What is Wave Browser? How Do You Uninstall it? (2023 Guide)

Abeerah Hashim  - Security Expert
Last updated: November 10, 2023
Read time: 14 minutes

Wave Browser looks harmless, but it's a security and privacy risk, so removing it is essential. Here's how to uninstall Wave browser.

Wave Browser looks like a harmless web browser that provides an alternative way to surf the web. However, this is a PUP. While it can’t be classified as malware, its behavior comes close and is a security and privacy risk for users. This article explains why Wave browser is harmful to your device and why and how you should get rid of it quickly.

The Wave Browser is one of those programs that you can’t classify as malware. Instead, it’s in the category of a “potentially unwanted program” (PUP), software that found its way into your system without your permission. The thing about the Wave Browser is that once it’s on your computer, it will change your system’s configuration to reinstall itself over and over, even as you try to get rid of it. It will also flood you with unwanted ads. In addition, it’s a privacy threat because it collects personal information to sell.

So while Wave Browser is not a virus, a trojan, or any other type of malware, it’s still unsafe to have on your device. It affects your system and is a privacy threat. So, the best option is to remove it from your computer. This guide will teach you about Wave Browser and how to uninstall it permanently.

The Wave Browser: What is it?

On the surface, the Wave Browser looks like a harmless web browser, just another alternative to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Unfortunately, however, it’s malicious software.

Wavesor Software released the Wave Browser in 2015. Wavesor could be linked with Genimous Technology Co. Ltd, a Chinese firm. Unfortunately, the software is not very good as a web browser. And then, it keeps installing itself on your device, even against your will.