Microsoft to integrate a Cloudflare powered VPN in Edge browser

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Last updated: November 15, 2023
Microsoft Edge Secure Network VPN
  • The Microsoft Browser Edge is about to get a feature tagged "Edge Secure Network."
  • Users will access the secure network and 1GB monthly free data as they log into their Microsoft Accounts.
  • Edge Secure Network will protect users against hacking, tracking, data theft, monitoring, and exploits on the internet.

Many privacy-focused browsers exist already, and the Microsoft Brave browser is soon joining the pack. The tech company plans to fortify the browser with a reliable VPN powered by Cloudflare. 

Microsoft calls the feature “Edge Secure Network” and will add an extra layer of security to the browser. This will ensure that privacy-compromising ads and surveillance will no longer exist on the browser. Also, by blocking these ads, web pages will load faster, thereby saving time, battery, and money for users. 

For now, no one knows when the feature will launch fully. But one clear thing is that users will access it through their Microsoft Accounts. Also, the feature will bring 1GB of free data to Brave users via their Microsoft account every month. 

The brave new feature provides extra security 

According to the tech company, users will enjoy better security once the feature launches on Brave. The ESN will encrypt the users’ connections to the internet by routing their data through an encrypted tunnel. This is what VPNs do, and as one will be integrated into Brave, users can carry out their activities via a secure connection. In addition, this level of encryption will protect users even when they’re on a URL that is not secure. 

Moreover, hackers can no longer access users’ browsing data even when using unsecured public Wi-Fi networks. This is due to the encryption and Cloudflare’s practice of deleting data every 25hrs. One good thing about this feature is that even the service providers cannot collect your data as you browse online. 

Another aspect to enjoy on Brave is protection against online tracking. Sometimes, tracking is used to compile digital profiles and send targeted ads to the users. But with this new feature on Edge, your IP will be hidden, and a virtual one will be visible instead. That will change your geolocation to confuse the online trackers. 

But sometimes, even some Government tracks their citizens’ digital activities. So apart from protecting users from third-party data traders, Edge Secure Network will mask users’ location against unauthorized surveillance. 

Even though the feature is yet to launch, users can look forward to it. All you need is a Microsoft Account. This account is necessary to track the users’ data consumption and indicate when it has exceeded the 1GB of free data. But it doesn’t mean you can’t continue using the network after exceeding the allowable limit. On the contrary, more data might be assigned to users for a fee after exceeding the limit. 

Why use VPNs and privacy-focused browsers 

One of the safest ways to stay private on the internet is using a reliable VPN service to mask your IP address. The next thing you can do to achieve the same is by using privacy-focused browsers such as Brave, Opera, and others. These browsers block privacy-invading trackers and ads to protect users from monitoring and hacks. Many people prefer them to others not focused on protecting users’ digital footprints.

So, with the increase in cybercrimes and exploits, it is best to use reliable VPNs and safer browsers to protect your digital existence. Thankfully, Microsoft has taken a bold step to protect Edge users from exploits. So, once the network goes live, you can enjoy a safer internet experience without fear of exploits.

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