How to Delete Your Telegram Account – 2024 Guide

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: January 1, 2024
Read time: 11 minutes

Although Telegram is a competent and secure messaging app, there are concerns with its encryption protocol Read on to find out how to delete it.

Telegram is one of the popular social media apps that has successfully attracted a global user base. However, the rising privacy issues have raised serious concerns amongst geeky users. As a result, many people today want to discontinue using Telegram due to a lack of adequate security, difficulty accessing the app, or other personal reasons. Nonetheless, the app has no simple option for removing the account permanently. For that, you have to make some tweaks within the app settings. Here, we provide you with easy stepwise methods that you can follow to delete your Telegram account permanently.

For privacy-savvy users, the way Telegram implements encryption raised red flags. By default, Telegram communications remain unencrypted unless you enable the “Secret Chat” feature. In this case, the app saves your conversations on its standard servers, an act that it advocates for facilitating easy chat backups.

However, this begs why it doesn’t give you a choice to decide whether Telegram should store your data. Also, it raises questions about why the app doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption as the default setting despite using it as a key marketing feature. Moreover, privacy experts also wonder how the firm manages such colossal storage of data and the respective resources while being a non-profit company.

Besides, some security concerns exist, with encryption experts casting doubts on the proprietary MTProto cryptography protocol.

This homegrown solution has high-level encryption but has played a part in Telegram’s devious reputation. Terrorists have used it to spread dangerous propaganda, coordinate attacks, plan protests, and decide about other nasty activities. Many cybercriminals also frequently use this app to run fraudulent activities sneakily.

If you’re tired of this app for similar reasons, read along to learn how to delete Telegram permanently.