How to View (and Manage) Google Chrome Saved Passwords

Muhammad Ahmad  - Tech Journalist
Last updated: November 20, 2023
Read time: 21 minutes

It's time to stop wondering where your Chrome passwords are and how to manage them.

There are many understandable reasons why one might want to view, copy, and manage passwords saved in Chrome. Users want to view and manage passwords in the browser because it is easy to change and create strong ones. Here are step-by-step instructions on seeing hidden passwords in Windows, Google Chrome for Android, Chrome OS, Linux, iOS, and Mac.

In this day and age, passwords have become hard to remember owing to a large number of subscriptions. You cannot use the same passwords for different services because it risks cyberattacks. Fortunately, Google Chrome does not need us to remember all the passwords. The web browser saves the passwords, which makes it easier to recover to retrieve a lost account. Furthermore, even if a user has multiple devices, all the passwords can be accessed with either of those gadgets, provided that all of them are synced with Chrome.

So, if you have lost the passwords and want to view Chrome saved passwords, this guide is for you. You might also want to manage your Chrome passwords for better security. We will break the process down into simple steps to help you recover a lost account. Let’s get right to it.

How to see Google Chrome saved passwords on the desktop?

The interface of Google Chrome remains the same for all desktop operating systems. Be it macOS, Windows, Linux, or even ChromeOS, the steps to retrieve passwords remain the same. 

Let’s take a look at the steps that need to be followed to retrieve the list of usernames and passwords.