Paypal Honey Extension Review – Is It Safe for User Privacy?

Saheed Aremu  - Security Expert
Last updated: November 11, 2023
Read time: 17 minutes

Discover the legality and risks associated with using money-saving extension, Paypal Honey, and how to use it safely.


Honey is a well-known app for coupons and promo codes that shoppers can use to get discounts on online stores. Since its introduction, though, people have wondered whether Honey poses any security risks. After PayPal acquired it and Amazon warned about Honey, these concerns further grew. Does Honey work, and is it spyware or truly safe? Read more below to find out the truth.

For most people, online or offline shopping is only enjoyable with coupons and promo codes. That makes services like Honey popular among the masses as they offer hassle-free discount codes, making cost savings possible. However, if you go to extreme lengths to save costs, you’ll most likely pay back in other ways, either with your privacy or personal information – but is it true for Honey, too?

Honey is a browser extension and app that discounts thousands of products, but you might wonder, “Is it safe?” This article comprehensively analyzes what Honey is, how it works, and whether it has any security risks. Read below to see the answers to all your questions about the Honey browser extension.

What is Honey?

Honey is an app and a browser extension from PayPal. It helps you save money when shopping online by finding the retailer with the lowest price for the product or searching the internet for coupon codes.

Suppose you’re shopping for pants on a large e-commerce website like Amazon. Here, different retailers have different prices for the same product. Honey browses the entire website to find the retailer with the lowest price and informs you. At the same time, Honey also crawls the internet for promo codes for Amazon that you can use to save even more costs on the pants, then notifies you.