The 10 Best Phone Spy Apps for Your Android and iOS in 2024

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Discover the ten best spy apps for iOS and Android devices, review the steps to set up and use these apps and get answers to your questions.


While unrestricted digital access should exist, certain situations warrant tracking and monitoring smartphone and computer users. The internet, for instance, contains various categories of content and the different groups to which they’re suitable. Mobile spy apps help monitor and control the activities of online users to safeguard them or prevent unwanted situations. It’s essential to consider feature offerings, cost, and customer support to choose the right spy app.

If you have legitimate reasons to spy on a device, you may be facing the difficulty of which spy apps to use, especially for sensitive devices like the target user’s phone.


For example, you may need to monitor your child’s activities to protect them from the internet’s harmful side. You may also need to track an employee’s activities, though seeking their consent is essential.

Choosing the best app for spying requires considering factors such as functionality, cost, and customer support. This article reviews the ten best phone spy apps available today and looks at their defining features.

Top 10 best cell phone spy apps – Quick list

Here’s a quick list of the best phone spy apps available online today.

  1. mSpy: A premium spyware for parental monitoring and control. It contains many features and capabilities and offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Eyezy: A powerful phone spy app with advanced features. It comes equipped with AI that gives spying notifications and only costs $1 per day.
  3. Spyic: A useful app for keeping tabs on your kids’ activities as a parent. It has a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the app.
  4. Spyera: A highly-rated spyware for monitoring iPhone, iPad, Android, and Android tablets. Useful for both parental monitoring and business control.
  5. Umobix: A useful app if your concern is your kids’ activities on social media. It helps monitor over 30 apps and social media platforms, including all the popular ones.
  6. Hoverwatch: An excellent app for staying hidden while spying on your target device. Track calls and messages, monitor social media platforms, and know your target’s location.
  7. XNSpy: A trusted phone spy app for remotely monitoring smartphones and tablets. It has online and offline tracking capabilities and a range of useful advanced features.
  8. Cocospy: A simple spyware with an intuitive interface. It works on iPhone and Android, uses cutting-edge technology, and includes a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  9. KidsGuard Pro: One of the best tools to monitor and control others’ activities. This app lets you set alerts, block inappropriate content, and view chats and messages.
  10. Mobilespy: A powerful smartphone tracking app with real-time tracking features. Monitor everything from calls to emails and export all data from the target device.

Why use a spy software?


Spyware or spy apps are software programs that enable you to spy on another device or computer. They let you collect personal or private activities, usually without the other party not knowing.
While people generally use them for malicious intent, there are many legitimate reasons to get them.

Below are some of the valid reasons for having a phone spy app.

1. Monitor kids’ activities

As more devices become internet-ready, there’s almost unrestricted online access. The internet contains different kinds of content and people, each with helpful or harmful goals. By allowing your kids access to the internet, you expose them to an entirely new and different world.

You must know the activities they’re engaged in to protect them from the harmful side of the internet. A spy app enables you to see their messages, view their calls, and monitor their chats. Some also have the added functionality of restricting access to certain content or blocking the entire website.

2. Track and control employees’ activities

Other than kids, employees may also need monitoring. They’re often the biggest threat to a business as they understand its processes and can divulge information to competitors.

They may do this unknowingly or as an explicit insider threat. Spyware programs help you keep tabs on the core channels by which these threats happen, such as calls, chats, and SMS. Some spy apps also send alerts, meaning you don’t have to stay glued to the app and can engage in other activities.

3. Protect personal privacy and security

Spy apps grant you control over individuals or devices that can compromise your privacy. With this, you can secure yourself and your properties and ensure the safety of those dearest to you.

Top 10 best mobile spy apps – The detailed list

Best iPhone spy apps

Below is a detailed list of the best apps that work great on Android and iPhone spy apps.

1. mSpy

Our Rating

$8.33 monthly

Requires no rooting or jailbreaking

Limited functionality on iOS

Visit mSpy
Devices trackedCompatibilityFree versionGuarantee
1Android and iOSDemo10-day refund policy

mSpy is one of the most trusted phone spy apps for iOS and Android devices. It provides basic and advanced tracking and monitoring functionalities. With mSpy, you can monitor calls and messages, view photos and videos, and determine real-time location.

mSpy homepage

While not the most affordable. mSpy pricing is also reasonable for its range of service offerings. You can block certain apps and websites, get alerts for specified keywords, and view comprehensive tracking data.

  • Trusted worldwide as a powerful smartphone tracking app
  • Monitor everything from calls and messages to contacts and calendar
  • Change devices as much as possible without losing access to your subscription
  • Quality and timely customer support
  • It can be expensive to cover multiple devices
  • Screen time is generally uncontrollable

2. Eyezy

Our Rating

$47.99 monthly

Impressive keylogger app

Monthly billing is high

Visit Eyezy
Devices trackedCompatibilityFree versionGuarantee
1iOS, Android, tablets3-day trial + demo14-day refund policy

Eyezy often ranks high in lists of the best phone spy apps for Android and iOS. Its most defining feature is how well it integrates AI with its feature offerings. This helps it give alerts in real-time so you don’t always watch your phone.

Eyezy homepage

You can also set this app up on your device in three simple steps. Visit the website and choose the best plan for you, install the app, launch it, and start tracking any device.

  • Powerful phone spy app with AI capabilities
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices, including iOS, Android, iPad, and Android tablets
  • Spying alerts so you don’t stay glued to your spying app
  • Affordable subscription fees
  • Live screen recording functionality
  • Requires jailbreaking or rooting to access most of the features

3. Spyic

Our Rating

$9.99 monthly

24/7 customer service

Needs physical access to the target device

Visit Spyic
Devices trackedCompatibilityFree versionGuarantee
Basic -1 |
Premium -1 |
Family – 3
Android and iOSDemo60-day money-back guarantee

Spyic is a lightweight spyware program for iOS and Android devices. Its 60-day money-back guarantee is the longest of any phone spy app in the market.

Spyic homepage

This app offers different features for its plans, with the family plan having the most features. Spyic lets you view call logs and messages and track numerous social media apps. It comes installed with a free antivirus, and its customer service is accessible 24/7.

  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Requires no rooting on Android or jailbreaking on iOS
  • Compatible with older versions of Android and all versions of iOS
  • Has plans for family and businesses
  • Has minimal features and functionalities compared to similar apps in the market

4. Spyera

Our Rating

$89 monthly

Multiple compatibility


Visit Spyera
Devices trackedCompatibilityFree versionGuarantee
1Android, tablets, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac OSNo10-day money-back guarantee

Spyera reserves its spot with all the top spy apps in terms of features and capabilities. It lets you track famous and obscure social media platforms and notify you of the target’s calls and messages in real-time.

Spyera also provides comprehensive details on the apps on the target device. With it, you can hear and record call conversations and even listen to happenings around the target surroundings.

Spyera homepage

You can also take desktop screenshots and deactivate the app remotely if you no longer want to spy on the device. You can also move the app between devices and operating systems without losing your subscription.

  • Works on iPhone, Android, Mac, tablets, and Windows
  • Features cutting-edge keylogging and call functions
  • Offers tutorials for functionalities that require rooting
  • Provides tracking and monitoring features covering multiple areas
  • Requires rooting and jailbreaking for full functionalities
  • Has only a 10-day money-back guarantee
  • Pricing is high as there are numerous cheaper alternatives

5. uMobix

Our Rating


Requires no rooting or jailbreaking

Takes time to set up two-factor authentication

Visit uMobix
Devices trackedCompatibilityFree versionGuarantee
1Android and iOSDemo14-day refund policy

It is one of the highly recommended spyware programs feature-wise. It helps you monitor numerous social media apps and platforms and has a powerful keylogging capability.


With this app, you can take instant camera shots from the target device, delete unwanted apps, and block spam calls. Restrict websites and apps, as desired, and get accurate real-time location of the target device.

  • Sends real-time updates every 5 minutes
  • Contains a vast range of tracking and monitoring features
  • Compatible with older versions of Android and all versions of iOS
  • Remotely disable calls and messages
  • Timely and responsive customer service
  • Pricey and expensive plans, despite the various offered features

6. Hoverwatch

Our Rating

$9.99 monthly

Provides sim card change updates

Provides no money-back guarantee

Visit Hoverwatch
Devices trackedCompatibilityFree versionGuarantee
Personal – 1 |
Professional – 5 |
Business -25
Android, Windows, Mac, iOS3 daysNo

Hoverwatch is a free mobile tracker for calls, SMS, cameras, locations, and social media. It lets you know when the target changes a SIM card and continues to track the device. The app is so discreet that the target doesn’t know they’re being tracked.

Hoverwatch homepage

Hoverwatch is the best spyware by the number of devices it can track. You can add up to 25 target devices by subscribing to its business plan.

  • The business plan can track and monitor up to 25 devices
  • Available on Windows, alongside iOS and Android
  • Stays wholly hidden from the target device
  • Requires physical device access to install

7. XNSpy

Our Rating

$39.99 monthly

Intuitive and interactive control panel

Has no free trial

Visit XNSpy
Devices trackedCompatibilityFree versionGuarantee
1Android and iOSNo10 days

XNSPY’s biggest competitive advantage is its compatibility with multiple devices and various network support. It has the basic functions of other spyware apps, such as call and message tracking. This app also lets you read emails on the target device, send remote commands, and control apps.

XNSpy homepage

This app has no free version, but its website has a live demonstration showing how it works. With this, you can decide whether or not to purchase it.

  • Compatible with Android versions 4 and above and iOS versions 6 and above
  • Remotely record surroundings and deactivate the application
  • Useful business functionalities
  • Requires rooting to access full functionalities
  • Needs physical access to the target device to set up tracking spying

8. Cocospy

Our Rating

$39.99 monthly

Sends alerts for sim changes

Expensive fee for the family plan

Visit Cocospy
Devices trackedCompatibilityFree versionGuarantee
Basic – 1 |
Premium – 1 |
Family – 3
Android and iOSDemo60-day money-back guarantee

Cocospy has a sleek interface that makes it easy to navigate its different features. It lets you track and monitor calls and messages.

Cocospy homepage

Using it, you can also determine someone’s social media activities or review their list of most popular contacts. It comes preinstalled with a quality antivirus to ensure your device’s security.

  • Requires no rooting or jailbreaking
  • Can monitor most known social media apps and platforms
  • Comes with a free antivirus to ensure maximum security
  • Requires physical access to the device to set up installation

9. KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro
Our Rating

$39.99 monthly

Cancel your subscription at any time

No free version

Visit KidsGuard Pro
Devices trackedCompatibilityFree versionGuarantee
1Android and iOSNo30-day money-back guarantee

As fundamental requirements, KidsGuard Pro provides all the essential features in other spyware programs. These include messages and call monitoring, and social media spying. Its geofence feature alerts you if your target device leaves a specified location.

KidsGuard Pro homepage

This app can also remotely control the device, take screenshots, and export data. If you also have complaints, their customer service is available 24/7.

  • Comprehensive monitoring capabilities
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Same plan for iOS and Android devices
  • Quality and timely customer support
  • Limited functionalities on iPhones and iPads

10. MobileSpy

Our Rating

$9.99 monthly

Complete stealth

No basic plan available on iOS

Visit MobileSpy
Devices trackedCompatibilityFree versionGuarantee
1Android and iOS7-day free trial30-day money-back guarantee

What sets MobileSpy apart is its simple and intuitive interface. This allows any user to understand the activities of the target advice even without any experience using spy apps.

It also sends instant notifications, so you know in real-time what the device is doing and where it is. As expected, it can track calls and messages, view various social media applications, and has GPS tracking and geo-fencing capabilities.

  • Real-time tracking capabilities
  • Affordable pricing and enhanced efficiency
  • Browsings history analysis
  • Sleek and simplified interface
  • Customer support and assistance can be slow

Using a spy phone app: Step-by-step guide

For the best phone spy apps for APKs, the steps to use them generally entail the following.

1. Visit the spy app’s website

Our list has highlighted the 10 best spy apps on mobile devices. You can check their pros, cons, and feature offerings to pick the one that serves your needs.

After deciding on an app, click on its link in the provided table. This should take you to the website, where you can see further information and decide on an appropriate plan.

2. Input your details to register

Click on your chosen plan, then register with your information. Confirm your registration to be sure it’s successful.

3. Set the app up on the other device

Most phone spy apps require physical access to the device you want to spy on during the initial setup. For spying to be successful, you may also turn off potential hindrances to your spyware, such as PlayProtect and two-factor authentication.

4. Start monitoring the device remotely

With all setup complete, you may begin monitoring your target device activities.

Are free spy apps safe?

Advanced encryption fix privacy issues

To ensure your safety and digital security, it’s best that you avoid free spy apps. These lack security, putting your device and data at risk, and usually have terrible reviews. When these apps do work, their functionalities always pale in comparison to their paid counterparts.

Can you find out whether someone is spying on your phone?

Spyware programs greatly emphasize invisibility, making it difficult to determine whether someone monitors your device and activities. However, having a solid antivirus on your phone may help uncover most spy apps.


Spyware programs help you keep devices safe and monitor the activities of those important to you. However, you must choose the one that best suits your needs. This article comprehensively covers ten phone spy best apps and highlights their core features. mSpy is our go-to option if you’d want us to narrow it down to only one.

If you’ve also used certain spy apps with amazing capabilities, you can leave a comment below.


Despite their malicious usages, spyware programs are generally legal under certain conditions. These include using them to track your device or a minor you have legal control over. These programs are also permitted if the person you’re tracking also consents to them.

Yes, many spy apps are available for Windows and Mac computers. Some apps have cross-functionalities with mobile spy apps, while others are exclusively for tracking and monitoring computer activities.

For most spyware programs, you need physical access to the target device. However, if the target device is an iOS and you have their iCloud login credentials, you may not require physical access. This may limit the app’s functionality.

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