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Internet privacy in the US (the laws, states that take data security seriously, and all)

Abeerah Hashim Last Updated: October 13, 2022
The internet has been around for decades now. In fact, today’s population includes a separate generation of humans born in…
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How to delete Google search history (ultimate 2023 guide with screenshots)

Nicholas Nabakwe Last Updated: February 9, 2023
Google tracks a lot of your activity on and off the web in myriad ways. The advertising giant collects data…
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What is the anti-Google search engine DuckDuckGo all about and how to use it

Thuranira John Kobia Last Updated: September 14, 2022
We are all concerned about our online security and privacy. But DuckDuckGo, the most widely used anti-Google search engine, promises…
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The ultimate guide to internet and computer security

Abeerah Hashim Last Updated: March 18, 2023
The word “Internet” now no more remains a technical term for anyone. From the kids to the adults, or even…
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How to browse the internet anonymously (11 easy and effective ways)

Thuranira John Kobia Last Updated: February 17, 2023
Concern for internet privacy has become an ever-increasing trend as most people seek to browse the web anonymously. Internet service…
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25 best dark web sites for 2023 (with direct access links)

Ruheni Mathenge Last Updated: March 20, 2023
The dark web is a part of the internet where you only step in with a specific tool. It hosts…
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Top 15 privacy and security stories of the 21st century

Abeerah Hashim Last Updated: March 22, 2023
Cybersecurity experts have been busy since the beginning of 2020 (even before that). While data breaches were already on the…
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How to prevent hacking (an ultimate guide with 35 effective ways)

Samuel Walker Last Updated: March 22, 2023
Privacy and security should be a priority, especially in our digitally inclined world. Many people think that having strong passwords…
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How to jailbreak a Firestick and stream safely in March 2023

Abeerah Hashim Last Updated: February 28, 2023
Amazon Firestick is a blessing for everyone who loves streaming. This little streaming device can transform your TV into a…
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35 travel safety tips (both online and offline security)

Douglas Mabiria Last Updated: March 21, 2023
Traveling holds great excitement since you get a chance to explore your surroundings and experience a change of environment. Whether…
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