Australia’s consumer guardian accuses Facebook over deceptive VPN app

Rob Githinji  - Tech Expert
Last updated: November 17, 2023
Australia Facebook VPN case
  • Australia's ACCC consumer watchdog blames Facebook for faking the users over its VPN.
  • ACCC claims that Facebook’s owned VPN app, Onavo Protect misled users and collected their personal information.
  • Currently, the social giant is only facing a lawsuit and will be fined if found guilty.

It seems the privacy regulators are keeping tech titans under their radar. Facebook is often criticized for tracking user’s data without their consent. Lately, the company came across a legal action filed against it by the U.S. federal regulators. Considerably the biggest in its history.

As , the social giant ended-up resting in hot water a couple of days ago too. Privacy advocates targeted the tech giant after it announced to move U.K. users from EU’s jurisdiction to US terms.