxy. Thus, any pro system admin can practically block such services from serving you. And that often becomes possible when they can track your proxy usage, including KProxy.

Hence, this KProxy review aims to determine how true KProxy stands to its anonymity claims and whether or not a privacy-savvy user should use it.

KProxy key features

Kproxy review

KProxy has been in business for 13 years already. That’s why it has garnered a considerable user base, as it’s not a new player in the industry. The official literature claims KProxy serves more than 1.5 million users on the internet. This number refers to the monthly unique visitors using this service to hide their real IP addresses.

Evades content restrictions

KProxy allows users to bypass content filtering due to regional restrictions and targeted site bans. (Not great news if you’re worried about parental controls.)

If you are interested in material from foreign sites, you can access them as if you were a local user. It’s a crucial requirement for several websites because many of their features are often locked for foreign visitors. So, for example, if you are abroad for a business trip or on holiday and need to access your usual websites as if you were at home, this service can do the trick for you.

Also, if doing away with governmental censorship is your thing, you’ll find KProxy helpful.

Keeps hackers at bay with anonymity

Evading hackers is, of course, one of the service’s main selling points. Because web extensions can give their users complete security, they don’t need to worry about hackers when using public WiFi networks.

KProxy also says it can prevent hackers from stealing users’ banking details, such as credit card numbers, bank accounts, and passwords.

But the offer that looms above all other offers is the ability to surf the internet anonymously.

Browser support with dedicated add-ons

There is even a KProxy web browser available for users. If you look under its hood, it’s just a portable Mozilla Firefox with the official KProxy extension pre-installed and configured. So, if you choose to use that particular browser, you don’t need to change everything. You just install it and run it.

The browser affords its users access to almost every standard website globally. That said, you shouldn’t expect this particular service to give you access to US Netflix and sites like that. But this limitation is common to every free or cheap service in the market.

It must be pointed out that web-based proxies are famous for the pain they cause to their users. Nonetheless, KProxy differs from the rest in this regard, thanks to the KProxy extension.

Data encryption

Another difference between KProxy and standard proxies is in the encryption. It works among the user’s web browser and the target server. It guarantees that the user’s information remains safe from snoopers, similar to a VPN.

Escapes traffic monitoring

If you are browsing the web at work or at a university, the service can also work for you per its original design. That’s because the service makes KProxy look like regular traffic, not mediated by a proxy or VPN.

Platform compatibility

KProxy offers tremendous IP masking functionality for all major platforms. Specifically, its KProxy extension can protect an operating system as a whole.

Precisely, the service transforms the computer or device into a proxy server. Thus, all internet-connected devices, including your Smart TVs and smartphones, can hide behind Kproxy servers.

KProxy comes in multiple flavors for you to use

An exclusive feature that makes KProxy distinct from other proxy services is its diverse accessibility. While most other services are available as browser-specific platforms, KProxy gives you more options to use at your convenience.

  • Online. Go to the official KProxy website via your web browser and use the service from there. After that, typing in the desired website’s URL and clicking the “Surf” button will unblock it. The best feature of the online service is that you don’t need to install anything.
  • Browser extensions. If visiting the website is a problem for you or you need something handier, then KProxy browser add-ons are what you need. These extensions are like regular browser add-ons that integrate with your device’s web browser. Once installed, you can then choose to modify your browsing requirements accordingly.
  • Windows KProxy agent. This version works only in Windows systems. It’s better than other versions because it provides encryption, an added advantage you can’t expect from standard proxies, even commercial ones.
  • Cross-platform agent. You can use this version on Linux and other operating systems.

How to use KProxy

Now that you know the different modes in which KProxy offers its services, let’s find out how to use it.

1. Using KProxy via a web browser

It all starts by typing “” in your browser. That will take you to a website with a text box field in the middle. So, you type or paste the webpage you want to see anonymously.

KProxy will take you to the desired site while providing you with an IP address different from yours. The service does get over restriction lists, and the experience is as smooth as possible with any free service.

There is a problem, though. The free proxy version comes with targeted ads that appear on the websites you browse. Indeed, nobody likes ads, especially the targeted ones that Google and Facebook have made infamous. Also, the placement of ads may cause the sites you visit to look changed.

But that’s a small price to pay for an effective proxy service. After all, KProxy spends resources to provide you with the service, and they have to pay their bills somehow. So, you must bear with all this if you want to mask your IP online for free.

Besides, an official KProxy extension you can install on Firefox and Chrome browsers also exists. It allows you to unblock all sites for free.

2. Downloading the official KProxy agent

Another way to use KProxy is via the dedicated proxy agents. First, you have to download the portable version of the respective proxy agent for your system from the KProxy website. Then, unzip the file and run the surf.exe file.

Once done, KProxy will use Google Chrome to open up an incognito window. And yes, it has to be Google Chrome, or you’ll have problems. Opera and Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based browsers) will work as well. But Firefox won’t do the trick.

If you try this on Firefox alone, the browser reports your IP address. Otherwise, using KProxy to hide your IP won’t leak your actual IP address. (You can check your IP online after activating KProxy to test it yourself).

After downloading the agent, you will see a new interface with the appropriate options to choose servers and start browsing anonymously.

KProxy Pro – a premium version for added benefits

Although KProxy is predominantly a free service, you can get additional benefits from it if you agree to pay money. In other words, you can choose to subscribe to the KProxy Pro.

KProxy Pro version

If you go to Pro, you don’t see ads anymore. Also, if you are a Pro user, you can use it from multiple devices and computers as you want. But you can’t have more than three simultaneous connections using the Pro plan.

The Pro service includes a 30-day official money-back guarantee. But if you want to claim that guarantee, you must make sure you do nothing that can get your account banned.

Claiming the refund needs an email to that includes your username and the reason for account cancellation.

If you have consumed over 1GB of data, you will not get refunded except for particular cases. And once the refund is granted, it will take 30 days for you to see it in your bank account.

The pricing is quite reasonable, as it can be as low as USD 5 per 10 days and USD 10 per 30 days. It’s even cheaper if you subscribe to the 180-day plan, which costs only USD 30.

Another worthy feature of this pro version is that you don’t have to follow a monthly or yearly plan. Instead, you can easily subscribe to your desired package for the number of days you need to use the proxy.

KProxy vs. VPNs

Comparing web proxies with VPNs generally shows that a VPN is always better than a proxy.

That being said, some VPNs are not very good and even lag behind proxies in service quality. So, you can expect an excellent proxy to outperform a bad VPN.

KProxy is a proxy, not a VPN. It’s easier for websites to block proxies than VPNs. However, VPNs can be much slower because the added encryption takes extra resources. So, the advantage of proxies (KProxy in this case) is their performance. Surfing the web will always be faster and lighter than in a VPN, but it’s also less safe.

Another particularity of KProxy’s service is that it makes your traffic appear to be coming from a regular HTTP online connection. Moreover, when a service bans its servers, the system instantly changes the server.

KProxy and users’ privacy

KProxy’s privacy policies are fairly detailed in the company’s Privacy Policy document.

The first notable thing with KProxy is that it bars users from sending or receiving illegal stuff. You can’t communicate with minors in any illegal way, either.

Moreover, the platform takes copyright law and intellectual property seriously.

Other things you can’t do through KProxy include mass-scale news posts, spamming, unsolicited commercial email, indiscriminate advertising, or any other kind of abuse.

Besides, there are a few legal activities that you can’t do on this website. These include sharing large files or folders. Although it hasn’t explicitly listed a file size in its terms of service, it mentioned cutting large files exceeding the specified size. Also, you can’t feed non-human browsers, robots, or automated processes using KProxy.

Likewise, if you are part of a discussion forum or bulletin board, KProxy won’t let you bypass blocks imposed by the forum’s owner.

And last but not least, it prohibits sharing any sort of unlawful, defamatory, hostile, intimidating, hateful, or harmful online material.

How KProxy handles user data

The essential thing in the privacy department is understanding what the company does with your data.

There is no way at all that any service, free or commercial, can protect your privacy 100% of the time. While it’s not a law about informational privacy (yet), the practical realities associated with the technology make it so.

So this remains pretty much true for KProxy as well. The service collects user data that it clearly mentions in its privacy policy. Furthermore, it states that it reserves the right to turn over the IP addresses of users who abuse their system for online fraud and other grey stuff.

The fact that KProxy collects data indicates that the company is not interested in providing you with 100% anonymity. If you want KProxy to help you unblock a website, you will get what you want. However, if you expect serious data protection from everyone and anyone, you’re in the wrong place.

Also, the company plainly lists that it will hand over any user data to the legal authorities when asked.

And then, there are the cookies. The policy document says they keep it only to achieve technical objectives, such as user authentication and improving the server’s load, or for statistical purposes, such as Google Analytics. It assures no other use is ever given to that data.

On the positive side, the company says that it does not sell or rent user data to third parties for advertising purposes. But they do share your data for purposes other than advertising.

Nonetheless, the website has ads. No big deal, right? It’s still weird that they say they allow advertisers to use cookies for their own statistical purposes.

So if you are a user that is reasonably not so happy with that kind of cookie use, just open your browser’s settings and prevent or kill communication with such cookies.

So, do you still want to use the free service?

Yes, the free service is still helpful and free of charge (but you have to live with the ads).

As a free user, you must remember that all you will get from the website is to cut through the most basic forms of censorship. So yes, you will do great in bypassing most web filtering. And nothing else.

You will be offered the paid service if you want to see more than a few videos or download many files. At that point, you’ll have to subscribe and pay your fee or wait for 30 minutes until you can continue browsing.

KProxy seems pretty good as free proxies go, but it’s not the best. Some other sites are still entirely free and do not have those complex usage demands.

The main advantage of KProxy over that competition is that it can get around the blocks you can find in most universities and workplaces.

So yes, it’s a good free proxy server that will serve you well in the most basic ways. But do not expect anything more unless you are ready to pay.


Summing up the things about KProxy, there’s nothing wrong with it. The service does almost everything its developers and publicists say it can do, which is good.

But it is still a limited service.

It will provide you with the ability to surf the web anonymously for sure. But only if you use Chrome; even with that limitation, you must be in an incognito window. And yes, it has to be this particular browser. Otherwise, KProxy will not work when using the proxy agent version.

The online version works with any browser, though. So, if you want a good free proxy service that does the basic trick, KProxy will suit your needs.

Just remember that it’s free, that you can’t use it to transfer even moderately large amounts of data, and that the paid version is reasonably cheap and much better.

So, KProxy is reliable. It does the things it promises. And yet, it’s not even the best free proxy available on the web. Thus, if you want thorough online protection and anonymity, choose a reliable VPN service like NordVPN.

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