How to download torrents safely and protect your identity while torrenting

People keep asking is torrenting safe? And the fact is, all their concerns are for good reasons. Downloading torrents can be a risky affair. Not only can it get you in trouble because of copyright restrictions, but it can lead to severe trouble, such as stumbling across applications, films, or… 10
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All about browser fingerprinting and how to avoid this severe web threat

Back in the 1960s, the internet started as a privacy-oriented information sharing and networking technology. It certainly continued respecting the users’ privacy for quite a while until Silicon Valley started rising. After that, the tech giants and advertisers began leveraging the internet for monetization by increasing user tracking. These advertisers… 10
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15 ways to tell if someone is spying on your cell phone (and how to stop it)

Would you want your personal data stolen? Each passing day the government surveillance programs get even tight, spyware gets rampant, and there’s an increase in the number of bad actors. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to stay safe online. We can all agree that the world is… 10
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15 cybersecurity tips for staying safe from cyber attacks

Do you always ensure to lock your house before stepping out? Do you care about your home security to avoid thefts? If your answer is a yes (which should definitely be), cool! But what about your online security? Ever wondered about staying safe from cyber-attacks? Although, many internet users like… 10
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The ultimate dark web safety guide for 2021

You think you know too much about the internet, right? But how much do you know about the dark wonders of the internet? Probably that is why you’re on this page. The internet, more like real life, is so much broad that it will take you a lifetime to traverse. 10
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Is torrenting safe? Is it legal or illegal? What happens if I get caught?

Many people out there have misconceptions and questions regarding torrents, and “what is torrenting, is torrenting safe and legal, can I get caught?” are probably the most commonly asked ones. This guide boasts definitive answers to all such queries. You probably like downloading and sharing stuff online, don’t you? Which… 10
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19 ways to stay safe online and keep internet threats at a bay

The internet – arguably the best technology – has evolved from a mere invention to become part of human life. Interestingly, from communications and education to businesses, the usefulness of the internet is evident in all sectors. Unfortunately, despite all its advantages, the internet comes with a plethora of risks. 10
Last Updated: August 30, 2021 by Douglas Mabiria

How to change the IP address to another country (4 easy ways)

While that you have reached this article, you would probably know what is an IP address and why you need to hide or change your IP country. But even if you don’t, no worries, this article explains it all for you. But before we move on, assure yourself of one… 10
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What is encryption, how it works; all you need to know about it is here

While everything looks okay when it’s about the word ‘encryption’ only, you may get confused when things become somewhat technical. The kinds of encryption, how hackers break encryption, why one should worry about encryption, all of this is so confusing. Obviously, unless you are a computer expert or a hacker… 10
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14 best safe Pirate Bay alternatives to use in 2021 (all tested)

Finding a site with stable, reliable, and round-the-clock access can be a rugged task for torrent downloaders. But they have to bear the burden given the massive crackdown from the governments against torrent sites and the hacking attempts. So, what to do when the almighty The Pirate Bay goes down… 10
Last Updated: September 1, 2021 by Ali Qamar