7 Best VPNs for Europe in 2023

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: October 31, 2023
Read time: 16 minutes

With the best VPN for Europe, you can stream videos and access any content, play online games, download torrents, and more while remaining safe and secure.

The risk of cyber attacks and hacking has increased throughout the globe, including in Europe. Although, there are fewer internet restrictions in European countries than in China, Australia, and Turkey. But you, as a European citizen, need to have a VPN for secure internet surfing with complete privacy and anonymity. With a perfect Europe VPN, you can not only save your online existence from ISPs and hackers but also can unlock tons of geo-restricted content.

It’s no news that online fraud and security threats are on the rise in countries worldwide, and Europe is no exception to this. And although Europe isn’t overly restricting website contents, some countries block specific contents that are deemed unsuitable for public consumption.

For instance, Germany and France restrict hate speech. Sweden, on its part, requires ISPs to block content containing racial agitation, rebellion, copyright infringement, underage victims, and illegal descriptions of violence.

Hence, you need a VPN to protect your online activities against government and ISP tracking. But that is not all a VPN does. It also unblocks restricted content.

Just as long as your VPN provider boasts servers in European countries, you can watch your favorite shows ranging from the premier league and champion league to regular content on Netflix, Amazon, or Amazon Prime Video. Also, a VPN can hide your IP address, making it appear as though you are in another country.

This article provides a complete detailed analysis of the seven best Europe VPNs that offer maximum security and safety to users anywhere in the EU region.