13 Best Wrestling Streaming Sites in 2024

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Last updated: December 31, 2023
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Discover the top sites to watch wrestling online and kill your boredom.


With inconsistent access and frustrating diehard wrestling fans, we thoroughly scout streaming options, smoothly delivering WWE events, indie promotions, classic footage, and more without restrictive geo-blocks. From free platforms to premium channels, our forthcoming rundown names trustworthy destinations for seamless access to diverse grappling entertainment spanning pay-per-view to lucha libre. Our team examined many options and selected 13 of the best wrestling sites. For fans seeking reliable video sources to support their wrestling addiction without malware risks, useful insights await. Whether you’re into WWE or indie companies, these sites will get you all the piledrivers, full matches, and more in crystal clear HD.

Wrestling enthusiasts need a dependable way to enjoy matches since mainstream services air only the latest fights. As streaming revolutionizes how media lovers enjoy their favorite content, wrestling is not left out either. The sport’s fans and lovers now have multiple quality wrestling streaming sites to stream in 2024.

Finding the most suitable option for you could be a hassle with so many options. This article lists the leading 13 sites to watch wrestling online. We bring you the most impressive submission moves, body slams, and nonstop spine-busting action.

Top 10 wrestling streaming websites – Quick list

  1. Peacock TV: The best pay-per-view streaming platform. Peacock puts you in the front row on every matchday.
  2. Allwrestling: It has the best library of wrestling matches. Whether you want classic or recent fights in every shape and form, Allwrestling has you covered.
  3. Wrestling Live: Get it, blow by blow. Wrestling Live lets you watch all the live matchups nonstop.
  4. USA Network: A top-notch WWE source in the US. Want to catch up on fights from the WWE, RAW, and NXT? This is your best option.
  5. PWrestling: Best in in-depth information. Want to know the juicy backroom gist? PWrestling provides all the juicy insider details.
  6. Watch Wrestling: Get the best of both worlds. Keep up with the new fights and relive the great ones past with Watch Wrestling.
  7. Wrestling Network: Your one-stop shop for the golden age. Immerse yourself in the matches that defined the sport’s origins with a lavish library at Wrestling Network.
  8. WatchWrestlingUp: Easier said and done. WatchWrestlingUp ensures fans and lovers of the sport have an easier way to enjoy the latest matches.
  9. Hulu: Get behind the canvas. Hulu offers the fights but also the analysis and interviews with your favorite fighters.
  10. WatchWrestling24: Roundhouse kicks around the clock. Get the best nonstop thrills with WatchWrestling24.

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13 best wrestling streaming sites – Detailed list

1. Peacock TV

Peacock TV
Our Rating

$5.99 per month

Affordable subscription

Only available in the US

Visit Peacock TV

In the year 2024, lovers of professional wrestling were introduced to one of the most complete wrestling streaming channels ever, Peacock TV. It is the foremost source for front-row action for all things WWE. If you have a Peacock TV subscription, you can access all the latest Smackdown shows, the recent and past WWE matches, and a pay-per-view package.

Peacock-TV official homepage

On Peacock TV, the WWE channels are interwoven into the ever-expanding NBCUniversal package. A fusion that allows users access to a very rich and diverse array of options for their favorite professional wrestling matches.

Please note Peacock TV is restricted to the US only. However, you can unblock it with a VPN. A VPN lets you bypass geo-restrictions to access Peacock from anywhere by assigning a US IP address to mask your true location overseas. This tricks the streaming platform into thinking you’re accessing as a US-based subscriber no matter where you are physically located.

2. Allwrestling

All wrestling SVG
Our Rating


Easy to use

Limited content

Visit Allwrestling

Allwrestling is one of the most famous wrestling streaming sites, presenting lovers of professional wrestling with a nonstop supply of wrestling content. Whether it’s recent, classic, NXT, or RAW, you get your fill of thrilling matchups. It is widely regarded as one of the best libraries for wrestling fans, especially for intending fans looking for an entry point into the world of professional wrestling.

All Wrestling

It also comes with a forum feature that lets you debate, share ideas, and connect with other wrestling fans on the events as they happen.

3. Wrestling Live

Wrestling Live SVG
Our Rating


Has a variety of content

Doesn’t update its content

Visit Wrestling Live

As the name suggests, Wrestling Live delivers live and in-demand professional wrestling matches. By design, Wrestling Live offers a pathway into professional wrestling, the thrills, moves, and all the latest news. It is free-to-use, which means users can enjoy the services at no cost.

You can also join others like you on the forum, share your excitement, and immerse yourself in the experience from wherever you are.

4. USA Network

USA Network SVG
Our Rating


Live television

Poor live sports production

Visit USA Network

This is the platform for all the lovers of WWE content in the US. If you want to watch the latest Monday Night RAW fights or prefer the NXT, that’s great, too. USA Network has all your needs met before you know what they are.

USA Wrestling

Get the best of the latest pay-per-view programs, all without any hassle. USA Network ensures viewers can access all their favorite content whether they use cable television or streaming; the accessibility is boundless.

5. PWrestling

PWrestling SVG
Our Rating


Offers HD live streaming

Doesn’t have much content

Visit PWrestling

Get knee-deep into professional wrestling, from the thrills to the new, and loads of juicy insider info. It has become one of the foremost streaming sites for all things wrestling.

Its interface allows for an immersive streaming journey, and this is more than just the fights. There’s play-by-play analysis, articles, and in-depth interviews to get a real look into the workings of the sport and the athletes.


For good measure, there are extra goodies for the fans, like backstage photos and legendary wrestlers giving insightful interviews, and you even get UFC content.

6. Watch Wrestling

Watch Wrestling SVG
Our Rating


Has old fights

Doesn’t have live TV option

Visit Watch Wrestling

Watch Wrestling stands out for one key factor: it is the fan favorite. It is the perfect platform for online wrestling content. The UI is intuitive and easy to use; the classic fights and the latest ones are arranged such that they are easy to find.

Watch Wrestling

Are you looking for an in-depth analysis of the fights that have happened or the ones yet to come? Watch Wrestling has it all, whatever your wrestling-loving heart desires. The platform knows its users are sports enthusiasts and knows how to provide only elite content.

7. Wrestling Network

Wrestling Network SVG
Our Rating


Doesn’t have restrictions

User experience is frustrating

Visit Wrestling Network

Welcome to the Wrestling Network, home of historical wrestling content and NXT events. The platform is the haven for lovers of professional wrestling, offering its users all the greatest and latest wrestling content nonstop.

Wrestling network

Thanks to its active user forum dedicated to squared circle fans, other users can join in becoming devout wrestling fans. They can do this by watching reruns or joining live or upcoming match discussions.

8. WatchWrestlingUp

Watch Wrestling Up SVG
Our Rating


Has live TV

Fights are choreographed

Visit WatchWrestlingUp

WatchWrestlingUp is the best platform to catch all the thrilling wrestling moves, wins, and losses. You can livestream from a large variety of event options.

The platform’s interface makes it so fans can always stay updated with upcoming events. Thanks to its neat UI and clear event schedule. Accessibility is the watchword here, and it’s taken to the limit. No matter what device you are using, you get the best streaming experience.

Watch Wrestling Up

Whether you want to enjoy Monday Night RAW, Smackdown, or even NXT, WatchWrestlingUp has got you covered.

9. Hulu

Our Rating

$7.99 per month

HD quality streaming

Limited wrestling channels

Visit Hulu

If you love professional wrestling and need a platform that offers not just the matches but also in-depth walkthroughs after fights, Hulu is the one for you. Get in on its holistic approach to wrestling, diving deep into MMA origins, the culture, and the myths surrounding the famed squared circle.

Rekindle your love for professional wrestling, and read up on the greats, the innovations, and all the juicy, fun facts about your favorite wrestlers and fights. Apart from wrestling, you can also enjoy boxing online on Hulu.

10. WatchWrestling24

Watch Wrestling 24 SVG
Our Rating


Offers a high-definition broadcast

Limited to WWE content

Visit WatchWrestling24

Do you need a platform that lets you watch wrestling events around the clock? WatchWrestling24 is perfect for this need. It has past events and upcoming and live ones as well. You can get thrilling action from the UFC to WWE and NXT.

Thanks to the easy-to-use event calendar, users can keep track of upcoming events, whether they’re the UFC, WWE, NXT, or Smackdown. You do not miss a second of any in-demand events.

Aside from its intuitive design, it is also very easy to use, ensuring users can easily find, enjoy, and experience the thrills of wrestling matches. The site is also compatible with several devices, ensuring anyone can enjoy it from anywhere on any screen.

11. YouTube

Our Rating


Free and easy to access


Visit YouTube

YouTube is considered the leading video streaming platform in the world today. With this platform, you can watch anything for free, especially wrestling. The platform hosts over a hundred channels dedicated to bringing users the latest and greatest fights, not skimping on the drama, thrills, and high-flying athletes.

YouTube grants access to everything WWE, ROH, NJPW, UFC, TNA, and so much more.

12. WatchWrestling Uno

Watch Wrestling Uno
Our Rating


Extensive content

Limited streaming

Visit WatchWrestling Uno

WatchWrestling Uno is a go-to platform for pro wrestling enthusiasts, primarily preferred for its large collection of wrestling shows. The large database allows users to watch events on various channels, including IMPACT Wrestling, WWE, UFC, ROH, and NJPW, amongst many others.

You can also watch wrestling events live thanks to the presence of live stream links, each of which has HD-quality streaming quality.

13. WWE Network

WWE Network SVG
Our Rating

$9.99 per month

Latest and old wrestlings

Limited free trial

Visit WWE Network

WWE Network is a wrestling-specialized streaming platform with everything a wrestling enthusiast wants. The platform has over 1,000 old wrestling matches, enough to keep you watching original and on-demand shows.

WWE Network

You can find the latest and old fights on this platform without hassle. The site has a user-friendly and sleek interface that makes navigation easy, even for beginners. Furthermore, the interface has zero ads and an impressive streaming experience. You can count on them to offer the latest events, even the live ones.

The need for a VPN for seamless wrestling streaming

A quality VPN is essential for wrestling fans streaming matches online, especially internationally. Some platforms (for example, Peacock and Hulu) limit access to certain territories.

By encrypting your connection and granting an IP address from the content’s home country, VPNs allow you to bypass geographical restrictions that often block live streams or replays outside specific regions. This cloak of digital privacy lets fans safely access a far wider breadth of wrestling coverage no matter where they are located. With more events viewable, VPNs for sports streaming have become invaluable for never missing a body slam.


As we conclude, wrestling streaming sites are a helping hand to the fandom. Consequently, catching all the games and players we love has never been simpler! This year, those streaming sites are letting fans watch wherever, whenever.

Of the 13 sites we picked, browse around to find your go-to fit. That way, you’ve got the best seat lined up for the big moments coming when 2024 rolls around. Modern tech’s made it easy to feel front row, minus the headaches. It’s a pretty sweet deal, right?


No problem, watching Monday Night RAW live is doable! You can head over to the official WWE website to get started. Another option is to sign up for Peacock. They stream all things WWE, including RAW and other live shows so that you can tune in that way too.

The bottom line is that fans can easily catch all the body slams and pile drivers between the main WWE site and Peacock every Monday night. You’ll be set if you want to go directly through the source or have a streaming subscription.

If downloading an entire match is what you’re after, you can go straight to the WWE Network since they’ve got a huge library to pick from. Another idea is to get your hands on the event DVD or Blu-Ray if it’s a major deal. That physical copy will have the full match ready to download and keep.

You can rewatch old wrestling matches on Peacock TV or the WWE Network. Between those two, they have the motherload of wrestling content spanning decades.

Absolutely! It’s super easy, too – just sign up for a streaming service that shows WWE matches. Peacock TV is your best bet. As soon as you subscribe there, you can stream all wrestling action as it happens in real time. Whether it’s the latest RAW or a big-time pay-per-view, you can catch all those piledrivers and steel chair shots live with no problem.

You still have some sweet content if you use the free version of the WWE Network. While you won’t get absolutely everything, they hook up free users with original programs to watch. You can also catch highlights of recent matches and events. 

Yes. The WWE app offers a free trial version and a premium paid subscription. With the freebie “freemium” one, you can access some of the app perks, but it’s pretty limited. You should consider the premium subscription to unlock all the good stuff, including live streams, original programs, and PPVS.

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