How to Watch Netflix in China in 2024 (Quick Guide)

Abeerah Hashim  - Security Expert
Last updated: February 11, 2024
Read time: 13 minutes

Fearing to miss out on your favorite Netflix library content because you'll be traveling to China? You should not. This article explains how you can watch your favorite Netflix movies and shows in China without hassle.

Netflix hosts an array of interesting Chinese movies and TV shows. However, streaming your favorite Chinese content is often difficult due to the platform’s licensing issues. Although you can stream iQiyi as an alternative, its limited content choice and loads of ads make it a poor substitute for Netflix. But don’t be disappointed, as this guide explains how you can unblock your favorite Netflix content in China with a VPN.

Streaming Netflix in China without interruptions is a dream come true for every streaming enthusiast traveling to that region.

That’s because the conflicting practices of Netflix services and China’s authorities have made it difficult for avid streamers to stay connected to their favorite media.

This guide summarizes the steps to unblock the streaming service in China without hassle.

A quick guide to watching Netflix in China

In a rush and can’t give the entire article a read? No problem. Follow the steps below to enjoy your favorite content: