Evil Twin Attack: What It is and How to Detect It?

Abeerah Hashim  - Security Expert
Last updated: November 10, 2023
Read time: 8 minutes

Evil twin attacks are relatively cheap and practical tools for hackers. They are hard to detect and very destructive when they succeed. So it's essential to be aware and proactive to stay safe.

Public wifi hotspots can be very dangerous because they set up the stage for hackers to perform evil twin attacks. This kind of attack can be highly harmful to the victims. But you can remain safe by being aware of these threats, adopting proactive safety measures, and, above all, adopting a VPN.

Taking advantage of the ubiquitous wifi hotspots you find when you’re shopping, traveling, or just going out for a cup of coffee is perfectly natural. It’s practical and convenient, which is the point of such technology. However, public wifi hotspots are probably the riskiest digital environment you can find. Evil twin attacks are one of the factors that make them so dangerous, so it’s a good idea to learn what they are and how you can protect yourself.

Evil twin attacks: What are they?

Imagine that a hacker in a public wifi network sets up a wifi fake access point that mimics an authentic one near it. That’s an evil twin attack. As the users connect to the phony node, all their traffic goes through a computer in the hacker’s hands, so he becomes privy to everything the user does online.

Hackers don’t need many resources to develop an evil twin. Even a smartphone will do the trick as long as it has the right software in it. Evil twin attacks are most frequent in public wifi hotspots.

The mechanics of an evil twin attack