Court orders two Colorado-based YTS users to settle piracy claims of filmmakers

Thuranira John Kobia  - Tech Journalist
Last updated: November 20, 2023
yts users piracy claims
  • Two more YTS users were found pirating films and got fined hefty amounts by a group of film-making studios.
  • One user is ordered to pay $2,320 while the other is required to complete a total of $10,500 with $50 monthly installment for years to come.
  • YTS remains live, but it is essential to avoid using it or opt for a reliable VPN to protect your IP location.

Fallen Production Inc., Rambo V Productions, HB Productions Inc., and Hunter Killer Productions are film-making studios to receive a settlement from two YTS pirate site users. The two users, William Nelson and Ryan Flattery engaged in film piracy and were ordered to compensate the affected studios.