KProxy review: Does it offer enough to rival a VPN?

Abeerah Hashim Last updated: March 21, 2023 Read time: 14 minutes Disclosure

After testing the free proxy service "," we list its pros and cons in this review to help you decide better about using it.

Sneak peek at KProxy

KProxy is a useful proxy service offering anonymous web browsing with a user-friendly interface and cross-platform support. It is a free proxy service providing incredible features that make it stand high among its competitors. These features include unblocking websites, data encryption, masking proxy-generated traffic into regular traffic, browser add-ons, transforming your device into a proxy server, and much more. In addition, the premium plans are ad-free and available at a lower price. In this guide, we have provided an honest KProxy review, covering all the pros and cons you should know before using the service.

Despite the abundance of VPNs, the thing that keeps web proxies growing is their portability. KProxy is an anonymous web proxy service that attracts users for its ease of use, accessibility, and cross-platform support. Plus, it comes with no costs, so you can use this service to hide your IP without investing a penny.

But how good is it? Will it genuinely protect you online? Is the service quality commensurate to its promises? This detailed KProxy review aims to answer it all.

Quick look at what KProxy is all about

  • KProxy is a free proxy service that delivers what it promises to free and paid users alike.
  • It offers some additional layers of security for its paid users. That makes it compete with some average VPNs (but not with the best VPN services).
  • If all you need from your proxy provider is to perform the essential services correctly, it could be your option. But it’s not the best in the market, even the free one.
  • Unlike most premium VPN services, KProxy collects identifiable information like your IP address, network information, timestamps, and other usage data. Moreover, it claims to keep this information for up to two years.

Key features

  • Speed – It is one of the fastest proxy services and even competes with some top VPNs.
  • Security – While security is excellent, it cannot match the safest VPNs on the market. Its design doesn’t allow heavy security deployment, but it gets the job done.
  • Leak protection – KProxy doesn’t have any visible leaks.
  • Kill switch – Unlike fully-fledged VPNs, KProxy has no kill switch feature. Instead, you can start/stop the proxy or even remove the extension. Also, you can uninstall the KProxy browser. 
  • Browser add-on – KProxy offers extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Kiwi, and Edge browsers.


  • Premium users can take advantage of the Pro version.
  • There is a 30-day official money-back guarantee.
  • Overall performance is ok.
  • The Pro version is ad-free.
  • Pro subscribers can choose to pay for the number of days they need to use KProxy. The service specifies no monthly/yearly payment plans.


  • Limited free version.
  • Restricts several use cases.
  • Relatively slow speeds.
  • The company does store some user logs.
  • Despite claims, it isn’t better than a VPN.

KProxy overview

Before dissecting KProxy, be clear that proxies are not VPNs. A proxy can mask your IP address, but it does nothing more. If you want your data to be encrypted so that nobody can tell what you’re doing, you need a VPN. More specifically, you need a commercial VPN because the privacy policies in free VPNs are either non-existent or counterproductive for users.

So, KProxy is, as the name suggests, an anonymous web proxy service. It’s lucrative for many, mainly because it’s free.

Another cool thing about this platform is that you can take full advantage of it without installing anything at all. No cleaning up the system’s registry afterward or micromanaging the software’s traces follows.

As for the offers, KProxy claims to deliver two things to you. First, it can secure your data as you travel through the internet. Second, its anonymity services will provide an excellent online proxy service that will give you access even to sites your school’s or company admins have blocked.

So far, so good. But KProxy’s official line claims (rather boldly) that it protects users and their data while surfing the web and changing the IP address.

In other words, if you are using it, nobody should know from where you are connecting.

That’s where it needs thorough consideration before you start using it. Such claims do not theoretically fit this service since it’s merely a proxy. Thus, any pro system admin can practically block such services from serving you. And that often becomes possible when they can track your proxy usage, including KProxy.

Hence, this KProxy review aims to determine how true KProxy stands to its anonymity claims and whether or not a privacy-savvy user should use it.

KProxy key features