Nord Security raises $100 million to better capitalize on NordVPN growth

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Last updated: October 24, 2023
Nord Security $100 million
  • Novator Partners, a private equity firm, led the Nord Security funding round, which raised $100 Million.
  • Co-Founder Tom Okman disclosed that the funds were to speed up business growth after 10 years of operation.
  • Nord offers different security and privacy products such as NordVPN, NordLocker, NordPass and NordLayer.

Nord Security, a leading internet privacy and security company, raised $100 Million in its first-ever funding round. The company has been operating since 2012 in Vilnius, Lithuania, and has grown considerably. Now, it is one of the top tech companies in Vilnius. Notably, they’re the owners of NordVPN, a popular internet security software for privacy savvy internet users.

Speaking about the reasons for the funding round, Tom Okman explained that the company aims at speeding up growth. And many investors are willing to support their mission to grow a better and safer internet. 

Moreover, Okman stated the company’s excitement to be joining other tech companies in Lithuania to boost the country’s tech advancement. 

Top investors support Nord’s vision

Many investors who believe in the vision of Nord Company supported the funding round. The strong support was prominent in the funding round led by Novator Partners, a private equity firm. Many other individuals and firms who participated in the event include General Catalyst, Wolt’s Miki Kuuso, and Burda Principal Investments. Others present include, Automatic’s Matt Mullenweg, Supercell’s llkka Paananen, etc. This event is the first in 10 years of operations.

This funding round has brought a partnership deal for Nord Company. It’ll now combine efforts with Novator Partners to push its vision. To further seal the deal, a managing partner Birgir Mar Ragnarsson at Novator will join the board of Nord Company. 

According to Birgir Mar Ragnarsson, the company needs to follow different approaches to match the demands of modern internet security. Ragnarsson believes that this era has a higher rate of cyber threats, risks, and too many regulations in the use of the internet. So, Nord can boost internet security with powerful privacy and security tools to protect networks, information, and accounts. 

Also, Ragnarsson observed that Nord Company had shown a reputable and unmatched track record in internet security. Furthermore, it has focused on ensuring customer satisfaction, and as such, Novator is out to support them in further expanding the vision. 

Nord’s journey so far

Nord has seen considerable growth since its inception in 2012. There are behind one of the top VPN services available in the industry-NordVPN. Apart from NordVPN, the company boasts many products such as NordLocker, NordPass, and NordLayer.

NordVPN ensures that internet users remain anonymous while surfing the web. NordPass is a password manager that automatically saves and inputs your passwords to users’ accounts. Finally, NordLayer is a service developed for network access for businesses. 

Apart from these products, Nord Company provides developers tools to create custom VPNs. As for Nord’s employees, the company has 1700 people working to push its goals every day. Also, they’re planning to add 200 new workers to the company. 

Nord has made a name with NordVPN as it is one of this era’s most popular VPN services. The company has more than 15 million people using its services and has recently merged with Surfshark VPN to serve its customers better.

Why Privacy Savvy individuals love NordVPN

One way to stay off the radar over the internet is through a strong VPN. This tool offers a secure and private browsing experience on the web. It masks your original IP address and presents its own to confuse anyone tracking your location. 

With the best VPN service, such as NordVPN, your internet traffic will remain encrypted to prevent access by hackers and third parties. Also, it gives you access to geo-restricted content with a dedicated IP address no matter where you are in the world.  

NordVPN offers these benefits and more. That’s why it has become so popular among internet users and investors.

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