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Discover the best YouTube alternatives for a non-stop video streaming and sharing experience.


YouTube, owned by Google, is the largest and leading video hosting and sharing platform. Currently, it stands as the second most visited platform right after Google. A report by Wikipedia shows that as of today, YouTube has more than 2.5 billion internet users who spend about 1 billion hours on the platform daily. But you would be frustrated by seeing so many ads in a single video. Several platforms besides YouTube allow users to host and share videos online. Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Twitch are all popular alternatives to YouTube. Read this article to explore the complete review of our top recommended alternatives to YouTube.

Despite YouTube status as the primary video-sharing platform online, the streaming platform has some flaws, too. Some of its major drawbacks are below:

  • Data collection and copyright issues
  • Earnings and demonetization challenges
  • Censorship policies
  • Unskippable in-video ads
  • Algorithms that influence uploaded content
  • New YouTubers are likely to fail
  • The prevalent competition among content creators to provide the best content.

Don’t fret; there are some other platforms to watch free movies and your other favorite content online that you can consider. We have curated a list of the 14 best services like alternatives with better monetization methods, brilliant reach for diverse target audiences, and different video content.

Top 10 alternatives to YouTube – Quick list

Here is our quick overview of platforms like YouTube:

  1. Twitch: You could say Twitch is for gamers. It presents a whole world dedicated to eSupports and online gaming for game enthusiasts to immerse themselves and interact with like-minded people.
  2. Odysee: Imagine all the familiar features of YouTube with a twist! Odysee sets itself apart by seamlessly using the LBRY blockchain protocol for video sharing, offering a different yet engaging experience.
  3. Vimeo: A perfect tool for potential content creators. The platform is a creative hub for making and hosting quality videos.
  4. Dailymotion: Another video-sharing service that warmly welcomes creators of all kinds. Whether you’re a small business or an aspiring creator, it allows you to host and share HD videos for free.
  5. Vevo: Think of it as a haven showcasing top-notch music videos from major labels like Sony Music and Universal Music Group. Music enthusiasts can relish high-quality music videos on the platform.
  6. Wistia: A perfect platform for businesses seeking to step up their marketing game. It is suitable for brand elevation, giving publishers complete control over video hosting and sharing.
  7. D-Tube: This platform brings an unconventional approach to the industry. It introduces blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for monetization, offering a fresh option for content creators to explore.
  8. Facebook Watch: Dive into trending videos within the familiar space of Facebook. It is a section dedicated to discovering and enjoying a variety of clips.
  9. Internet Archive: An expansive treasure trove of digitized materials. It is a unique vault of historical gems containing videos, clips, and movies that might not be found elsewhere.
  10. VidLii: A user-friendly and family-oriented platform with a monthly view count of around 12 million.

Can any other platform replace YouTube?

As of 2024, no video-sharing platform comes close to YouTube from its position as the best video-sharing platform online. YouTube has developed a reputation and has maintained a monopoly in the video-creating and sharing industry so well that its alternatives can only compete within themselves for the second spot.

While domanating in the community for decades, it’ll take a lot for its competitors to replace YouTube or make it lose its relevance. But the fact remains that there are several other video-sharing platforms aside from YouTube.

14 best platforms like YouTube – Detailed list

After carefully examining and testing the different video-sharing platforms on the internet. Here are our top 14 picks below:

1. Twitch

Our Rating

$4.9 per month

Suitable for live streaming

Doesn’t provide sufficient moderation tools

Watch Twitch

Twitch is a top video-sharing platform that caters to gamers especially. It came under Amazon’s management in 2016, which led to the introduction of Twitch Prime. Internet users can watch live esports and video games on the platform. Twitch also guarantees ad-free streaming and access to games and game loots for free.


It operates like YouTube. You can watch videos, follow channels, send messages and comments, and add friends for free. All you have to do is create an account on the platform. Registration is the ticket to tap into the expansive content library and share moments with other users online.

Is Twitch better than YouTube?

Twitch is the perfect destination for gamers. Although YouTube is also great for gamers to upload gaming videos online, Twitch goes beyond creating videos. Gamers can build a gaming community on Twitch by uploading gaming content regularly and interacting with viewers.

While Twitch may not be better than YouTube, it offers several advanced features that simplify uploading and streaming videos. Twitch is suitable for vloggers, online live streamers, and gamers.

  • A perfect option for game enthusiasts
  • A perfect option for game enthusiasts
  • Content on the platform is exclusive for a short while

2. Odysee

Our Rating


Easier to find videos

Relatively limited content

Watch odysee

Like D-Tube, Odysee also relies on a blockchain technology called LBRY. This protocol allows internet users to develop apps to access the digital content on the network. Content creators can create videos and upload them on the platform. These videos can be a strong marketing approach to the vast audience base.

The platform allows content creators to make their videos accessible for free, set a price per stream or download, and upload audio and video documents and other types of files. They can receive revenue generated in cryptocurrency utilizing the LBRY Credit.

Is Odysee better than YouTube?

No, Odysee is not better than YouTube. Its only edge over YouTube is that content creators who use Odysee can earn through LBRY Credits. It also upholds anti-censorship policies, relying on the LBRY protocol. Odysee suits blockchain enthusiasts, digital marketers, business owners, and free speech activists.

  • Opportunity to earn in cryptocurrency
  • Lenient rules and guidelines
  • Smaller audience

3. Vimeo

Our Rating

$12 per month

Prioritizes high-quality content

Limited reach compared to YouTube

Watch Vimeo

Vimeo provides multi-video software solutions to over 260 million internet users globally. Businesses and professional teams utilize the platform to create video content, collaborate with other creatives, and communicate with internet users. It prioritizes delivering HD-quality content across various devices by providing advanced video creation and editing tools.


The platform also supports live-streaming broadcasts for content creators to network with other professionals in the field and potential clients.

Is Vimeo better than YouTube?

Vimeo’s only edge over YouTube is that it doesn’t compress videos before uploading. Typically, YouTube compresses content to fit the data or space constraint. This is not the case with Vimeo, as it prioritizes high-quality videos. Users can personalize their Vimeo app so that it suits their interests. It allows viewers to edit the color and appearance and pick preferred videos to display.

Vimeo also has advanced privacy protocols. Content creators and publishers can make their videos accessible to only their followers and selected accounts or lock them with passwords. Vimeo suits business owners looking for a free video-sharing platform with high-quality embeds. Short filmmakers, content creators, videographers, animators, and other creatives can also use the platform.

  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Offers an interactive platform for community members
  • Deletes inactive accounts within a year without prior notice

4. Dailymotion

Our Rating


Allows 4K video uploads and playback

Displays ads on all videos

Watch Dailymotion

Dailymotion is another noteworthy platform for hosting and sharing video content. Internet users worldwide can use the platform to start a video channel, build a community of followers, and generate income from shared ad revenue. There’s barely any difference between Dailymotion’s service and YouTube’s.

Is Dailymotion better than YouTube?

The only advantage Dailymotion has over YouTube is that it delivers better-embedded videos. It is also the perfect option for content creators with a closely-knit community. There’s a higher chance of internet users seeing and sharing videos on Dailymotion than on YouTube.

Dailymotion is suitable for budding content creators and small businesses looking for a free YouTube alternative to host and share embedded high-quality videos.

  • Allows users to upload unlimited videos for free
  • Has a sleek embedded video player
  • Relatively limited audience

5. Vevo

Our Rating


Perfect destination for music lovers

Restricted to music content

Watch Vevo

Vevo is specifically for music videos and every other associated content. You can watch concert clips, music interviews, behind-the-scenes videos, and studio sessions. It has thousands of videos to satisfy the interest of music enthusiasts worldwide.

However, the drawback is that Vevo doesn’t make provisions for content creators. The platform is restricted to providing music content from Sony Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and other top record labels.

Is Vevo better than YouTube?

YouTube outweighs Vevo for several reasons. While Vevo is restricted to only music content and other associated videos, YouTube covers diverse categories. Also, YouTube allows users to upload content on the platform. On the other hand, only admins can upload content on Vevo. Finally, YouTube is accessible worldwide, while Vevo is available in only a few countries. However, users can open the Vevo channel on YouTube to access geo-blocked content. Vevo is suitable for musicians and music lovers.

  • Guarantees high-quality videos
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Doesn’t allow users to upload videos

6. Wistia

Our Rating

$19 per month

Supports lead generation from videos

Relatively smaller audience

Watch Wistia

Wistia is another top video-sharing platform worthy of mention. It’s a professional video hosting service that allows content creators to incorporate marketing strategies as they upload video content. It offers robust marketing automation tools, detailed video analytics, and in-video lead capture forms for effective campaigns.

Is Wistia better than YouTube?

While YouTube focuses on helping content creators generate revenue from their videos, Wistia is more concerned about supporting business-to-business companies by providing marketing tools. They can upload video content on the platform to improve sales and market support. It is suitable for lead-focused businesses and marketers seeking to utilize on-site videos to improve product visibility and sales.

  • Syncs email and other relevant data with CRMs and autoresponders
  • Supports 4K videos and large files up to 8 GB
  • Not exactly popular in the video-hosting community

7. D-Tube

D tube
Our Rating

$19 per month

Zero censorship

Less popular

Watch D-Tube

D-Tube is a sophisticated alternative that prioritizes privacy and encryption in hosting and sharing video content. It utilizes blockchain technology to reduce the risk of server outages while uploading or viewing any video. The technology also ensures that content creators and users on D-Tube do not suffer from general downtime.

D-Tube’s decentralized approach upholds free speech so content creators can share their ideas and opinions without fretting. It also rejects the AI-based censorship that YouTube adopts. Content creators on D-Tube can earn revenue in cryptocurrency for all their videos that do numbers.

Is D-Tube better than YouTube?

Many content creators prefer D-Tube to YouTube because of the no-censorship policies it adopts. While YouTube may take down a video if it breaches its guidelines, D-Tube is more lenient. Content creators also have a higher chance of generating revenue on D-Tube than on YouTube. Unlike YouTube, which focuses on algorithms and guidelines, D-Tube only counts views and likes. It is suitable for free speech enthusiasts and content creators interested in blockchain technology.

  • Supports revenue generation in cryptocurrency
  • Doesn’t enforce community guidelines
  • Relatively smaller audience

8. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch
Our Rating


Allows video sharing on Facebook

Poor embeds

Watch Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is a popular social media section focusing on video content. This video-sharing section has grown over the years, allowing users to browse and watch thousands of videos based on their preferences and history.

FaceBook Watch

Unlike YouTube, with a dedicated platform solely for hosting and sharing video content, Facebook incorporated the video-sharing feature into the regular social media service. The good thing is that the audience and content overlap, so there’s no need for multiple registrations or duplication of content. Facebook Watch has an impressive audience and reach compared to other video platforms. It supports live streaming, custom audiences for specific content, large files, and ad earnings.

Is Facebook Watch better than YouTube?

Facebook outweighs YouTube when it comes to demographic data and personal information. While Facebook can help content creators reach the precise audience they desire, YouTube only relies on cookies, which are not as accurate.

The platform is suitable for different categories of content creators, such as chefs and travel vloggers. Marketers and small businesses looking to expand can also benefit from Facebook Watch.

  • Has a wider community and content reach than YouTube 
  • Compatible with files up to four hours long and 10 GB in size
  • Maximum video resolution at 1080p

9. Internet Archive

Internet Archive
Our Rating


Internet users are free to upload digital content

Hard to find a particular content creator

Watch Internet Archive

As the name suggests, the Internet Archive is a resource for all knowledge accessible to Internet users worldwide. It is an archive of digitized documents, including movies, video clips, games, moving images, software applications, websites, music, and thousands of books. Internet users from any part of the world can upload and download digital materials from the platform for free.

The data cluster is arguably the most expansive, containing content that may not be accessible elsewhere. The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine has billions of web captures uploaded by various Internet users.

Is Internet Archive better than YouTube?

The Internet Archive is the perfect destination for documentaries and historical videos on the Internet. It has many videos that may be unavailable on YouTube or any other video-hosting platform. The Internet Archive is suitable for Internet users looking for old and historical videos.

  • Provides access to videos that are not available on other platforms
  • The data cluster is categorized so internet users can easily browse to find their preferred content
  • User interface is old and outdated

10. VidLii

Our Rating


Easy to use and navigate

Relatively lower reach

Watch VidLii

VidLii is on this list because it perfectly portrays what YouTube used to be in its early days, depicting its interface and functionality. It feels like a substandard version of YouTube, hosting amateur video clips and recordings. In fact, there’s hardly a professionally edited video on VidLii. Regardless, it has diverse content, ranging from technology to entertainment.


Is VidLii better than YouTube?

As we’ve highlighted earlier, VidLii depicts YouTube’s experimental days. Although it’s a great website with diverse content and allows for customization, it doesn’t match up to the quality services that YouTube provides. It is suitable for content creators and YouTube users who may have missed YouTube’s older version.

  • Encourages user-generated content
  • Covers a diverse range of topics
  • Content is barely relevant

11. Brightcove

Our Rating

$199 per month

Allows publishers to deliver and sell ad spaces within videos


Watch Brightcove

Brightcove is a software company based in the United States. It has a video communications platform called Video Cloud, providing content creators and businesses with a solution for hosting and sharing high-quality video content.

The platform has real-time video analytics for insights into viewers’ interaction and SDK and API tools to deliver broadcast-worthy content. There’s also a Video Marketing Suite for marketing experts looking to utilize their content for marketing purposes. Brightcove also has search engine optimization (SEO) tools.

Is Brightcove better than YouTube?

Brightcove isn’t limited to hosting video content and live streaming. It takes things up a notch by utilizing OTT technology so internet users can stream live videos on smart TV apps and smartphones. Content creators can insert server-side ads into their content and collaborate with a DSP to sell ad spaces to interested clients.

The real-time video analytics that Brightcove also offers help content creators evaluate how regular viewers and prospects interact with their content. It is suitable for businesses and content creators seeking to centralize their content utilizing audience data.

  • Supports high-quality videos up to 8K video resolution
  • Provides collaboration tools to deliver high-quality video content
  • Archaic interface

12. 9GAG

Our Rating


A notable source of funny memes, GIFs, and short clips

Has a basic interface

Watch 9GAG

9GAG is another video-sharing platform notable for short and entertaining videos. Many social media users love this website because it has memes, GIFs, and other funny media content they can share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.

Is 9GAG better than YouTube?

Although 9GAG has gained popularity for entertaining content among millennials and Gen Z, it still doesn’t match up to YouTube’s experience. Some of the content on 9GAG is not safe for work (NSFW). Regardless, 9GAG remains one of our top picks for the hilarious video content.

  • Great destination to crowdsource amusing ideas worth sharing and trying
  • Categorizes content so internet users can easily browse and find their preferred content
  • Not suitable for content creators or businesses seeking to build a brand

13. Twitter Video

Twiiter Video
Our Rating


Great for content creators

Only has short videos

Watch Twitter Video

Twitter Video operates like Facebook Watch, allowing users to upload and share images, videos, and other content using the tweet editor tools. The mobile app comes with an improved camera icon for live streaming. With the video-sharing feature, Twitter has strived to outmatch other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Is Twitter Video better than YouTube?

Twitter Video is not better than YouTube. However, research has shown that Twitter users interact more with videos than other content types. Video is the most shared content type on Twitter. It is suitable for content creators who specialize in short-format videos.

  • Compatible with lo-fi videos
  • The camera icon allows live streaming
  • Maximum resolution is 1200p

14. Spotlightr

Our Rating

$7 per month

Affordable subscription fees

Offers 25 GB storage space

Watch Spotlightr

Finally, Spotlightr is a noteworthy video-sharing platform with advanced video analytics tools. Formerly known as vooPlayer, it provides advanced features like lead capture, security protocols, and business tool integration. Content creators on Spotlightr can organize a contest and share gifts with users that watch their videos. It’s a platform that immerses content creators in creating and sharing marketing content.

Is Spotlightr better than YouTube?

Spotlightr is not better than YouTube, even though it offers advanced marketing features. It allows users to host live streams, organize contests for viewers, and utilize analytics to gain insights into audience interaction. Spotlightr is suitable for marketers and lead-focused businesses.

  • Offers advanced analytics tools
  • Provides audience-building tools
  • Complex interface

Factors to consider when choosing an app like YouTube

Are you a content creator or a regular viewer looking for the best alternative to YouTube? Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Advertisements: Nobody likes a video interrupted by ads. However, they are like the commercials on TV. Read comments and reviews from previous users to confirm if the ads on the platform wouldn’t interfere with the experience.
  2. Privacy policy: Typically, websites and other platforms have different approaches to privacy. While some are open to users’ data, others focus on privacy. Go through the platform’s terms of use and guidelines to know what you’re getting into.
  3. Community management: This is particularly for content creators seeking to connect and interact with viewers effectively. You must confirm if the platform can help foster interaction and collaboration to build and develop a vibrant and active community.
  4. Video quality: You wouldn’t want to watch a movie on a fuzzy old TV, right? Ensure the platforms you’re considering support the crystal-clear, high-definition content you love.
  5. Content variation: More categories mean more adventures. A platform with diverse content is like a library with books from every genre imaginable. You’re more likely to find something that surprises and delights you.
  6. Monetization: Finally, content creators aiming to earn from their passion must ensure the platform has a clear path to monetize their work.

Why should you try YouTube alternatives?

Exploring platforms like YouTube is like opening a door to a whole new realm, finding videos and content that might slip past YouTube’s radar. The downside is the sneaky and annoying ads that tag along.

Another reason you may want to try these alternatives is the privacy flaw associated with YouTube. It lets Google peek into your online moves, while other platforms only see what you decide to share. Still, you must remember that your online privacy isn’t always a sure thing, even on these platforms.


As of 2023, YouTube remains unchallenged as the top video platform. However, some great alternatives out there promise a top-notch video experience.

Yes. Platforms like Dailymotion, Facebook Watch, Twitter Video, and IGTV offer services without a fee.

Certainly! A long list of video-sharing and social media platforms gives YouTube a run for its money. Some big names include Netflix, Hulu, Livestream, Vimeo, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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