How to Change Your Location on a Mac in 2023 (Easy Methods)

Aliu Isa Last updated: May 25, 2023 Read time: 9 minutes Disclosure

It's easy to change your IP address and location on an Apple Mac by using a robust VPN (and without it).

Everybody knows all the advantages that come with choosing Mac over the rest. However, you can make your Mac even more powerful, useful and versatile by learning just one new trick: changing its IP address.

Are you a proud Mac owner who wishes you could see the Netflix content you can only see from the US, get better deals online, or have your traffic secured when you are away in a public WiFi hotspot when you travel? You will fulfill your wish using a VPN. It’s both the best and the easiest way.

If you think setting up a VPN on your Mac is something only the most expert geeks can do, think again. The modern VPNs are easy to use, like any software you use daily.

Every time you connect to a VPN server in a country abroad, you get a brand new IP address that will tell the world you are elsewhere, depending on the country you pick. So when the same happens on a Mac, you get a different online location. Simple as that!

How to change Mac location – Quick steps

Wondering how to change your Mac IP location with a VPN? It’s as easy as following these steps:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN that supports Macs. We recommend NordVPN.
  2. Install the VPN software on your device.
  3. Launch your VPN, log in and pick a server in the network.
  4. Start browsing!

Why should you install a VPN on your Mac?

VPNs are digital services offering enhanced digital security, privacy, anonymity, and more access to online content. Having a VPN on your Mac will report many benefits to you.

A safe VPN encrypts your online traffic so no third party can snoop on it. Hackers, ISPs, and governmental agencies will all see a stream of white noise coming in and out from your computer without the slightest clue about your activities. That makes you free to do whatever you want online, without the need to mind any threats.

VPNs can also expand the range of web content available to you. Popular streaming services such as Netflix have a different library of content for each country they serve. That obeys the restrictions included in their licensing agreements. So, as a rule, you will only be able to see the content corresponding to your country or region.

Connecting to a VPN gives you a new IP address from another country. That new address will allow you to bypass the geo-blocks in place in whatever video streaming service you have in mind so you can watch anything you want.

What is the best VPN to use on Mac?

The market is currently flooded with VPN services. But as with every product, only the top few can give you a top-notch service worth your money. So if you have a VPN on your Mac, you must pick a good one.

We have put many VPNs to the test. That’s our job. We do this to know the ones with the most reliable unblocking abilities, stability, best pricing, and security. NordVPN is the one VPN that can outperform all the rest in every regard. It’s the best VPN you can use to change your Mac’s location.

Why should I change the location on my Mac?

There are many good reasons for you to change your Mac’s location. Expanding a service, getting discounts, protecting your privacy, getting access to more content. Let’s see:

  • Increase your content options. Have you ever felt that there’s nothing left on Netflix for you to see? Every great legal video streaming service offers different libraries in each country. So let’s say you want to see this movie or show that only US residents can watch on Netflix. A VPN can give you a US IP address to see it. It also works with free movie websites that are available in one country only.
  • Traveling. Maybe you need to keep current on developments at your work while you’re away. And perhaps your employer’s network doesn’t allow connections from abroad for obvious security reasons. The VPN seamlessly solves this problem while protecting your privacy while traveling.
  • Get better deals. Hotels and airlines offer different fees in different countries. So if you try to buy the same ticket from other countries (as you could with a VPN), you’ll get better prices every time.
  • Change your location on some apps. Many popular apps and games like Pokemon GO figure out your physical location from your IP address. They use that information to give you localized content specific to your region. You can change that with a VPN too. 
  • Privacy. Many apps and websites keep track of your location. Get some of your privacy back by denying them that pleasure.

Can I change my Mac location without a VPN?

Yes, you can change your Mac’s location without a VPN, but the VPN is always the better option.

You can change your Mac’s location manually by doing this: