Malwarebytes Review: So, How Good Is This Antivirus?

Ali Qamar  - Cybersecurity Analyst
Last updated: October 11, 2023
Read time: 18 minutes
Facts checked by Abeerah Hashim

Easy-to-use and minimalistic antivirus software that offers good malware protection, but it doesn't provide much else.

Malwarebytes is antivirus software that reminds me of Google’s early days in several ways. In the late ’90s, when the search engine war was unresolved, a brand new entity — Google — came online to conquer the rest. It stood out with a decidedly minimalistic appearance (nothing but a logo and a search box) and impressive performance by delivering relevant search results for almost every user query.

Likewise, Malwarebytes antivirus is also quite minimalistic, user-friendly, and quite effective against malware (as it claims). But does it have all the potential to rule the world of antimalware services? This detailed Malwarebytes antivirus review aims to answer this question for you.

Malwarebytes antivirus: The overview

Malwarebytes review

Malwarebytes is one of the oldest antimalware programs, which started in 2006. The service was initiated as typical antivirus software, ultimately emerging as a dedicated antimalware solution for different devices and operating systems. Today, you can easily opt for Malwarebytes antivirus download on any device you own, including computers and smartphones alike.