U.S. to step up Kaspersky security probe following the Ukraine war

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Last updated: November 10, 2023
US Kaspersky security probe
  • The US feds have increased their probe against Kaspersky due to security concerns.
  • Kaspersky denies allegations of collaboration with Russia or illicit activities against its users, US-based inclusive.
  • Asides from Kaspersky, the US regulators are still proactively against companies from ‘adversary countries.’

The United States present administration has increased its security probe against Russian cybersecurity software, Kaspersky Labs, and its products. The President Joe Biden administration is getting much firmer in its attack against Moscow with some of the most unexpected authorities. This recent probe shows that the U.S. government will do anything to protect its citizens and legal entities from any cyberattacks.

Earlier this year, the feds had already banned the federal government’s use of Russia-based antivirus security software for fear of cyberattacks. A top U.S. executive and two other individuals reported this information to our sources. By the end of Q1 in 2022, U.S. regulators had to declare that all its federal government officials cease using the antivirus software. The AO Kaspersky Lab software is Russian. And amid this bloody war ongoing in Ukraine, there’s a higher possibility of cyberattacks from Russians.

A former deputy assistant to the United States Trade Rep, Emily Kilcrease, expressed her notions on the situation. Emily explained that the US authorities are the only worthy tools to stand against threats imposed by Kaspersky on a nationwide commercial ground.

Moreover, other U.S. regulators held back from banning the use of the Russian-based antivirus software in the private sector entirely. All the same, AO Kaspersky Lab is regarded as a threat to the United States’ national security. But notwithstanding the accusations, Kaspersky has denied all illicit activities or secret collaborations with Russia’s intelligence.

United States authorities prepare against foreign enemies

The Donald Trump administration had already enforced new laws permitting the Commerce Department to restrict transactions between US-based companies and internet, tech and telecom firms from ‘enemy’ nations like China and Russia. Now, this new spurring probe is working with these powers. So the Commerce Department could stop citizens from downloading Kerpesky updates through a Federal Register regulation. 

It’s worthy to note that these tools are untested. Even, Former President Trump, in his administration, attempted to use them to ban Chinese social media apps, WeChat and TikTok, the federal court stopped him. 

Last year, a senior executive in the Justice Department announced that the agency was analyzing the operations of numerous Russian companies. The aim is to determine whether they will affect the United States supply chain. 

We can’t say whether Kaspersky was amongst these firms. The antivirus giant made $95.3 million from the US market in 2020. According to Gartner Inc., a leading market research firm, that accounted for almost 15% of Kaspersky’s global revenue in 2020.

Russia might compel Kaspersky to facilitate a cyberattack

Two months ago, the German authorities notified the public that Russia might consider a cyberattack on various Ukraine-ally nations using Kaspersky products. Also, when the Russian invasion started, the United States Government warned some companies to beware of Kaspersky products. 

In 2017, the U.S Homeland Security barred using the antivirus software in Federal Networks. The department observed that Russia has an enforced law that enables its Intelligence agencies to use Kaspersky for intercepting communications in its Networks. With the recent invasion of Ukraine, there is fear that this software might facilitate easy access to Russian targets.  

Upon reaching out to everyone, Kaspersky and the Department of Justice and Commerce have refused to comment publicly about the ongoing situation.

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