Hushmail review 2023: Secure but not as privacy-friendly as many think

Ruheni Mathenge Last updated: February 7, 2023 Read time: 13 minutes Disclosure

This unbiased review looks at features, security, and ease of use to see how Hushmail compares to other secure email providers out there.

Hushmail is a Canadian-based email service that has been in the industry for more than twenty years. It uses standard encryption algorithms such as TLA/SSL and OpenPGP to secure email messages. Moreover, the service boasts packages ideal for personal use, small business, and healthcare professionals.

Is it the best secure email provider for your needs? This extensive Hushmail review will provide you with everything you need to know about it.

Hushmail strengths and weaknesses at a glance


  • Compliant with HIPAA
  • Built-in OpenPGP support
  • Unlimited email aliases
  • Supports SMTP, IMAP, POP
  • Removes IP addresses from emails
  • Enables encrypted communication with non-Hushmail users
  • Native iOS app


  • Slightly pricier
  • Does not offer calendar and file storage
  • It is not open-source
  • Based in Canada

Hushmail background information

Hushmail was launched in 1999 by Hush Communication Limited. It is a Canadian-based company, a subsidiary of Hush Communication Corporation headquartered in the US.

The company guarantees to protect your email messages. However, the privacy policy complies with warrants requesting user data from the US and Canadian governments.

Remember that both countries are members of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance. They perform widespread surveillance on their citizens and share intelligence data, which helps them avoid domestic espionage restrictions.

More importantly, these countries can compel local companies to spy on their users. In fact, they may use legal orders to make the companies not notify the targets that they are snooped on. Post 9/11, the US government adopted large-scale surveillance of its population, including checking everyone’s email.

However, there are concerns that the additional compromise on your privacy will only provide ‘temporary’ solutions. 

Maintaining user privacy has caused many secure mail services to move out of Canada and the United States. Unfortunately, these anti-privacy laws are also affecting Canadian VPN providers.

The technical specifications

 Hushmail uses several encryption algorithms and protocols to secure your messages that include:

  • Transport Layer Security/ Secure Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL)
  • OpenPGP
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)

Moreover, the specialized business accounts meet appropriate industry standards such as:

  • Hushmail for Law – Support for Attorney/Client privilege
  • Hushmail for Healthcare – HIPAA compliant

Subscribing to it and the pricing