Signal vs. WhatsApp: Which One is Good to Use?

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: October 26, 2023
Read time: 13 minutes

Here's a feature-wise Signal vs. WhatsApp comparison, today's most popular messaging apps, to help you find your best pick.

Signal and WhatsApp are great instant messaging apps that enable you to communicate with family and friends. They both employ end-to-end encryption to protect your conversations. However, Signal is more privacy-friendly as it belongs to a privacy-oriented foundation. Whereas WhatsApp is owned by Facebook’s parent firm Meta, which is known for collecting and sharing user data. But is WhatsApp all that bad? How and where does Signal stand in the way of WhatsApp’s popularity? Here’s a detailed Signal vs. WhatsApp comparison to answer these questions.

Signal and WhatsApp are the two most popular messaging apps people use daily to exchange messages, photos, and links. They both use end-to-end encryption technology that encodes the sender’s message so that only the intended receiver can decipher it. It helps prevent third parties, including app developers, from reading your messages. But if both of them are similar, why does the battle of Signal vs. WhatsApp go on?

There are numerous claims that Signal is more secure and private than WhatsApp. Is this true? This detailed comparison of the Signal app and WhatsApp messenger lays out more.

Signal vs. WhatsApp compared at a glance

The first thing you consider when choosing an instant messaging app is the features it offers. Although Signal and WhatsApp have numerous similar security features, there are a few differences.

Monthly users 40 million 2 billion 
Parent company Signal FoundationMeta Platforms, Inc. 
Data Sharing🗶
Validation of encryption/ user ID ✔ (limited) 
End-to-end encryption
Message notification shielding ✔ (limited) 
Screen lock 
Disappearing message feature  ✔ (limited)
Call relay to disguise the IP address🗶