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Here you will find our archives of VPN basics and guides. Let it be in-depth how-tos or some beginners’ questions; you will find it here.

13 Tips to Make Your VPN Faster

Tiziana Piatos Last Updated: February 20, 2024
Slow internet is one of the frustrations almost everyone faces today. Unfortunately, a bad VPN can make that situation even…
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VPN vs. Antivirus vs. Firewall – Which is the Best in 2024?

Samuel Walker Last Updated: January 15, 2024
People comparing the use of security tools like VPN, firewalls, and antivirus is quickly becoming an ever-growing trend online. Why?…
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VPN vs. Proxy: Which One to Use?

Samuel Walker Last Updated: February 20, 2024
The battle of VPN vs. proxy is a long-standing one. Although both hide your IP address and help access content…
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VPN Protocols: Which One is the Best?

Douglas Mabiria Last Updated: January 15, 2024
Each passing day you read about data breaches. As a result, the need to stay secure online has moved up…
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How to Bypass VPN Blocks – Easy Guide

Nwachukwu Glory Last Updated: November 16, 2023
One of the internet beauties is the freedom to access any content you wish. However, web censorship is significantly on…
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How to Get ExpressVPN for Free in 2024 (An Easy Hack)

Nwachukwu Glory Last Updated: January 1, 2024
You might wonder, “How do I know if ExpressVPN is the right VPN for me?” The best way to make…
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Are VPNs Legal? What Are the VPN Censorship Laws Globally?

Abeerah Hashim Last Updated: February 1, 2024
We heard you’ve asked – are VPNs legal? And the answer may simultaneously be a ‘yes’ and a ‘no.’ It’s…
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How to Choose the Right VPN Service for Your Needs

Abeerah Hashim Last Updated: March 6, 2024
Today, many VPNs are available in the market, offering different features and price tags. Of course, some providers offer free…
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What are the Pros and Cons of Using a VPN? Is It Worth It?

Douglas Mabiria Last Updated: January 24, 2024
Amidst the rising cybersecurity incidents that even target individuals globally, the typical security tip you would hear from every privacy…
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The 4 Best Free Opera VPN Alternatives in 2024

Waqas Sattar Last Updated: February 20, 2024
At the beginning of 2018, SurfEasy, a VPN service provider, acquired OperaVPN and consequently announced that OperaVPN would terminate its…
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