Google updates its Privacy Policy; introduces additional privacy for Chrome extensions

Douglas Mabiria  - Expert Tech Reporter
Last updated: November 19, 2023
Google chrome extensions new privacy policy
  • Google upgrades its privacy policy for Chrome extensions that will allow users to know extension developer’s data collection practices.
  • Developers will now have to verify their data collection purpose before the tech giant.
  • This new policy will be initiated from January 2021 and will be revealed on the Chrome Web Store listing on Jan.18.

The search giant has finally announced a solid developer strategy for online privacy. The new policy would restrict developers’ liberty in Chrome extensions.

The increasing cyber threats have breached millions of users’ databases. In today’s digital world online crimes remain a big problem. 

In a recent event, Sundar Pichai, Alphabet (Google’s parent firm) CEO apologized to the European Commission for a leaked internal document. The document had a key to breach tough EU laws for technology firms. 

The Internet cannot remain a ‘Wild West’: we need clear and transparent rules,” conveyed Europe’s industry chief, Thierry Breton, to Pichai.

In 2019, the tech giant made notable changes as part of its Project Strobe. The company introduced new policies for Chrome extensions to protect users’ data.

Now, Google has made another major change and introduced an additional policy. This time it will limit the developers of extensions to update Google regarding their user data policy. This will increase transparency, and users will know where their data is being used.

What’s new in the latest Google privacy update?

Previously, it was unclear what’s the core objective of developers. It seemed a database giant like Google was unable to stop developers from scamming.

The new policy will clear all these barriers, and if any developer goes against the policy, users will be able to track them. 

Where Chrome extensions are beneficial for the users, they can also cause a serious privacy threat. Google has been longing to provide optimal security to its users. They keep on improving their privacy rules and regulations to enhance the security around the Chrome Extensions.

Google will take down those developers who will sell user data or use it for personalized advertising. Also, any transfer of user information to data brokers or third parties is prohibited. 

The developers will have to inform Google before publishing or updating an extension. The new policy will make it compulsory for developers to disclose their data usage.

The new developer policy will comply from January 2021. The platform is open and the developers can reach out to Google for further details. The developers need to provide privacy disclosure by Jan. 18 under the Limited Use policy. 

Will this be enough to protect users’ privacy?

Arguaby Google keeps showing some sincere concerns regarding users’ privacy. Where advanced internet technology has helped users, it has also paved the way for hackers to design new malware.

Google is a place that holds data of billions of users, and there is a void that needs to be filled. The new privacy will keep the users informed regarding their personal data on extensions. This extension policy adds to Google’s Project Strobe targeted at improving user data security.

Developers will need verification from Google and keep the platform informed of what type of data they are collecting. This will spare no room for scammers and malware developers.

The extension’s privacy information will be available on the Chrome Web Store listing for users. It will help them to recognize the privacy practices around extension.

Google noted that these privacy changes are part of its long-term initiative in protecting data and users’ privacy. This year alone, the search giant has removed over 70 Chrome extensions for tracking user data.

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