13 social media security best practices for optimum privacy (2023 guide)

Abeerah Hashim Last updated: December 31, 2022 Read time: 10 minutes Disclosure

Hackers today are powerful enough to take over social profiles of even large corporations and media outlets. You must follow social media security best practices to stay safe.

Sneak peek at social media security

Social media is the best way to express feelings to the world and stay connected with family, friends, and other people worldwide. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter are popular platforms with a global userbase. However, these sites are on the hitlist of cybercriminals because of their general vulnerability due to poor security from end users. Hence, phishing attacks, spam, identity thefts, and other cyber-attacks are becoming common on these platforms. Therefore, it is inevitable to adopt best practices for optimum protection on social sites. This guide reviews the best social media security tips for you to follow today.

Social media is a wonderful resource to stay connected with your friends and family. In fact, people have become increasingly dependent on it for business purposes as well. So, it’s quite natural for everyone to worry about social media security.

It’s because, on the one hand, social media has linked people worldwide. On the other hand, this enhanced linkage has triggered cybercriminals to target social media apps for malicious purposes.

From phishing attempts to scams and identity theft, every dangerous activity can now execute on these platforms.

We know it won’t be possible for you to abandon social media use entirely. Notably, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter are must-haves today.

But you can certainly strive to protect these accounts from prying eyes, can’t you?

Wondering how you would do that?

We’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll list effective social media security tips and talk about best practices.

Why should you care about social media privacy?

Why should you care about social media privacy?

You might have heard a lot about social media security and privacy, and have wondered why it matters at all. Haven’t you?

Indeed, those harmless activities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all, are fun to do. You would also like how people would react to your posts, how they appreciate it when you share pictures of your birthday with family, old memories, and your recent snaps.

You feel like a celebrity when people react to your posts, share it on their profiles, and follow you. The higher the number, the greater the honor. Isn’t it?

Now, wait here and think for a moment.

Would you prefer the same people who engage on your posts and observe your activities to enter your house and meddle with your routine?

Would you allow them to take your old photo album with them?

Your answer will surely be a big NO because you consider these things a privacy breach.

Then how and why do you allow the same behavior on social media?

From your daily routine to the critical past and upcoming events of your life, your social media links know everything about you. In fact, they know it all more than those physically present around you.

And things do not remain confined to your immediate connections. Rather their friends of friends of friends and acquaintances also know all this stuff.

And this is how you expose your day and night schedule with all minute details to every stranger. You never know how many of these strangers are actually perpetrators.