Snapchat joins the social giant amid Facebook Apple tracking transparency feud

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Last updated: November 20, 2023
Snapchat Facebook apple tracking transparency
  • Facebook continues to fight against the planned Apple’s iOS 14 update, which includes a new push notification.
  • The social network giant will release a parallel push notification to counter Apple’s user privacy prompt.
  • Snapchat joins Facebook and warns about the impacts of the new push notification to advertisers and small businesses.

Facebook has continued to fight against Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 updates. According to the social media giant, the update will impact its personalized ads for iPhone users.

The update includes an App Transparency Tracking Tool with several parts. Among them is a feature that requires users to have control over app developers. Here, third-parties will need to gain permissions from users before tracking their data.

With this push notification, users can either block or allow third-party tracking. Apple stated the pop-up privacy notification would begin appearing in the next few months to all iPhone users.

Since Apple made this public, Facebook began working on its push notification to anticipate the update. 

Facebook continues to slate Apple’s iOS 14 update 

Apple has vowed to protect its users’ privacy against third-party tracking. On the other hand, Facebook utilizes user data to create personalized ads. Hence, this generates a scanty relationship between Facebook and Apple.

The idea for the iOS update seems to affect Facebook’s personalized ads channeled towards iPhone users. The firm claims the notification will see the company lose up to 50% of its ad network revenue. 

At some point, Facebook framed Apple as a threat to small businesses. The social media giant stated that most small businesses use its platform to reach more customers. But the battle was far from over.

Facebook intensified the war and launched full-page ads. These ads were in print newspapers, aimed at delivering their message to the public.

Also, the social network claimed Apple is pretending to care about its users’ privacy. But instead, it is pushing advertisers to opt for their advertising platform. The company made similar claims about Apple concerning small businesses.

Both Facebook and iOS users have witnessed these fights first-hand. Despite the feud, Apple remains persistent to upgrade its iOS 14 in a few months.

Is Facebook making a point?

Let’s cut to the chase, third-party tracking is vital for small businesses. It becomes hard to run personalized ads without it. But with the anticipated iOS 14 update, it is debatable.

The entire scenario has generated mixed reactions from different groups. For instance, privacy campaigners have found Apple’s move contemptible. Again, they questioned Facebook’s sincerity in defending small businesses.

According to Dan levy, Facebook Vice-President of Ads and Business products, Apple’s new update will not change personal advertising and privacy. But a plan to restrict personalized ads designed for iPhone users.

Facebook and Google have dominated online advertising for several years. For this reason, they generate millions of dollars annually. This monopoly tends to force small businesses into accepting any set terms.

It is a move that seems to affect small businesses in terms of the advertising landscape. Even those that gain profits from Facebook feel the same thing.

The Association of National advertisers suggests that promoters earn between 30 and 40 cents from each dollar spent on advertising. 

Whether small businesses or publishers benefit from Apple’s update, privacy concerns persist. If Facebook is correct – about the benefits of third-parties to small companies – their privacy worries remain the prime concern by users.

Snapchat backs Facebook against Apple’s stance

Snapchat becomes the latest messaging app to join Facebook against Apple’s forthcoming iOS 14 update. It warned that the update would impact personalized ad revenue for advertisers.

CFO Derek Andersen stated that introducing the new tool will result in undeniable risks. He also added that long-term impacts are unpredictable. Apple is set to release the update in the first quarter for all iPhone users.

Snap – the parent company for the disappearing messaging app Snapchat – also makes remarks about privacy concerns Apple tends to address. However, the move will see more advertisers and small businesses crumble, said the company.

So, what is the way forward?

Despite the denigration, Apple plans to release the update soon. The big tech aims to give their iPhone users more power over their data. Still, Facebook, and now Snapchat, continue to campaign against this move.

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